How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? (Whole, Tank & Bowl Weights)

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There will likely come a point in the life of your home where things need replacing. When it comes to replacing a toilet, you often need some helping hands to lift it. Before attempting the task solo, it’s worth knowing how much does a toilet weigh?

One-piece toilets weigh between 60-120 pounds, with an average of 88 pounds. The standard two-piece toilet weighs between 50 and 100 pounds, with an average of 60 pounds. Two-piece toilets are lighter since the toilet and tank are separate. The majority of a toilet’s weight comes from the bowl, which needs to be sturdy.

If you are lucky, you will get many more years out of your toilet than you ever expected. With a lifespan that can surpass 50 years, your toilet could last you quite some time, but not forever. Having to remove a toilet isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is important to know how much they weigh before moving one.

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How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? Breaking Down the Weight of the Average Toilet

Without talking about specific models, it is hard to get an exact pinpoint on the weight of a toilet. Moreover, the above weights are what are known as the “dry” weight. That is, there is no water, lid, or seat.

When the toilet is installed, there are about 20 extra pounds because of all three of those things. Needless to say, when you remove the toilet, you aren’t taking those things with you at once. Remove the lid and seat to make things a little easier during the removal process.

What Are The Differences Between The Two Main Types Of Toilets?

Though there are different flushing mechanisms for toilets, there are generally two main types: single-piece and two-piece. Toilets can get a little more complicated from there, but for this purpose, that’s what you need to know.

  • Single-piece toilet. A single-piece toilet is where the tank and the bowl are fused together. There are no joints to be seen.
  • Two-piece toilet. This is the most common toilet in the US. There is a joint fitting that holds the tank and toilet separately from one another.

There typically is not much in the way of a size difference between the two. The biggest differences are in ease of installation, removal, and price. Single-piece toilets are quite easy to install because the tank is not separate and there is no need to connect the tank to the bowl.

Two-piece toilets tend to be much cheaper and just as durable, but more difficult to install and maintain. Another point in the single piece’s favor: it has the option of being mounted as well. That means greater versatility in terms of installation.

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? One-Piece Toilet Brands

Though they are one large piece, one-piece toilets really aren’t all that much heavier. Where the true burden lay is in the removal. It can be a bit awkward to lift and maneuver, whereas the two-piece can have the tank removed for easier transportation.

Plus, one-piece toilets use more porcelain. The more realistic explanation for the heavier weight is that one-piece toilets make use of more porcelain.

Where two-piece toilets have gaps and joints, the one-piece option does not. There is extra porcelain used to fill in those gaps. That is what gives them the skirted look around the bowl. It is also what conceals the inner portions of the toilet and gives it that “S” shape.

The skirted look requires more porcelain than two-piece toilets. That additional toilet, even if it is a seemingly small amount, can make a serious difference in the overall weight of the toilet.

Average Weights Of Top One-Piece Toilet Brands

Here are the average weights for some of the top one-piece toilet brands on the market today:

ModelWeight (lbs)
American Standard Champion 4119
TOTO Ultramax II99
WoodBridge T-0001119
Swiss Madison St. Tropez110
TOTO Neorest 700H123

While these toilets are heavier than the two-piece option, there is one major benefit: the aesthetics. One-piece toilets tend to have a much more elegant appearance, appealing to those looking to implement a modern aesthetic.

Should you decide to purchase a one-piece toilet, just be aware of its weight and awkwardness when lifting. Having a professional installation is oftentimes easier than attempting to perform it yourself.

How Much Does A Toilet Weight? Two-Piece Toilet Brands

The most common type of toilet is a gravity-based flushing system. Breaking that down further, the two-piece toilets tend to be the most commonly found in homes. In fact, there is a good chance that the model in your home is a two-piece model.

On average, two-piece models in most US homes range between 70 and 100 pounds. As you can see from the table above, by and large, one-piece toilets are heavier than two-piece toilets.

The most common explanation is that the bowl and tank are fired separately. That process can help reduce the weight versus a one-piece toilet.

Average Weights Of Top One-Piece Toilet Brands

Here is a better breakdown of some of the top models available on the market today:

ModelWeight (lbs)
American Standard H2O68-75
American Standard Cadet Trapway75
Kohler Wellworth86
Kohler Highline102
TOTO Drake70
TOT Drake ADA92
TOTO Drake II94
TOTO Vispin II106

As demonstrated with the above range, it is easy to see why making a vague generalization on toilet weight is so difficult. Even within one line, like the TOTO Drake series, the weight can vary by 25 pounds. It all depends on the materials used to construct the toilet.

Can One Person Lift A Toilet?

First, ask yourself, how much does the toilet weigh? Every make and model is different, but most toilets are between 60 and 120 pounds, the short answer is “yes”. The average man, for instance, can lift about 150 pounds when it comes to dead weight. So, even for those who skew towards that being their maximum, lifting a toilet should be attainable.

However, it’s undoubtedly much easier if you can get a set of helping hands. Despite the assurances that the average man can lift something that heavy, it doesn’t mean that the process will be easy.

Toilets are awkwardly shaped, especially the one-piece varieties. Exercise caution at all times to prevent drops. The last thing you want is to drop a toilet on your foot or leg. Having a buddy help out adds an extra layer of protection against potential injuries or damaging the toilet.

It depends a bit on a one-piece vs two-piece toilet. Where the major difference lies is in the ease of moving. Two-piece toilets tend to be a lot easier to move given the tank can be removed from the bowl. Single-piece toilets can be a lot more difficult and awkward to move, especially alone.

If at all possible, have a friend or family member help you move the toilet. And when in doubt, go with a professional to handle the removal and installation process. It is easier and provides peace of mind that the job was done properly.

Why Are Toilets So Heavy?

That 60-120 pounds is nothing to scoff at. It may also leave you wondering just why your toilet is so heavy in the first place. The simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of toilets are constructed of porcelain.

Porcelain is made up of different clay, primarily Kaolin clay. There is also quartz mixed in to give porcelain that translucent look. Each of these natural substances is dense and tough, mined from the earth. It’s partially what makes most toilets durable as well as heavy.

Lighter materials. Some modern toilets have been constructed using lighter materials like plastic or steel. The problem is that they are not quite up to the same standards as porcelain. The latter is not only dense, tough, and lasts a long time, but it is weatherproof, waterproof, and more comfortable to boot.

Porcelain also tends to do better in any season or weather condition where bathrooms can vary greatly in temperature. There also isn’t another material out there that can replicate the look and feel of porcelain.

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? The Average Weight Of A Toilet Bowl

These stats will only apply to two-piece toilets as the one-piece option cannot be separated. That said, the average weight of a standard toilet boil is somewhere in the 50-60 pound range. There are, however, some models out there where the bowl is as light as 35 pounds.

Here are how some of the top brands stack up regarding toilet bowl weights:

ModelWeight (lbs)
American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise59
Kohler Wellworth Elongated35
TOTO Drake ADA Elongated56
Kohler Highline Pressure Lite55
American Standard Madera53

Again, bowl weight – and tank weight – can only be measured on two-piece models.

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh? The Average Weight Of A Toilet Tank

As is the case with the bowl (and toilets of any variety, really) the weight can vary greatly from model to model. Generally speaking, the average weight of a toilet tank is somewhere in the 25-40 pound range. That equates to roughly 1/3-1/2 of the toilet’s entire weight.

Here are the average weights of the top brands and their tanks:

ModelWeight (lbs)
TOTO Drake Take G-Max39
American Standard Cadet23-35
Kohler 1.6 GPF40
Mansfield Alto31
Delta Faucet Haywood35

On the whole, the tank is much lighter than the bowl. For two-piece models, the tank tends to be easier to access and remove when things go wrong.

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When your toilet breaks, it can be a frustrating situation. But the biggest thing becomes whether or not you can tackle the issue yourself. There is no simple answer; it comes down to a few different factors on whether or not to bring in a professional.1. Own or Rent? If you rent, it isn’t your responsibility to replace the toilet. Most lease agreements won’t even let the tenant perform this type of work and will instead have a maintenance person take care of it.2. Skill level. Not everyone operates on the same skill and experience level. If you haven’t worked on toilets or don’t have much experience with them, bringing in a pro makes more sense. Experienced DIYers, however, may be up to the task. When further bathroom work comes into the equation, you may need permits to replace piping, etc. A licensed plumber can handle jobs where it is more than a fixture issue.

How long does a toilet last?

A toilet can last about 25 years on average, but porcelain is extremely strong and can reasonably last over 50 years. But, the guts of the toilet, like the flapper, float, etc. will not last that long. You can expect to replace some of these parts after about 10 years in many toilets.If your toilet is showing signs of rust or corrosion, has cracks in the porcelain, or starts to clog often, you should replace it. If it’s just the inner workings of the tank, you can usually DIY replacing these for little cost.

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