5 Hot Tubs Brands To Avoid (Buy These Brands Instead)

Hot Tub Brands To Avoid

You have your home, but you want to create a perfect little oasis that you can escape to when you want to relax. This usually includes a nice hot tub you can take a dip in to draw a close to the day or night. But, as with any big-ticket purchase, you need to make sure you’re making an informed purchase. That means you need to know what brands you should steer clear of.

The worst brands of hot tubs will include a large number of bad reviews. These brands typically have short warranties (2 to 3 years) because they anticipate malfunctions early on into ownership. After extensive research, we’ve concluded that the Life Spas brand is the worst. The heaters burn out quickly, leaving you with lukewarm water to sit in, and no one wants that. Additionally, you can’t get a hold of their customer service to fix the issue.

This guide will take you through the ins and outs of the hot tub brands you should avoid. That way, you can focus your sights on other brands and not run into any technical issues or poor customer service.

List Of The Worst Brands Of Hot Tubs In 2020

Here is a sneak peek of the list we hand-picked for the worst brands of hot tubs.

  1. Life Spas- Worst Overall
  2. Hot Springs- Worst Customer Service
  3. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs- Worst Warranty
  4. Caldera- Worst Features
  5. Sundance Spas- Worst Quality

Below, we will dive deeper into the details as to why we decided to include these specific brands on our list. Additionally, we will provide you with 3 of the best brands so that you know where to begin looking to complete your backyard oasis.

The 5 Worst Hot Tub Brands

Kicking our list off our number one, Life Spas, we’ll take you through each of the five brands and explain why you should avoid these brands.

1. Life Spas- Worst Overall

If you look hard enough, you can find specific models of Life Spa hot tubs that include average features and performance. However, about 40% of consumers complain about the water heater and the lack of customer service. The main complaint of consumers is that the heating element burns out rather quickly.

Additionally, the customer service is so poor that even if you turn to the company for help, they often ignore requests and don’t do anything about the problem. So, unless you want a hot tub with an inefficient water heater, chances are you wouldn’t love this purchase either.

Inefficient Heating Element

The Life Spas brand tends to provide cheap and inefficient heaters for their hot tubs. This results in quick burnout, as well as inadequate heating of the water. So, unless you love sitting in a tub of lukewarm water, we guess that this would be a deal-breaker for you.

Poor Customer Service

Once people have noticed that the heater isn’t doing its job, they try to contact customer service for help. However, often, their requests are ignored, and the problem never gets solved. A few customers have even said that this company refuses returns.

2. Hot Spring Spas- Worst Customer Service

Hot Springs tends to have some hot tubs with wonderful features, and they even include a quality guarantee. However, what if you needed to contact customer service for an issue you need to be resolved, but they don’t answer?

With this brand, it’s almost as if customer service doesn’t exist. While they have an excellent market reputation, they are severely lacking when it comes to solving problems.

So, while it’s possible that you can get a model with absolutely no issues, it’s not worth the risk. Some customers have even said that they’ve waited for over two months for a call back to fix a problem with their hot tub. Even then, they were met with hesitation and arguments as far as what the quality guarantee means.

3. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

This famous brand is terrific when it comes to performance and useful features. However, many people dislike their poor warranty service. Not to mention, many people have complained about the inability to get replacement parts even when covered under warranty.

Charges For Warranty Benefits

As we looked further into the comments and reviews for this brand, many different people mentioned the warranty service is terrible. The company argues that parts that were once covered under warranty aren’t, and the replacement was not available for these specific parts unless the customer paid.

No Replacements

Even if a specific part is covered under warranty, it seems that this brand goes out of its way to find a reason why the part in question would be exempt from said warranty. This can be extremely frustrating, as it even happens when the issue is found to be a manufacturing mishap.

4. Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas has made a name for itself and has become an extremely popular brand; however, many people don’t like their hot tubs. What it comes down to is their models require constant maintenance and repairs. Not to mention, the customer service is terrible.

Needs Constant Maintenance

Owners of Caldera Spa hot tubs complain that the parts tend to give out rather quickly and that there always seems to be an issue. If you’re not maintaining your hot tub every single night, something as simple as a bee seems to clog the filter, resulting in the whole tub malfunctioning.

Poor Customer Service

If you need a repair or replacement, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of their customer service. However, if you do, you’re usually met with defensive agents who seem impossible. One consumer even said that the agent they had dealt with refused to listen to the problem and hung up on them.

5. Sundance Spas

Some of you may be shocked to even see this brand in our list of the worst hot tub brands of 2020. We’ve decided to include this brand because it’s exaggerated. When it comes time to deliver a quality product, most people find that this brand lacks just that: Quality.

Even though the Sundance Spas brand is one of the best-selling brands on the market, its size quality is awful. Some people find that a 6-person hot tub only fits 4. Additionally, the color of the tub tends to fade rather quickly. Even if you have a complaint, of course, the customer service is lacking as well. So, you may not be able to get a hold of anyone if you’re calling to exchange your hot tub.

How To Know If You Should Steer Clear Of A Hot Tub Brand

We’ve devised a buying guide based on several red flags you should be aware of when searching for a hot tub to purchase.

Bad Customer Reviews

When you’re searching for a hot tub, make sure you check out the reviews and ratings. If the brand is rated 3 out of 5 stars, you should look at the reviews. It’s a good idea that you check a few different sites to see what the reviews say.

By going through reviews on different sites, you will be able to get a final consensus on the pros and cons of the models you’re looking at. This will tell you whether that brand should be your final choice or not.

Bad Warranty

As with anything you purchase, read the warranty carefully! We cannot stress this enough. You can usually find the warranty on the manufacturer’s website. This is simply to ensure the company will cover any issues within the first few years.

A good rule of thumb is to get a hot tub with a warranty for at least five years covering your hot tub’s shell or frame. This is the part that’s most susceptible to damage, so the wear and tear must be protected.

Constant Maintenance & Repairs

There is no question that your hot tub should be reliable. If you see a hot tub with many reviews stating that people must make constant repairs, that’s not typical. A reliable hot tub will last you about ten or more years and should require minimal amounts of service.

No Service Agreement

When purchasing your hot tub from a dealer, you need to make sure that they have a good service agreement. This will typically come with some limited lifetime, or lifetime of service and maintenance. With a good service agreement, you won’t need to burn through money to keep up with your hot tub maintenance.

Top 3 Best Hot Tub Brands

Since we decided to burst your bubble and tell you the worst brands, we decided it would be a great idea to provide you with the top three brands. This will help you know where to set our sights as far as your hot tub purchase goes.

1. Master Spa- Best Value

Master Spa has choices that range from holding just two people to holding 8. They offer customization, as well as upgrades to the tub you are purchasing. Not to mention, you will have 21 models to choose from, including 13 of those that fall into a very affordable price range.
With the upgrades, you can choose from all sorts of additions such as:

  • UV-C Sanitation
  • Ozone Sanitation
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Bluetooth Audio

2. Bullfrog Spas- Best Customization

Bullfrog Spas feature interchangeable jets with 18 different types of massage therapies. This brand also gives you many other customization options, although no option for saltwater or UV sanitation. The best part? This company lets you create your very own hot tub spa!

When it comes to customization, this brand lets you choose what kind of jets you want to be included and what massage therapy you want to put into each seat. How awesome is that!? Not only do you have virtually limitless options for customizations, but their hot tubs are also energy efficient.

3. PDC Spas- Best Large Capacity

When it comes to large capacity hot tubs, PDC Spas is the company you want to purchase from. They have an excellent selection when it comes to swim spa and hot tub combos. You can choose from 16 hot tubs in total. You can select from two-person hot tubs to an eight-person seater.

While they don’t have too many custom options available, the tubs’ manufacturing process parts are exceptionally reliable. You won’t be experiencing the need for repairs any time soon after purchase. Some buyers say that they haven’t needed their first repair until about eight years after ownership.

Top Selling Doesn’t Always Mean Great

You should always keep in mind that a top-selling hot tub doesn’t always mean that’s it the best. Just because a brand is considered ‘popular’ doesn’t mean they’re great. Look at Sundance Spas; they’re far more popular than Bullfrog Spas. However, this is because people purchase from them blindly without researching the reviews.

Do yourself a favor; Don’t purchase a hot tub just because it’s from a well-known company or because it’s part of a famous brand. Also, don’t just take our word for it! Do your research. Thoroughly look through the reviews like we did, to come up with your own opinion about a particular brand. You’ll thank yourself when you realize how much this makes a difference. Good luck!

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