4 Faucet Brands To Avoid (Buy These Faucets Instead!)

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Some parts are among the highest quality faucet parts that make up the inside to make it spectacular. Others are made with the cheapest parts available to keep the faucets at a low cost. The problem is, it is not fun when you have to keep changing or repairing faucets.

The homeowner should only have this problem if they live out their lives in the home one time. Faucets do not often give out, but it is due to poor quality if it breaks more than once. So how do you tell which brands of faucets to avoid?

These are the faucet brands that cannot be trusted due to the poor quality of parts from the inside.

  • Glacier Bay
  • Peerless
  • Pfister
  • All brands that have the label “Retail Exclusive.”

Experts in home repair advise homeowners to stay away from these brands altogether.

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Do Brand Names of Faucets Make a Difference?

In 2016, consumer reports showed faucets were no longer rated because of their reliability. When you factor in how many are reliable compared to nonreliable, it makes sense. Three labels have been noted to stay away unless you want to change them out later due to faulty parts.

Everything became pros and cons instead of ratings. For the manufacturers, it is a bad thing. For the consumer, it brings forth the truth.

Let’s face it, who wants to get underneath the cabinet to keep replacing faucets? When people research bad brands, they will avoid wasting valuable time and trouble. Bad brands will help you recognize which ones have the cheap parts which will break easily.

What Makes the Name Brands So Bad on Faucets?

Faucets should last over the time frame of 20 to 30 years, if not more. When manufacturers want to make a profit, they will make parts cheap. When they sell the products, the prices are fit for profits, no matter what the consumer has to go through.

It is also a gimmick when the parts fail. They want the consumer to purchase the same name brand parts to repair the faucets. It may keep the customer coming back, but the trust is broken afterward.

Faucets with good name brands have the price set perfectly. So the profit is made, and more consumers will buy their products. This keeps the trust going within the market.

The Worst Brands to Avoid in Faucets

There are four brands to keep an eye out for when buying faucets. You want the one that will be fewer problems and last for as long as possible. When you see these brands sold, it is wise to stay away from them.

Glacier Bay Faucets

Leaks are common with the Glacier Bay faucets. It is designed with weak seals and faulty cartridges. These are parts that constantly have to be changed due to the poor quality.

This brand also is notorious for the loose handles on the faucet. When this happens, the bolt that holds the handle down has to be tightened often. Eventually, the screw will become stripped and will no longer hold the handle in place.


Everything that makes Peerless faucets a brand to stay away from is poor quality. Faucets that leak within a few years after installation are no good. Reviews also show the insufficient water flow from the faucets.

The repairs are minor in most cases, but who wants to repeatedly keep working on the same problems? Peerless is also notorious for leaking, reducing the water pressure, and cause a high water bill. Most people find themselves having to remove the aerator or the water restrictors to provide more pressure.

When people have to break the codes to make a faucet work properly, it is not good. Regulations are in place to protect the homes. That is why consumers should never trust brands of these sorts.

Pfister Faucets

Some added problems come with the Pfister faucets. One added problem people complain about is the hot water does not work. Both hot and cold knobs should work, but reviews found this to be a massive issue with this brand.

Leaks are another issue that seems to be with all the listed brands to stay away. Leaks cause water to seep through cracks and can cause mold underneath the sink. It also causes a loss of water pressure and water to go everywhere uncontrollably.

Reviews also stated they are prone to becoming blocked in which no water will flow at all. Debris tends to get inside the cartridge and the retainer ring. This is an ongoing problem that discourages most consumers.

The worst complaint people have is the customer service with the manufacturer. The claim is no one answers the phone, and they never return the calls. Perhaps, they too are tired of the complaints about their products.

Retail Label Exclusive Brands

These faucet brands are made for only retail stores. The problem with the exclusive retail brands is the cheap parts and no available replacement parts. Faucets inside the retail stores are changed yearly and are discontinued after the sale ends.

The longest sale on these faucets goes two years maximum, and the manufacturers stop making the faucets and parts. It causes problems due to the low-quality internal components, which means a brand new faucet needs to be installed. Customer service ends with the product.

Retail label exclusive brands are a nightmare for contractors. Most of the time, they will not mess with it to repair the parts. It leaves the customer purchasing a new faucet along with the labor, causing more money wasted.

The Most Reliable Faucets to Purchase

Those listed above are brands to run away from, and these listed below are the best faucets on the market. They are the most accredited with positive reviews from 4.5 stars to 5 stars.


Moen has a high volume in stock where the customer can choose different styles of faucets. They specialize in faucets with the intent to grow their company and continue bettering their products. Moen has been around for several decades and is one of the top trusted name brands.

The bathroom and kitchen faucets are high-class and stylish. It has all high-quality parts inside and out. All faucets are built corrosion-resistant, so they are durable and hold up to their good name.

Moen has excellent customer service and a great warranty. When you need them, they are quick to respond and answer all of your questions. They are a trusted company to stand behind their product.

Do You Need a Faucet, Fixture, or Pipe Repair or Replacement?

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Delta faucets are another highly accredited name brand that has their famous Kate model faucets consumers love. It is a kitchen faucet that detaches with a hose from the faucet 20 inches from the base. It is loved because of the sink’s space from the spout to clean dishes and its durable product.

The Delta brand faucets are noted for how easy they are to keep clean. It is also one of the faucets with the most secure mounting to prevent leaks. Last, there is an option for a stream or spray to come out of the faucet.


Brizo faucets are one of the most luxurious faucets for bathrooms and kitchens. They specialize in home interior designs with their high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. Brizo focuses on the fine details that other companies do not handle in the unique designs.

This company is also noted for its customer service and honoring warranties. Their line of products covers kitchens, bathrooms, and showers. Customer reviews have Brizo products labeled more of a work of art rather than just a faucet.

Brizo company is recognized as the first national sponsor for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home Giveaway. People like to support companies that support charities and local communities. It is one of the highlights knowing a portion of the money spent on the faucets goes to charity.


Kohler has many products on the market other than faucets. It is a prestigious company that has been around for over 150 years. They are the oldest manufacturers still thriving.

Kholer has a wide variety of products in plumbing and faucets to choose from on the market. They have the highest accredited quality and customer service that can run circles around many other manufacturers. Kholer has the lowest prices with high-quality parts that kept them going with consumer trust.

Its warranty, consistency, and spectacular variety continue to amaze customers and retailers alike. The limited lifetime warranty puts the seal of approval on all of their products. Customers still flock to the stores requesting to buy Kholer faucets and other products.

American Standard Faucets

Nothing says the trusted name brand like a product Made in America. The American Standard name brand has the simplest but most requested faucets on the market. As much as people love luxury, some people are captured by simplicity as well.

These faucets are made with brass and ceramic and resist corrosion. People like this brand because it goes with everything in the kitchen, especially with darker colors. Sometimes simplicity offers the best features.

It comes with a ceramic valve that keeps water leaks and dripping away. The valve has been tested with over a million cycles before it hits the market. This faucet has one of the best grips over its simple design with hot and cold levers.

Other features people love are the head’s different angles, allowing for the water flow to go in different directions. Within moments, the water can switch from hot to cold without delays. There is a 20-inch hose that allows for easier reach when doing dishes.

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