How Many Security Cameras Do I Need For My Home?

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Feeling safe in your home is mandatory, since that’s the one place that you should always feel safe. The average homeowner will do anything to feel safe in their home, such as installing an alarm system or security cameras. So, how many security cameras do I need for my home?

You need 2 to 6 security cameras for your home depending on how many entry doors your house has. It’s important to install a security camera on your front and back doors, but you shouldn’t forget about side doors either. Put a security camera above your garage door as well to protect your home and stop thieves from breaking into the cars in your driveway.

It’s legal to put security cameras inside your home in most states, but only if they are in common areas that won’t violate anyone’s privacy. Follow along as we explore how many security cameras you need for your home and highlight where you should put them.

How Many Cameras Should You Have In A Home Security System?

Ideally, you should have at least 2 security cameras at home for protection. However, the number of security cameras you need ultimately depends on the size of your home. For example, you may only need 2 cameras for a small home with only 2 entry points.

Large homes need up to 6 or more security cameras, depending on how many doors and windows there are. Houses with multiple entry points require the most security cameras to cover all bases. When in doubt, it helps to buy a few extra security cameras for windows, doors, and your backyard.

Where Do You Put Security Cameras Around the House?

Front Door

Your front door is the most important place to put a security camera. After all, the front door is the most obvious entry point to your house. If you only have one security camera to spare, put it on your front door to deter burglars.

A front door camera can also stop thieves from stealing your mail and packages. The rise of “porch pirates” has led countless homeowners to put cameras on their front doors. Front doors are also common entry points for burglars.

Invest in a security camera with a motion-activated light because it can startle burglars.

For example, many Ring video doorbells have motion-activated lights, and they are easy to spot. No matter which security camera you choose for your front door, make sure to install one that potential burglars can easily see.

Back Door

While front doors are the obvious spots for security cameras, you must protect your back door as well. Crafty burglars choose the back door of a home to enter because they are often more secluded. Install a security camera on or above your back door, and make sure it has a motion-activated light.

The same rule applies to side-entry doors. Put cameras on any side doors you have. If you have a walkway along the side of your house that leads to a side-entry door, you may want to install cameras along it as well.


One camera on your back door isn’t enough to monitor your backyard. That is especially true if you have a big backyard. You should still install a security camera on your back door, but additional security cameras may be necessary if you have a shed, pool, or detached garage in your backyard.

A detached garage or shed is an easy target for burglars. If you have a two-story home, you can mount a wide-angle security camera on the second-story that overlooks your backyard. Otherwise, you can hang wireless security cameras on trees in your backyard. Make sure you can easily reach them to change the batteries if they are wireless.

Above The Garage Door

Putting a security camera above your garage door is an effective burglar deterrent in several ways. First, it will make burglars think twice about approaching your house and trying to break in. Equally important, a camera above the garage door will help protect the cars in your driveway.

This is especially true if the camera has a motion-activated light. Make sure to install the camera high enough that it will get a great view of your entire driveway, so you don’t miss anything.


Security cameras on your windows may sound like overkill, but they are quite effective. Simply place security cameras on the windowsill, so they look out into your yard. However, this is only necessary for windows on the first floor in most cases. That is because cameras that look out of second-story windows won’t be able to see much. However, you can strategically angle second-story window cameras, so they look down into your yard if you’re careful.

Do Security Cameras Deter Crime?

Security cameras are a great way to deter crime, but they aren’t perfect. Sadly, homes with security cameras still get broken into, but it’s less common when the cameras are quite visible. It’s important to invest in a security system with a loud alarm as well.

You should also invest in smart locks, outdoor lighting, and safes to keep your valuables. It also helps to make your house look inhabited even when you aren’t home. For example, you can help deter burglars if you leave on several lights before you leave the house at night.

This will make burglars think you are home, and they will think twice about trying to break in. Many homeowners also have dogs for protection, and they can help deter crime as well.

Can You Put Security Cameras Inside Your House?

You can put security cameras inside your house in most states. However, you cannot put security cameras in areas that would violate anyone’s privacy. For example, you cannot put security cameras in your spare bedroom or the bathrooms.

In most states, you can put security cameras in common areas within your home. This includes the living room, family room, kitchen, and hallways. It’s up to you to exercise good judgment and determine which areas of the house are appropriate for security cameras.

Summing It Up

You typically need between 2 and 6 security cameras in your home, but it varies. It ultimately depends on how many entry doors lead into your house. Many homeowners also put security cameras above their garage doors and in their backyard to deter burglars.

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