SimpliSafe Siren Beeping? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

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Protecting our homes and valuables is one of our highest priorities in life. That is also why so many people have turned to alarm systems for help. Popular security systems like SimpliSafe, for example, are one of those types of security systems. And with so many people now using security systems like SimpliSafe, there have come many questions. That includes questions like why is my SimpliSafe siren beeping and others.

If your SimpliSafe siren is beeping, it is because of a tripped sensor or a problem with the batteries. Keeping your home safe means maintaining and using your security system. That involves knowing how to respond when your security alarm beeps and how to take care of your security system.

The good news is, in addition to these types of home security systems keeping homes safe, they are also simple to use. And if you hear your SimpliSafe siren beeping, that means it needs attention. That beeping also means we need to learn what those sounds indicate and what to do when we hear them.

Here is a look at what those SimpliSafe siren beeping noises are, what they mean, and how to address them.

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When SimpliSafe Security System Beeps Because of Triggered Sensors

Home security systems have come a long way. Today, it won’t require a small fortune to secure your home. Now, with security systems like SimpliSafe and others, doors, windows, garages, and entryways can all be covered. And it also doesn’t take a high-level security expert to help you arm your home.

So when you hear a beeping from your SimpliSafe security system, pay attention. Not only does this sound mean that your security system is armed and working, but also that the sensors detect motion. And when the beeping starts, you have 30 seconds to respond.

Responding to the Sensor Alarm Warning Beep

When any of the security alarm sensors detect motion with the alarm on, the control keypad will emit a warning beep. This notification signal will require a PIN within the previously noted response time.

If a valid PIN is not entered within that 30-second allotment, a signal will automatically be sent to the emergency response center. An alarm will also sound following that response time and will continue for four minutes. In other words, if it is simply you bringing home the groceries, it is important to disable the alarm without delay.

In the event that the PIN isn’t entered in the set response time the homeowner will get a safety check call from the emergency dispatch center. A code word will need to be provided to kill the alarm and to prevent the dispatch center from sending help.

This is essentially the “good” beeping sounds that homeowners will hear their SimpliSafe security system making. And this is the beeping that assures us the system is armed and responding correctly. The other beeping sound isn’t necessarily bad, per se, but it isn’t good either.

When SimpliSafe Security System Beeps Because of Battery Problems

The process of disabling the beeping once a sensor is tripped is simple. Coming home from work, the grocery, or anytime the alarm is set after leaving, a beeping will always be the first sound to greet you through the door. That is the good beep.

If you hear a beeping, however, after entering the PIN then that is indicative of a problem. The good news is that dealing with this beeping noise is typically quick and easy.

Responding to the SimpliSafe Security System Battery Failure Beep

As part of the SimpliSafe Security system design, the control keypad will beep five times following the PIN entry when the batteries need changing. This low battery warning signal ensures that your home stays armed and protected and prevents the risk of dead batteries causing a system failure.

To change the batteries of the SimpliSafe control keypad, you will need to remove six screws and four new AA batteries. Simply remove the keypad from its wall-mounted bracket. Remove the back cover, replace the batteries, and screw the cover back into place.

(Note: Gen 3 SimpliSafe Key Fobs batteries are not replaceable. Customer support will need to be contacted for help).

Depending on the model of the security system, the alarm may need to be reset to be rearmed.

When SimpliSafe Security System Beeps for Other Reasons

For the most part, SimpliSafe Security Systems should remain quiet. The exceptions, of course, are those aforementioned examples of the system alerting us, or when the alarm sounds. There are, however, a few other cases when the SimpliSafe Security System can make chirping or beeping noises.

Sensor Batteries Need Replaced

The control panel keyboard isn’t the only part of the security system that uses batteries. When batteries for the sensors begin to falter, some models will emit a low battery warning beep.

While that may not seem like a big deal, it is worth noting that today’s home security systems are considerably more advanced. Security systems like SimpliSafe can require batteries for more than a few sensors too. Some of the sensors with the SimpliSafe security system include:

  • Entry sensor that requires 1 CR-123A Lithium 3V battery
  • Motion sensors that require 1 CR-123A Lithium 3V battery
  • Keychain remote that requires 1 CR-1632 Lithium 3V battery
  • Glassbreak sensor that requires 1 CR-123A Lithium 3V battery
  • Smoke detector that requires 1 CR-123A Lithium 3V battery Carbon monoxide detector that requires 3 Energizer AA “Ultimate Lithium” 1.5V batteries
  • Auxiliary siren that requires 4 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Panic button that requires 1 CR-2032 Lithium 3V battery
  • Temperature/Freeze sensor that requires 1 CR-2450 Lithium battery
  • Water sensor that requires 1 CR-2450 Lithium battery

That equates to a lot of sensors, a lot of batteries, and a lot of potential for a battery issue and potential alerts. The good news is that most sensor batteries are expected to last from 3 to 5 years. So there won’t be a need to replace the batteries every other week.

The Other Beeping Noises

If your SimpliSafe Security system is beeping, and it doesn’t fit any of the reasons or descriptions here, then it will require getting help. Many security systems that make unidentified noises like periodic beeping will also have associated system messages.

SimpliSafe and other home security systems have reported connection failures. These systems may report messages such as radio modem network failure accompanied by beeps, of course. When these less common problems arise, security system support centers can often help walk users through system resets or steps to fix the problem.

Homeowners who have contracted security services will also often have service calls as part of the plan agreement. In any event, if there is a problem with your home security system, don’t put off getting help. Some studies suggest that home security systems can act as a deterrent for as high as 60% of would-be criminals.

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Related Questions

The many questions about the communication sounds that SimpliSafe and other home security systems make aren’t the only questions about home security. Here are a few more of the more frequently asked questions regarding home security systems.

What Can Trigger My Security System Sensor?

A commonly asked question regarding home security systems is regarding sensors being set off. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you choose to look at it that way), these questions generally involve false alarms. So that, of course, leads to the always popular question – what can set off my security system sensors?

Here are a few of the possible culprits and the non-intruders who are responsible for tripping your home security sensors.

  • Pets are notorious for finding ways to set off motions sensors. The typical rule of thumb on this is that pets under 30lbs are generally small enough to go undetected. That is, of course, unless Fido figures out how to get too close.
  • Sunlight is arguable the most common false trigger. Yes, direct sunlight hitting the sensor is a known cause for tripping motion sensors.
  • Heating vents are one more common household trickster. In particular, vents in a direct line of view of the sensor have the potential to trip the alarm and be detected as motion.
How Much Do Home Security Systems Cost?

Base median prices for home security systems like SimpliSafe are around $300. In addition to the improvements in home security, almost solely due to the advancements in technology, home security system prices have also become more reasonable. Many factors and considerations can also have a sizable impact on those costs.

In addition to the cost of security systems, most home security systems today also offer monitoring and emergency response services for a nominal fee. Typically, these services can be contracted monthly, semi-annually, or yearly too. In most cases, these are also home security systems designed to be able to be installed by most homeowners.

Based on recent statistics and reports, and according to US Department of Justice, two and a half million burglaries occur every year. That is also 2.5 million reasons to consider a home security system. And more than enough motivation to learn how to deal with your home siren beeping.

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