Ideas To Burglar-Proof Your Garage

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Your garage is just as much of a gateway into your home as the front door. It is a major violation of safety and privacy when burglars break into your garage, and it can understandably make you feel unsafe. So, what are the best ways to burglar-proof your garage?

The best way to burglar-proof your garage is to install security cameras, floodlights, and deadbolts on the side-entry doors to your garage. Put window tint strips over the windows that look into your garage so burglars can’t see what you have inside. Choose a garage code that is nearly impossible to guess and only share it with your close family members to boost security.

It also helps to put out signs that say you have cameras, an alarm system, and a dog. Follow along as we explore 10 ideas to burglar-proof your garage so you can get some peace of mind.

How Do I Burglar-Proof My Garage?

Whether it means installing deadbolts on the side doors or installing a new garage door altogether, there are many great ways to burglar-proof your garage. Check out these 10 ideas to keep burglars out of your garage and house.

Keep The Door Closed

Never leave your garage door open for too long unless you want to welcome burglars. Only leave your garage door open if you need to pull into it or bring groceries inside. Otherwise, you will simply make it too easy for burglars to get into your garage and ultimately break into your house.

Install Flood Lights

Motion-activated floodlights will scare any burglar who doesn’t want to go to prison. You can easily install them, and they will quickly scare off the average burglar. Floodlights help to burglar-proof your garage because the quick flash of light is quite off-putting.

The lights will activate and illuminate the space in front of your garage when someone walks within their range. They can illuminate up to 100 feet of space in your driveway and onto the street in front of your home. Motion-activated flood lights can detect a person within at least 50 feet of your garage.

This may not seem like a lot, but it’s more than enough space to burglar-proof your garage. You can also install motion-activated floodlights above your porch to keep burglars away from your front or back door.

Use Security Cameras

Burglars prey on houses that they think don’t have a security system. Because so many homeowners have cameras now, burglars look for houses and garages without them. Security cameras reduce burglaries by up to 30% which may not sound high enough, but that’s a lot when it comes to protecting your home.

Burglars are less likely to target your home when they see security cameras. Security cameras also help provide the authorities and security companies with evidence when your home is burglarized. Even if a burglar breaks into your home, security cameras will help catch them.

Bring Your Tools Inside

The average burglar preys on houses with high-value items. This includes everything from smart TVs to power tools. Many homeowners leave tools outside when they don’t use them.

Not only does this leave them vulnerable to corrosion, but it also makes it easy for burglars to snatch them. Whether they’re in the garage or outside of the garage, you must keep your tools out of sight to burglar-proof your property. They may not be as valuable as your car or jewelry, but many tools have a resale value, and that’s what burglars look for.

Ideally, you should put the tools in your garage or shed as soon as you’re done with them. That way, you won’t forget them outside. Keep your tools away from garage windows, so burglars don’t see them and try to get inside.

Don’t Leave Garage Clicker Out

Is there a garage clicker in one of the cars in your driveway? If so, you need to either bring it indoors or park that car in the garage. A burglar can easily access your garage and get into your home if they break into the car in your driveway and steal the clicker.

It’s easy to forget about it and leave the clicker exposed, but that is a way to essentially invite burglars into your home. However, you can also conceal the clicker in a spot in the car in your driveway that isn’t immediately visible. For example, you could put the clicker in the glove box or center console.

You can’t guarantee that a burglar won’t break into your car and steal the remote. Ideally, you should only have a remote in the car that’s in your garage. Some people simply keep the garage clicker with their keys so it’s never easy to steal.

Tint Your Garage Windows

Some garage doors have windows that look into the garage, and burglars take advantage of that. They can easily see what you have inside and assess if anything is valuable enough for them to steal. You can reduce the risk that burglars will spy or break into your garage if you tint the windows.

Not only will this help burglar-proof your garage, but it will also improve your privacy. A roll of tinted film typically only costs $10, and it’s easy to put over your garage windows. This will also help keep your garage cool, as the film reduces how much light gets inside.

Install A Deadbolt

Can you access your garage through a side door? If so, that is an easy way for a burglar to break into your garage and home. Install a deadbolt to burglar-proof your garage and keep criminals out. Double-cylinder deadbolts offer the most protection against burglars, but even a standard deadbolt should do the trick.

While burglars can still get past a deadbolt, it’s quite difficult and not worth their time in many cases. That is especially true if you have other lines of defense, like security cameras and floodlights.

Be Careful With Your Garage Code

Only you and your family members should know the code to get into your garage. This sensitive piece of information is just as important as your security system’s alarm code. You should even conceal the code from the person who installs your garage opener.

Never provide your garage code to someone who installs it, as they aren’t entitled to that information, so they should never ask. Change your garage code right away if someone breaks into your garage, even if they didn’t use the code to get in. Make sure to choose a code that isn’t obvious or related to information about you that is publicly available.

That includes birthdays, initials, phone numbers, and your address. Those are the first things that burglars will guess.

Put Out Signs

It may sound simple, but you can even burglar-proof your garage if you put out some signs. For example, a sign that warns about a dog can scare away many burglars. Many homeowners put out signs that indicate they have a security system whether have it or not. This won’t keep everyone away, but it will work wonders to beef up your garage’s security.

Upgrade To A New Garage Door

One of the best ways to burglar-proof a garage is to upgrade to a new garage door. Old garage doors have gaps that burglars can easily wedge open. “Fishing” is when burglars wedge open a garage door and use a thin object, like a hanger, to pull the cord and open it.

That is much easier with old and worn-out garage doors. You can expect to spend an average of $1,200 or more to replace a garage door, but it’s worth the cost if you’ve had home security problems before.

Summing It Up

Install motion-activated flood lights and security cameras to burglar-proof your garage. Keep the door closed and store your tools in the garage so burglars can’t access them. Never leave your garage remote out in the open, such as in a car in the driveway, since burglars can easily get into your home if they find it. Only share your garage code with your close family members and install a new garage door if you’ve had break-ins before.

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