Simple Tips To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

It seems like life keeps getting busier and busier, with growing to-do lists and neverending responsibilities. With so much stress, it’s more important than ever to find ways to relax and unwind after a busy day. Make every day a spa day by creating a calm, peaceful bathroom to ease tension and help you recharge.

Make your bathroom feel like a spa with a calm color palette, plush towels, and a splash of greenery. Install dimmers on the lights and mix in natural materials to create a warm, inviting space. Treat yourself to a few pamper-worthy products, and decant others into pretty bottles. Declutter, deep clean, and use calming scents to get that spa-like vibe.

We get it. Life’s busy, which is why the idea of a spa bathroom is so appealing. But, at the same time, when you’re busy, how do you have time to renovate? The answer is by using simple tweaks that make a big impact. These tips are easy to tackle within a weekend (some you can pull off in a few minutes).

Creating A Spa-Worthy Bathroom Without Stress

Don’t have the time or money to knock down walls or upgrade your bathroom tile? No problem. When you’re on a budget or tight schedule, turning your blah bathroom into a spa-like retreat doesn’t need to be complicated.

A few simple changes can dramatically flip the whole feel of your space, giving you the spa style you love.

1 Use Plush Towels

Are your towels looking a little worse for wear? The more you use your towels, the more threadbare they become, losing absorbency and fullness. Thin, skimpy towels certainly don’t exude spa vibes and don’t do their job very well.

Ditch your old towels for some new, plush linens. For maximum impact, go with all-white, which just screams spa. But if you prefer a color, pick soft, subdued tones that complement a relaxed atmosphere.

No matter which color you choose, stick with the same color for all your towels to maintain a calm, cohesive look. Using multiple colored towels in one bathroom starts to look a bit disjointed or more like a kid’s bathroom. If you do have more than one color, only display one at a time instead of mixing them.

2. Mix In Natural Materials

Add a layer of warmth to your bathroom with natural materials throughout the space. Examples are a bamboo bath mat, a teak stool, a woven basket to hold towels, and a wooden tray on the vanity for toiletries.

Choose a variety of materials (in other words, not all bamboo accents or wood everywhere). Then, place them throughout the space instead of stuffing them all into one spot.

Bonus points for objects that are functional. Functional pieces provide a sense of intentionality to your design instead of coming across as an afterthought.

3. Give Your Toiletries A Facelift

You don’t need to buy expensive bath products to create a spa-worthy bathroom. Instead, decant the products you leave out in the open into pretty bottles. If the products are on your vanity, glass bottles are fine. However, in the tub or shower, stick with plastic or other nonbreakable materials — safety first.

Clear bottles are beautiful, plus practical, allowing you to identify the product at a glance. You can also print custom labels using your computer and printer or a label maker.

If any of your products already come in clear bottles, you can make things even easier by removing the store labels. Olive oil works great at getting rid of all the sticky residue without using yucky chemicals.

4. Choose A Calm Color Palette

The color of a room affects how it looks and how it makes you feel. If your bathroom has clashing colors or overly cold tones, it won’t create a sense of calm.

Think about it, spas aren’t known for their bright, vibrant colors. You’ll typically find soft, pale tones, neutrals, or sometimes deep, moody shades of blue. Choose colors for your bathroom that reflect the spa look you desire.

Purchase paint samples so you can test out your top three colors in the space. Select a satin finish for the walls, which is easier to clean, and look for moisture-resistant paints. For trim, go with a satin, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. If your bathroom has brightly colored tile (we’re talking to you pink 1950’s bathroom), use a tile paint.

5. Declutter And Clean

It won’t matter how plush your towels are or how calm your color palette is if your bathroom is a cluttered, dirty mess. Cleaning might not be the most creative or fun thing to do in a space, but you can’t beat the ROI (return on investment).

It doesn’t cost you a penny to declutter all of the excess stuff piled up on the vanity and crammed in the closet. Get rid of the half-empty bottles of shampoo and body wash you never use anymore. Reevaluate if you truly need 20 towels and three hairdryers.

Pare down the inventory and deep clean the space. Scrub grimy grout, remove the toilet seat to get everything sparkling, and clean the shower head. Organize your bathroom closet so it’s easy to put things away and find what you need.

6. Add Greenery

Place a few fresh plants or flowers in your bathroom for an instant upgrade. A vase of your favorite blooms on the vanity can liven up your day. Or place a beautiful, lush potted plant on the window sill or a bathroom shelf.

If you’re thinking, “But I can’t keep plants alive for more than a day,” there’s nothing wrong with going faux. But make sure you choose some high-quality faux greenery that fools the eye. Also, be prepared to keep it clean (and dust-free).

You can find some great-looking, affordable pieces at Hobby Lobby or online at places like Afloral and West Elm. All have some great selections of artificial flowers and plants. Make sure to fluff and primp the leaves and stems before putting your fake greenery on display.

7. Go With Dimmable Lighting

If you’re relatively handy, installing a dimmer switch might just be one DIY project away (if your light’s compatible). If you don’t trust your skills, hire an electrician. The simple switch (no pun intended) to a dimmable light makes a huge difference in a room’s atmosphere.

Another option is to add a lamp to the vanity, so you have an alternative to the overhead light. LED candles are another great way to evoke the spa feel with lighting. The overall goal is to have the ability to create soft, low lighting in the space without having to be completely in the dark.

8. Use Calming Scents

If your space looks amazing, it still won’t feel like a spa if there’s a weird odor or musty smell in the bathroom. First things first; if there’s a persistent smell, you need to find the source so you can remedy the situation.

For example, a musty smell could point to a leak, excess moisture, or ventilation issues. Fix the problem, and call a plumber if necessary. However, issues aside, adding a few calming scents to the bathroom helps give it that spa feel.

You can use scented candles, wax warmers, or oil diffusers. Choose scents that you love and make you feel at peace.

9. Splurge On Your Showerhead

It’s super easy to switch out a showerhead. If your existing one is looking a bit rough or dated, or is a little plain, splurge on a replacement.

Opt for a larger showerhead that allows you to change the settings and intensities. Another great option if you’re going for the spa feel is a large rainfall shower head.

10. Stock A Few Products That Pamper

If you have a bit of extra change left in the budget, splurge on a couple of luxe bath products. You don’t have to spend hundreds, but a nice jar of bath salts, a basket of pretty bath bombs, or a bottle of bubbles are the epitome of pampering. Keep a few of these special items on hand for when you need a little extra relaxation.

Bathroom Changes That Make You Say Spa-aaah

If your bathroom’s stressing you out, it’s time to flip the switch and make it the spa retreat you deserve. You don’t need to spend weeks renovating or spending thousands of dollars. Instead, implement a few simple changes to get the restful, calm bathroom you crave.

Start with a clean, decluttered space. A calm color palette, plush towels, and adding natural materials and greenery go a long way to creating the spa feel. Other easy additions are pretty containers for toiletries, dimmable lighting, and pleasant scents to fill the room. After these minor adjustments, you’ll have your very own spa right at home.

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