Grohe Vs Kohler Faucets: Which One Is Better?

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Whether it be for your bathroom, your kitchen, or both, having the right fixtures can make a lot of difference. Not only from a design aesthetic standpoint, but from a functionality standpoint, too. You need a faucet that fits your lifestyle and needs.

There are a ton of different brands out there to choose from. Grohe and Kohler are two of the more relevant, popular brands out there. But which one is the better choice? The choice comes down to personal preference. Both make durable products, though Kohler may be cheaper. Grohe focuses exclusively on water products, giving them outstanding quality and performance.

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Introduction to Grohe

Grohe is one of the largest and most recognizable brands on the market for luxury bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. Grohe has made a name as one of the best brands for high-end fixtures and fittings on the market.

Quality water products. Grohe also focuses exclusively on water products. Headquartered in Germany, there is the traditional quality German manufacturing and engineering behind each and every product that they offer.

They also put a focus on attention to detail in addition to sustainability and quality. They want to have greater precision over how water is heated, how much water gets dispensed, and more. They have a built-in monitoring system that even signals if there is water damage at hand.

A wide array of products. In addition to faucets, Grohe also makes a huge range of other water products. That includes toilets, wall carriers for the bathroom, accessories for both the bathroom and kitchen, and more. Accessories cover things like bar holders and soap dispensers.

Full water systems. Grohe also specializes in entire water systems for both the bathrooms and kitchen. That means tubs, showers, lighting and so much more. They even have the option for specific smart control appliances that help with water conservation.

Most importantly, they put a focus on quality above all else. They have designs that are certainly popular from an aesthetic standpoint, but it is their durability and quality that stand a cut above most of the other competition.

Pros of Grohe

You don’t get to be considered one of the premier luxury brands on the market today without making some quality products. But what is so great about Grohe? What sets it apart from much of the competition?

Metal construction. You will find no plastic components in Grohe fixtures. They are made from quality metals, ensuring a superior quality to most of the lower-grade brands on the market. Some metals are even corrosion and wear-resistant.

Durability. Piggybacking off of the last point, Grohe products are very well-made and durable. If you are looking for a fixture that is going to hold up over time, Grohe products certainly fit that bill.

Retains temperatures. Another important feature of any fixture is the ability to retain hotter temperatures. Not only does Grohe retain those warmer temperatures, but they can do so for longer periods of time. Hotter water for longer is something that is a major request in homes everywhere.

Sustainable performance. In addition to the traits above, Grohe prides itself on sustainability and water conservation. They make products that reduce water usage, improving sustainability along the way. Nothing like getting a high-quality fixture that also saves money on water bills.

A specialization in water products. Some brands, like Kohler, have a broader reach. They make a litany of products in all different areas. And while that is great from a versatility standpoint, there is nothing quite like going with a company that focuses on one particular area. You can rest assured that Grohe delivers a super-sharp focus on improving water products.

Cons of Grohe

Just like any other product on the market today, there are a few downsides to Grohe as a brand. They aren’t anything concerning quality; you can rest easy knowing that when you buy a Grohe product, you are getting superior quality. That said, here are the downsides of buying Grohe.

Cost. Like any quality product out there, Grohe costs a little more. It is important to keep in mind that they are, after all, a luxury brand. With better finishes and quality, you can expect to pay more. The flip side to that is you don’t have to worry about the quality of your purchase. You can rest easy knowing you have some of the best fixtures that money can buy.

Parts are heavier. Remember, Grohe makes their parts using high-quality metals. Those metals are more durable and have corrosion-resistant qualities. That said, metals are also heavier the plastics. That may not necessarily matter to you, but Grohe parts tend to be heavier than some of the more affordable alternatives on the market.

Contemporary designs. While there is certainly a market for contemporary bathroom fixture designs, it is not the only style out there. Grohe tends to put a heavier focus on the contemporary aspect of their designs, leaving those looking for a modern flair wanting.

That said, the “cons” of Grohe are limited. You generally are getting not only high-quality designs, but a greater level of functionality and sustainability. It will cost you a little bit more than some of the others, but it will be an investment that is worth it.

Introduction to Kohler

Whereas Grohe puts a focus on water products, Kohler is a company with a much broader range of products. They have been making plumbing products going on 150 years now, making them one of the oldest and most established manufacturers out there.

Wide range of products. The calling card for Kohler is that they can accommodate just about anything that you can think of. Not only do they cover kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but they handle things like furniture and generators as well.

Kohler even has a subsidiary known as Destination Kohler. Destination Kohler owns resorts, golf courses, and spas, among other things. When you read that Kohler is diverse, that means they are really, really diverse.

Kohler Smart Home. Kohler has a wide range of smart home offerings. That covers mirrors, medicine cabinets, showers, toilets, and even voice-activated kitchen faucets and sinks. Kohler is one of the leading brands in smart home devices.

As for their faucets, they offer a broad collection for both bathrooms and kitchens. They have several touchless faucets, even some that can pair up with your phone. The latter can monitor status, water levels, and can even recommend maintenance.

Pros of Kohler

Kohler did not get to be one of the most recognizable and trusted brands on the planet for no reason. Though they have been in the plumbing business for well over a century, it is their quality and consistency that have earned them a positive reputation.

Smart home capable. We have to start with their latest technological advancements. Smart homes are becoming more and more common and popular. So, it only makes sense that homeowners would want to control their faucets through smartphones as well. Monitor water levels and even check to see if the faucet needs maintenance all with a few taps of your phone screen. That is technology at its finest.

Less expensive. When compared to luxury brands like Grohe, Kohler is a quality option at a lower price. Not everyone wants to spend a ton on getting high-quality fixtures for their bathroom or kitchen. Kohler makes high-quality products that won’t carry the luxury price tag. That means lots of options for those who are on a budget.

Great variety. Because they make so many things, they do a lot of bulk work. That means having a wider selection and variety available in each of their fixtures. If you are looking for a greater choice selection in features and finishes, Kohler is a great choice to go for.

Warranty. The Kohler warranty is not too bad, either. It is a limited lifetime warranty, covering you when certain things do go wrong with your Kohler faucets. Having that reassurance in your back pocket can be beneficial, especially if you are paying more for a faucet than you ever dreamed you would.

Cons of Kohler

Kohler is definitely not perfect, though. While they specialize in quality and choices available, they do have their downsides. The reassurances are there with the warranty, however, so there is nothing major to fear.

Mass production. Where mass production is concerned, there is always a need to do things more cheaply. So, that means that some of the materials used by Kohler are plastic-based. While they are lighter and more flexible, that also means they stand a better chance of wearing down or breaking than metal. It keeps the costs down, but unlike Grohe, those plastic components can come into play and eventually become compromised.

Longer wait on parts. Should you need a replacement part, the warranty will come in hand. But even with the costs covered, there is still the matter of getting the part so a fix can be implemented. One such complaint is that it takes a longer period of time for replacement parts to ship. If your faucet is out of commission and needs repair, waiting on parts can be a major hassle. No one wants to contend with that.

Frequent maintenance. In comparison with Grohe in particular, there is some noticeable difference in durability and maintenance. The Kohler option is a bit more cost-friendly but that savings on your budget may take a hit in expected maintenance. Kohler parts may require a lot more maintenance than their Grohe counterparts. So, you may save in the short-term, but the additional maintenance may balance things out sooner rather than later. It is sometimes more worth it to consumers to pay extra now and save on the hassle in the future. It all depends on the budgets at hand.

Do You Need a Faucet, Fixture, or Pipe Repair or Replacement?

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Which One is the Best Choice?

When it comes to faucets at this level, the choice is usually a matter of preference. After all, there are so many different options that not everyone is operating on the same playing field. It is important to note that Grohe is considered a luxury brand whereas Kohler is more of a standard brand of faucet.

Why Grohe is better. When it comes down to a simple comparison, Grohe is the superior option. They are made of highly-durable metals through and through, ensuring that they will hold up against the test of time.

Furthermore, Grohe comes in high-end finishes that make any bathroom or kitchen feel top of the line. Add in the fact that they focus on water products, whereas Kohler has a wider scope of products, and it becomes clear why they are the winner.

Where budgets are concerned. That said, budgets do matter. If you are operating on a tighter budget, it may be more prudent to go with Kohler. They have fixtures that don’t cost quite as much as some of the Grohe offerings. Really, it all depends on what you can afford and are comfortable spending on a faucet.

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