Moen Vs. Kohler Faucets: Which One Is Better?

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by Ryan Womeldorf
Moen and Kohler are among the leading brands when it comes to sink faucets. Choosing between the two brands can be tough when it comes to cost, variety, and functionality. Follow along as we explore the key factors that set Moen and Koehler apart.

If you need to make a choice between faucets for a bathroom or kitchen, it may not seem like a big deal. That said, the decision should be made well. The faucet will get daily use and it needs to fit in well with your design aesthetic.

So, if you have come down to Moen and Kohler, you may be wondering which brand is the best option. Ultimately, it comes down to the qualities you value most. Kohler tends to be more expensive but higher quality. Moen specializes in faucets specifically and has a wider array of style and design choices versus Kohler.

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A Brief History of Kohler

Despite the fact that Kohler has only been making faucets for about 15 years, they have actually been in the plumbing industry for nearly a century and a half. They are a household name in the plumbing industry across the globe for bathroom fittings and plumbing goods.

In terms of their faucet offerings, Kohler puts a focal point on durability over design. They may not offer some of the more aesthetically pleasing options on the market, but they will last a long time. With daily use – sometimes multiple times a day – durability matters when it comes to your faucet.

A Brief History of Moen

While Moen has not been around nearly as long as Kohler has, they have spent several decades in the market. Moen, in contrast to Kohler, focuses almost exclusively on faucets. That can be important to consumers. Knowing that a certain brand puts its livelihood into a specific product can provide peace of mind.

Moen is also one of the most popular brands on the market today for faucet offerings. They also tend to have a much larger offering of faucet types available than Kohler. Moen is also great at producing beautiful, high-end finishes for bathrooms and kitchens.

The Differences Between Kohler and Moen

Now that we have a brief overview of the company histories, we need to look into the actual differences between the two. The 10,000-foot view is that Kohler makes more durable products, but Moen makes better finishes and has a wider array of products.

But let’s get a bit more granular. Really, the comparison comes down to a few essential topics. This comparison will look at the product range, the finishes, the sensor technology, spray patterns, price range, and warranty.

Each of these factors will help you to determine whether a Kohler or Moen faucet is the best fit for your bathroom or kitchen.

Product Offerings

An important factor when choosing between two brands is their product range. Just how many offerings does each have? Are you restricted to just a few choices or will you have a wide selection to choose from?

Kitchen and bathroom. The good news is that both Kohler and Moen both have quite a bit of offerings. Even better news, they have products for both bathroom and kitchen faucets. They have a wide selection when it comes to touchless, pull-down faucets, center set, widespread, regular, and so much more.

Different styles. Both companies also offer a wide selection choice for styles. You can find contemporary, traditional, and a mix of both from either company. Each of the style types comes in different finishes so that you can pair up with whatever your aesthetic is.

The edge: Moen. This is what Moen does. While Kohler has a ton of options, Moen has more. For selection choices, there is no matching Moen.


The finishes are a little less comprehensive than the overall product offerings. Still, both companies are known to offer quality in their finishes. Moreover, both tend to be durable and last for a long time to come.

Corrosion-resistant. The big selling point for each of them is that they are resistant to both discoloration and corrosion. That means whichever fixture you choose you can be certain that it will look shiny and new without the fear of corrosion from everyday use.

Slight edge: Moen. Moen gets the slight nod here for one reason: Spot Resist. Their spot resist faucets resist not only water spots but fingerprints as well. That means less time spent cleaning your fixtures after frequent usage. Huge for neat freaks.

Sensor Technology

There is a shift to touchless technology with faucets. We see them most commonly in public restrooms, but they are becoming more commonplace in homes as well. Sometimes you just do not have a free hand available to work the faucet, in which case the sensor technology can come in handy.

Moen. Moen’s sensor technology is known as MotionSense. Moen’s line also has either one sensor or a pair of sensors, one at the base and one at the spout. All you do is wave your hand to start it and then again to stop use. The dual sensors in particular makes it easy to use even when your hands are too filthy to touch anything.

Kohler. Kohler’s sensor technology is known as Response. Like the Moen sensor, you can turn it either on or off with the wave of a hand. The one thing that stands out is that Kohler has an automatic shutoff. If you walk away without shutting off the water, it will stop after 4 minutes.

Edge: Kohler. Though you likely won’t need the automatic shutoff, it does come in handy. Never worry about whether you shut off your Kohler faucet because it will do so after 4 minutes tops.

Spray Patterns

Though it may not seemingly matter, spray patterns are important. Whether or not you have a personal preference, they can matter in the kitchen especially. More powerful spray patterns are great for getting stuck-on foodstuffs and other debris.

Moen. Each Moen faucet has the Boosted Spray, Boosted Stream, and Power Clean options. The latter is great for a more concentrated, powerful spray. Even better, it is focused enough that you don’t have to worry about a mess.

The Boosted options are good for kitchen sinks in particular. They provider a faster, more concentrated stream of water. Those are great for filling containers up quickly and easily without splashing all over the sink.

Kohler. Meanwhile, Kohler’s faucets have a wider array of spray patterns. They have Ring Spray, Berrysoft, Sweep, and Boost. The latter in particular has an increase in flow rate, allowing for faster filling of containers.

Sweep has an angled nozzle to it to provide a more forceful stream, great for getting particularly annoying stains or foodstuffs off. Finally, the Berrysoft has a lighter stream than normal. If you need to wash fruits or vegetables, this stream won’t damage or bruise them.

Edge: Kohler. While they are pretty similar in the stream options, Kohler’s reduced stream is really helpful when washing food. No more damaged fruits and vegetables from an overly aggressive stream.


It can be somewhat difficult to compare design unless you are getting down to a product vs product comparison. That said, there are some obvious differences between the two that help consumers get a better understanding.

Kohler. When it comes down to style and design, Kohler puts a priority on durability and functionality more than anything else. Sure, there are some shiny finishes, but they are more about holding up to repeated use than anything else. If you want corrosion, tarnishing, and discoloration resistance, however, Kohler is your brand.

Moen. Moen tends to focus more on aesthetics. That is evident in some of the spot-free finishes that they offer. Moreover, they have literally hundreds of models out there with some really standing out in terms of appearance.

If aesthetics is more your concern, Moen is a great way to go. They’re durable and definitely not fragile, either. For durable but good-looking options, Moen is definitely the choice. You will find that both share a lot of similarities in terms of their finish offerings, so it is not like the difference is night and day. Besides, personal preference trumps all.

Price Range

This is probably the most important factor to a lot of consumers. Like it or not, budgets are a real thing and have to be maintained. As much as we would like to buy the best of everything, that is not always a realistic endeavor.

Moen. Given their wider range of products, Moen also tends to have slightly cheaper offerings. Their better products will definitely cost you, but if you are on a budget, there are choices. Moen really makes a range that appeals to all budgets, allowing for ideal durability and finishes regardless of your price range.

Kohler. Kohler, in general, tends to be the more expensive brand between the two. Kohler prides itself on making highly durable, long-lasting products regardless of the field. They have been producing plumbing products for over a century, too. That brand recognition comes at a cost more often than not.

That said, Kohler’s high price point is something of an investment. They focus quite a bit on resistant-to-wear and durable faucets. So, if you want to have a faucet that will last a good, long time then Kohler is probably the way to go. After all, you won’t have to replace it for a long time, saving you money in the long-run.

Edge: Draw. This one comes down to what you are looking to spend and what you are hoping to get out of your faucet. If you are looking more towards the aesthetic and your budget, Moen is probably the better choice. But if you are going with a higher-quality fixture, then you are better off with Kohler.


Like any other fixture you buy, the warranty is important. Despite reputations and overall quality, things can and do go wrong. That is why having a warranty is so important. It keeps you covered in the event that the product is defective in any way.

Limited warranties. Both Kohler and Moen are similar in terms of their warranty. Both of them offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of their faucets. That won’t cover everything, but it will leave you more covered than if you negated the warranty altogether.

Customer service. The good thing to note is that both companies have an excellent reputation for customer service. So, if you do run into an issue with your faucet from either company, you can rest easy knowing it won’t be a hassle to get someone on the phone. These faucets are built to stand the test of time, so you likely won’t even need the warranty. But knowing that you are covered and can get to customer service makes the purchase an easier one.

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Moen vs. Kohler: What is the Verdict?

Though it may be frustrating to read, it is difficult to come to a decisive winner. What it ultimately comes down to is personal preference. There are definite benefits and downsides to each of their offerings though neither is distinctly better than the other.

Kohler. The Kohler line of faucets is likely to be more expensive. That is because they are built to last and stand up to the regular use that you will be imposing on them. Moreover, Kohler has been in the plumbing business a long time and knows what they are doing.

Kohler will feature resistance to both discoloration and corrosion, major selling points from a durability standpoint. If you are looking to invest in a faucet that will stand the test of time, then you need to look no further than Kohler.

Moen. Still, Moen specializes in faucets. It is kind of their bread and butter. They offer a wider array of products to choose from, giving homeowners greater versatility. Moreover, they tend to have a much better array of higher-end finishes that can bring a touch of luxury for a lesser cost than some of the other high-end makers.

It all comes down to what you are willing it spend and what you are looking for. If you want something that looks a bit better or want to have access to a better range of selections, Moen is the way to go. But if you value durability and longevity, Kohler will be the choice for you.

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