What Are The Top 6 Electrostatic Speaker Brands?

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People serious about sound are also the kinds of people who look for the most popular electrostatic speaker brands. And when it comes to speakers, electrostatic speakers are an animal of a somewhat different nature. Much of that nature, so to speak, can be witnessed in the design of the speaker.

Electrostatic speakers use a wide or large yet very thin area as the surface diaphragm. The big upside to electrostatic speakers is their ability to broadcast sound with exceptional clarity.

The most popular electrostatic speaker brands are MartinLogan, Bose, SYSTECH, Quad, Sony, and Magnepan. This list of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands is in no particular order or preference. These popular speaker brands are also respected companies that provide reliable speakers in addition to exceptional clarity and sound.

The difference between speakers and speaker systems can be dramatic. Those differences can be heard in areas like the volume and in the quality and clarity of the speakers. That is also why people who are serious about getting the highest quality sound look for the most popular electrostatic speaker brands. Although electrostatic speakers will cost more, and considerably so in some cases, there is no disputing the quality, clarity, and reasons for choosing electrostatic speakers.

One way to determine how good a product or brand is, and especially when it comes to sound, is to gauge the popularity of those brands. When something sounds good, people can hear it. Here are some of the brands people are listening to today and the most popular electrostatic speaker brands on the market.

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1. MartinLogan

The MartinLogan brand is a bit of an oddity in that it doesn’t necessarily have the notoriety as some of the other electrostatic speaker brands. What makes that a bit peculiar, is that by many experts and general consensus MartinLogan is or is one of the leading manufacturers of electrostatic speakers and systems. MartinLogan is also a bit of a rare bird too in that it is one of the few leading American companies in the arena of electronics.

It also isn’t that MartinLogan isn’t one of the popular electrostatic speaker brands, only that in terms of being recognized as household names like Sony or Bose, MartinLogan may not be as quickly recognizable. In the world of sound though, not only is MartinLogan accepted, but also a preferred brand.

Recently this popular electrostatic speaker brand released a new series and line of speakers, the Electro Motion series. In addition to the patented MartinLogan sound, these speakers will also include its proprietary Folded Motion drivers and more. MartinLogan may not be as popular as some of the conglomerate brands, but for those in the know and in the industry, it is one of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands.

2. Bose

The Bose brand is one of the most recognizable names in sound in the world. And it is also one of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands. The Bose brand was built on a simple premise, to promote and make better sound, period. That has led to the Bose brand becoming a recognized leader in both quality and clarity, and nothing sounds as clear as electrostatic speakers. The Bose brand also has an entire department and team of engineers, researchers, developers, and sound experts who are constantly pushing the envelope.

It is also that dedication and commitment to always searching and striving for better sound that has made Bose globally recognized. And when it comes to more high-end equipment and speakers like electrostatics, Bose is a brand people turn to. Bose also shares the same honor as MartinLogan in being a leading US-based business in the electronics industry. And Bose has come a long way since it began as a two-man operation in Natick, MA.

In homes, for events, and for countless professional demands of music, stage, and screen, Bose can be found on the job and up to the task. If it is the most popular electrostatic speaker brands, and one of the industry’s most prominent companies you want, Bose qualifies.


Arguably, SYSTECH might be the least well-known of all the popular electrostatic brands. Also, in much the same way the LoganMartin brand is, SYSTECH is a highly recognized company in the industry. And SYSTECH is respected for its dedication, integrity, and its efforts to be a client-first business. That focus and dedication are also why many professionals look to SYSTECH for customized audio solutions, including electrostatic speakers.

The SYSTECH brand also has its roots in the security field, which has led to more involvement in audio-related areas such as public address systems and broadcasting and studio applications. SYSTECH also offers consultation services and exhibits its client-first approach by offering a full range and boutique of sound services.

SYSTECH ME (Middle East) is also the most well-known sound and audio expert in the Middle East. Another accolade for this leading speaker brand is the recognition received internationally for collaborations on many big-scale projects. For companies, productions, and industry professionals seeking a top electrostatic speaker brand, SYSTECH could be a tailor-made solution.

4. Quad

Another one of the more recognized names by industry professionals is Quad. And that recognition has also led to Quad becoming one of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands for people who seek the highest quality sound. For more than 50 years Quad has delivered speakers that have made this U.K.-based company heard. Quad is most commonly noted for its ability to produce speakers that deliver incredible bass and amazing mid and high-range clarity.

Another area where the Quad brand has delivered is in size. Electrostatic speakers are larger than most traditional speakers. Quad is known for manufacturing top-of-the-line electrostatic speakers that are smaller and require less space. That is also another reason why Quad has been and remains one of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands for decades.

The other benefit that Quad electrostatic speakers offer is that they aren’t only smaller, but are a little more affordable than some of the other popular electrostatic speaker brands too. Big or small, however, Quad is another popular electrostatic brand that can be counted on to be heard with crystal clear precision.

5. Sony

The Sony brand isn’t only one of the most recognizable names in the world of electrostatic speakers, but Sony is one of the most well-known brands in the world. What many people may not be aware of, however, is how the world-famous and globally-recognized Sony brand began. The first Sony product to hit the market was a transistor radio in 1955.

So, to say that Sony began with sound would be an understatement. Today, it is no secret that Sony is not only a leader but an electronics giant producing not only speakers, but televisions, gaming systems, computers, and much more.

It didn’t take the Sony brand long to catch fire as history records it, and from starting with that radio and producing 100,000 units to manufacturing 5 million by the late 60s, we know the rest of the story. That history is important too. It means that anyone looking for popular electrostatic speaker brands can rely on and trust a company like Sony. And the Sony quality and the clarity of its electrostatic speakers is, of course, Sony-great.

While Sony also made some waves in the market by offering affordable electronics, customers should still expect typical electrostatic speaker prices for its high-end equipment. The good news is, Sony’s customers can also always expect the reliability, quality, and clarity that comes with Sony products. And that sounds even better on electrostatic speakers.

6. Magnepan

Another one of the popular electrostatic speaker brands, Magnepan, may not be an electrostatic speaker by definition, but a type of electrostatic speaker. The big difference with the Magnepan speakers is that they have thin aluminum ribbons (via ribbon-style speakers) but are similar in layout to electrostatic speakers. The big argument here is that Magnepan speakers use magnetic fields as opposed to electrostatic fields.

Regardless of the specifics or particulars, Magnepan is often considered one of the most popular speaker brands as a result of the clarity and quality of sound they produce. Fortunately, for those who are more concerned about the quality, reliability, and clarity of their speakers, the semantics matter very little. What does matter though, is great sound.

When it comes to sound and speakers, there is very little comparison to the clarity and quality of electrostatic speakers. Even if they may not be by the letter of description, electrostatic speakers. And for customers who use Magnepan like so many others, what they hear drowns out any noise about technicalities. That means that if you are looking for the highest quality of sound you can get, and you are looking for some of the most popular electrostatic speaker brands, Magnepan deserves a nod.

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