What Are The Top 6 Reverse Osmosis Water Brands?

everse Osmosis Water Brands

There are hundreds of millions of people, just in America alone, that drink water every day. While the majority of those people get their water from the tap, many choose even safer drinking water options. In particular, those people look for reverse osmosis water brands to ensure the safest and best possible drinking water. The solute parts of water such as sodium, nitrates, chlorine, and other contaminants are filtered out using the reverse osmosis process.

The most popular reverse osmosis water brands are Aquafina, Propel, Arrowhead, Dasani, Penta, and Nestle. This list of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands follows no particular order or preference. These popular drinking water brands are also respected companies that provide refreshing and safe drinking water for millions every day.

Water isn’t only the most popular beverage in the world, and it is more than refreshing and necessary too. Move over fish, because water is also considered good for the brain. Did you know that brain tissue is composed of nearly 80% water? So, maybe it is smart to not only drink water, like the 13 suggested cups for men or 9 cups for women but to also drink the best quality of water we can?

And this knowledge also helps explain the success of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands.

There is nothing quite as refreshing as water and there isn’t anything our bodies need more often. Now, without further ado, here are some of the most popular water brands that also use the reverse osmosis process.

1. Aquafina

As one of the most recognized names in drinking water, Aquafina has built a reputation by providing a reliable and trusted drinking water option. Aquafina is affordable bottled drinking water that can be found all across the country and in stores everywhere. In addition to offering great taste and a trusted name in water, Aquafina also uses a very thorough process to make its bottled water.

Aquafina employs an ozonation process, along with its refined reverse osmosis process to produce the kind of bottled water that has made Aquafina a household name. This popular water brand didn’t stop there, however, and also adds additional filtration processes to remove trace elements.

Customers of this trusted water brand will also be happy to know that Aquafina is also a company working to reduce its carbon footprint. One way Aquafina does this is by offering its water in recycled aluminum cans in addition to its traditional plastic bottles. And that is just one more good reason to consider Aquafina as one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands.

2. Propel

Much like the aforementioned brand Aquafina, Propel is also a common name in the world of bottled water. Propel can also be found on shelves and in homes everywhere today, and is easily one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands on the market. And yes, also like the other top reverse osmosis water brands, Propel uses a proven and effective process to bottle its water.

The advanced water treatment process used by Propel goes far beyond using an effect reverse osmosis process. Propel also utilizes a thorough secondary filtration system, along with an ozonation process. And to complete the process, the Propel bottling system includes the addition of electrolytes to its water to promote hydration.

Propel is also a favorite for those in the world of fitness as a result of its solid pH levels in addition to having Vitamins B, B6, and E. From offering a great tasting and clean water to providing a beverage ideal for workouts and to rehydrate, Propel does exactly that. And these are the reasons why it is one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands too.

3. Arrowhead

Another one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands, Arrowhead, doesn’t have quite the name recognition as some of the other popular reverse osmosis water brands. Yet, for those seeking a good reverse osmosis water brand, Arrowhead is not only popular but also a trusted, reliable, and an excellent option for bottled drinking water. Arrowhead, however, as a water cooler provider is virtually a household name. Yes, that Arrowhead, and they make bottled water too.

This popular water cooler and bottled water provider uses a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water purification process. That process also includes the addition of fluoride and minerals. Then, to complete the water bottling process Arrowhead adds micro filtration along with a UV disinfection process. The result is water that is ensured to be fresh and that tastes great.

It is worth noting here for those that are seeking only reverse osmosis water brands, that it is the Arrowhead Fluoridated Water line that uses this process. The other Arrowhead water products use filtration systems but do not include the specialized reverse osmosis process. And like all of its packaged water products, Arrowheads reverse osmosis bottled water is a trusted, refreshing, and safe choice for bottled water.

4. Dasani

Part of the Nestle family, the Dasani reverse osmosis water brand is another one of those household names when it comes to bottled drinking water. And there are many good reasons for that. In addition to being a subsidiary of Nestle, the Dasani water brand offers one of the highest-quality waters available on the market. Dasani has also earned its reputation as one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands by using an intense water purification system.

When it is all said and done, Dasani water is put through a filtration system process that involves twelve separate steps. These include processes such as demineralizations, microfiltration, and others. The result, of course, is the amazing Dasani product that can be found in stores and refrigerators, and homes everywhere.

Dasani also offers customers options such as resealable bottles, and proudly claims its bottles to be BPA-free. This is also a popular brand for flavored waters, in addition to being one of the most popular reverse osmosis water brands. Dasani is a name synonymous with good and safe drinking water, and a name that signifies the quality of its parent company, Nestle.

5. Penta Ultra-Purified Water

While the Penta bottled water brand may not be as well known as some of the other popular water osmosis brands, the Penta Ultra-Purified Water line brand is a hit for customers. Those customers are typically people who are serious about three things, taste, safety, and health. And those are the three aspects that make Penta Ultra one of the top and most popular reverse osmosis water brands.

The quality of the Penta bottling process can even be seen in how that process is powered. Penta uses a solar-powered system to help protect the environment in its bottling system. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a company serious about delivering a seriously good reverse osmosis water brand.

The water purification process used by Penta is generally deemed to be more involved, resulting in water with even fewer impurities. That might also mean paying a little more for this popular reverse osmosis water brand. For those serious about health and getting the highest quality, what they give isn’t nearly as much as what they get out of every bottle of Penta’s reverse osmosis bottled water.

6. Nestle Pure Life

Arguably the most popular brand name on the list, and one of the most recognized names in many product categories, Nestle is also renowned for its bottled water line. Nestle Pure Life, Nestle’s reverse osmosis water brand is not only well-known but enjoyed by millions everywhere.

Most won’t even need an introduction to this popular bottled water brand and are familiar with its crisp, clean, and fresh taste. What many people probably aren’t as familiar with, however, are the involved and extensive steps this trusted brand uses to deliver it popular bottled water.

That filtration process is a twelve-step system used to purify the water, in addition to adding valuable minerals and vitamins. The result of these efforts from Nestle look and tastes like its beloved Nestle Pure Life bottled water line. There is a reason the Nestle company has become such a popular and trusted brand, and those reasons can be tasted and enjoyed in every sip of its Nestle Pure Life bottled water.

It is also worth noting here that the Nestle Pure Life brand does not source its water from springs. This is also another reason for the extensive filtration and reverses the osmosis system used to produce Nestle Pure Life bottled water.

We don’t always think about the water we drink, but when we do it is good to know that there are companies like Nestle going the extra mile. There are also some other good reverse osmosis bottled water brands available too. The important thing is to understand what you are getting, and what you aren’t getting.

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