Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains? (Find Out Now!)

Kerry Souder
by Kerry Souder

For eco-conscious buyers, bamboo toilet paper is a fantastic alternative to normal toilet paper. It’s made from a renewable material that is still soft and strong, making it virtually the same as regular toilet paper but with even more benefits! This begs the question: can bamboo toilet paper block drains?

The answer: bamboo toilet paper will not clog your toilet any more than regular toilet paper. The only reason it should block your drains is due to using thick toilet paper or simply too much toilet paper at once, having a preexisting clog somewhere in your system, or dealing with an existing low flow toilet issue.

So, is bamboo toilet paper as good as it seems? We are venturing to say yes! However, that does not make it the perfect solution. Let’s read on to learn more about it.

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How Do You Make Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is actually manufactured similarly to regular toilet paper. The main difference between the two is their actual make up. Manufacturers use wood chips or recycled paper for regular toilet paper. Bamboo replaces these materials instead. First, manufacturers break down bamboo plants and add the fibers into a mixture, transforming it into a bamboo pulp.

Then, they will soak, press, and form that bamboo pulp into paper. The next step is to dry these long sheets of paper and then toll them into long longs of toilet paper. Manufacturers then cut these logs into rolls, package them, and sell them.

Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo is an incredible resource that is rising in popularity due to its overall positive impact on the environment, plumbing systems, and you yourself! Here are some of the top benefits of using bamboo toilet paper over regular toilet paper:

  • Sustainable and Renewable
  • Breaks Down Easily
  • Strong and Soft
  • Chemical-Free
  • Uses Less Water and Land
  • Better on Animal Habitats

The Downfall of Bamboo

Even though bamboo is a fantastic renewable resource, it does come with its pitfalls. The main negative impact falls on hardwood forests. With the increase of bamboo products, people are cutting down more trees to make room for bigger bamboo plantations. Additionally, we import the majority of bamboo from Asia, which takes its toll on the environment over time.

What Causes Toilet Paper Clogs

When toilet paper does clog your drain, it’s usually because something else is going on. Knowing the issue is the only way to know how to fix it, so if you suspect you have a clog, here’s what you should ask yourself:

Did I Flush Too Much Toilet Paper at Once?

One of the most common causes of a toilet clog is flushing too much toilet paper at once. It’s true that toilet paper is supposed to dissolve once submerged in water, but too much at once can easily block your toilet draining system.

Is My Toilet Paper Ultra-Thick?

Two-ply toilet paper seems like the better option because it is soft and comfortable, but it’s also a huge clog risk. However, that doesn’t mean you have to default to scratchy one-ply rolls. Bamboo is a great in between because it is comfortable without being too thick.

Has my Toilet been Flushing Slowly?

If your toilet has been flushing more slowly as of late, it may be a sign that a clog has already been forming. Clogs in your toilet usually form in the toilet trap, the vent, or the sewer line.

Usually, they start due to someone flushing non-flushable items like facial wipes, condoms, paper towels, and tissues. It’s only after more toilet paper goes down the drain and the blockage grows that it can become noticeable. Here are some common signs of clogs:

  • Trap clogs: Your toilet trap exists to stop items from flowing further down the pipe to cause clogs deeper in the sewer line. If something is going to clog, this is the first place it will do so.
  • Vent clogs: Toilet vents allow fresh air into plumbing lines. When they are clogged, you may begin to notice your toilet gurgling, sewer smells, and slow draining.
  • Sewer line clogs: If material passes far enough through your system, it can cause clogs deep in the sewer line. These are usually more serious and require a professional plumber.

Does My Toilet Have Existing Low Flow Issues?

Low-flow toilets are great for saving water, but they are also more prone to clogging. This is because it doesn’t have the pressure to push waste material all the way through the drain 100% of the time. Once lodged in the pipes, these materials will start to form a clog. Without a stronger flush, those clogs probably won’t go away on their own.

Related Questions

Where does bamboo grow?

For millions of years, bamboo has been growing on five continents: Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. It can grow in both tropical and subtropical regions and is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, growing up to 35 inches a day.

How much toilet paper should I use after peeing?

You really only need a few squares of toilet paper after peeing. However, most people use way more than that at a time, which is wasteful and can cause clogs.

What is recycled toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from post-consumer recycled content (PCR). This is basically just another way of saying paper that was once used in homes and offices that is now being turned into toilet paper.

Do You Need to Hire a Plumber?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Final Thought on Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is a fantastic alternative to regular toilet paper in terms of eco-friendliness and ease on your plumbing system. That said, bamboo is not 100% perfect. It still can have a negative impact on the environment, but it’s not nearly as much as regular toilet paper products.

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