Dacor Vs. Wolf: Which Range Over Is Better?

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by Ryan Womeldorf

The kitchen can be a haven, a welcoming room that can host everyone from you to friends, family, and welcome guests. There are plenty of aspects to a great kitchen but the range oven may be one of the most important there is.

You may find yourself choosing between Dacor and Wolf ranges. What is the difference? Which one should you be adding to your home? Dacor has ultramodern offerings with tons of features, all at a fairly affordable rate. But Wolf has the most durable, sturdy ranges out there.

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Dacor has been around for decades, though they were purchased by Samsung in 2016. If anything, that should demonstrate the level of quality that they bring to the table. Dacor currently operates out of their California office, though they still adhere to the same values that have made them a top appliance company.

They still make their products in the United States, so the Samsung takeover has done little to dilute their quality. If anything, it has given Dacor a greater distribution chain to work with, making it a more recognizable brand.

Tons of Features

Dacor prides itself on being an ultramodern brand. When you purchase a range from Dacor, you will have no shortage of features to work with. That not only tends to make cooking a whole lot easier, but a lot more fun, too.

One of their modern features is the Discovery IQ line. They have advanced guided cooking features that can have you cooking like a professional in no time flat. You will find yourself practicing new recipes on your range that you would not have dreamed of doing with another type of range.


Dacor is also one of the most durable brands out there. With stainless steel construction, they are built to last you a long time. You could opt to go with a more cost-effective option but will need to replace it several times over before needing to replace your Dacor range.

People who spend a lot of time in the kitchen will find the investment in a Dacor range to be a worthwhile one. The features alone make it worth the cost but knowing that it will hold up for a long time make it even better.

Wide Selection

The great thing about Dacor is not the durability. It isn’t the stainless steel construction. It isn’t even the plethora of features that each of their models comes with. While all of those are great, it is the selection that is perhaps the best aspect of Dacor ovens.

Dacor has a ton of options available, ranging from standard ovens to huge double wide ovens that accommodate a more professional output. For burgeoning professionals, Dacor ranges can offer a huge space and array of functionality.

Most standard manufacturers are not going to offer ovens in the 48” range with side-by-side doors for baking included. That level of flexibility is something that makes Dacor stand out.


The major downside for Dacor ovens, if there is one, is the price. Simply put you are not paying for some low-quality oven here. The stainless steel construction and a plethora of options should be a good indication of that.

You can safely expect to pay in excess of $2,500 for a standard 30” range from Dacor. That is due not only to the modern features but the stainless steel construction that is both ultramodern and ultra-durable.

When you branch out to the more professional options, the costs only spike. For one of the dual-door options, you can safely expect to spend $8,000 to $15,000 depending on the one you choose and the features that come with it. It is a hefty investment, to say the least.


Wolf specializes in ovens, ranges, microwaves, coffee systems, and so much more. Wolf is actually a subsidiary of Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero is based out of Fitchburg, Wisconsin and makes a huge array of kitchen appliances.


One of the calling cards of Wolf is the absolutely amazing build quality. There is one thing that you do not have to worry about when purchasing a Wolf range and that is the quality. They stand up to frequent usage and hold up against the rigors of time.

Wolf is capable of cooking meals at high heat all day and will continue to do so for years to come without experiencing any issues. They are built of the utmost quality and meant to last you a long, long time.

High BTU Range

The best of the best ranges will have a higher BTU output. Simply put that means that it can cook at higher, more even-quality heats than some of the other ranges out there. For those that do a ton of cooking, you know how important it is to get even cooks at max heat.

Their oven line boasts an 18,000 BTU infrared boil and a whopping 30,000 BTU bake. That is more than enough power to use both racks all day long if need be. This is the kind of oven that burgeoning professionals working out of their homes would love.

Large Oven Capacity

While having a ton of BTU is certainly great, it doesn’t matter if you are limited on rack space inside the oven. Wolf is not shy about delivering a larger oven cavity in their line of ovens, making it great for larger cooking jobs.

Even the smallest offering from wolf comes in a 30-inch oven size. The 30-inch variety can handle things like a Thanksgiving turkey with little to no issue. If that isn’t big enough, there are the 36-inch options with a massive 5.5 cubic foot space.

With Wolf ranges, you can cook just about anything that you can think of and in multiples to boot. You will never run into cooking capacity issues when you choose a Wolf range.

Soft Motion Door

Wolf has a damper and spring door system that keeps it from snapping open or closed at a moment’s notice. If done too many times to another oven, you could wind up with a door that fails to work properly if it does so at all.

More importantly, the soft door system is probably best in homes that have children. When kids are small, they get into everything. Knowing that they won’t be able to slam the range door on themselves is hugely important as far as safety.


Like Dacor, the cost of Wolf ranges are higher than most of the other popular brands out there. The difference is that they are of a much higher quality than the big box store brands. Keep that in mind should you opt for the cheaper choice.

Their 36” ranges, one of their standard offerings, can cost well over $3,000. Like Dacor, they also offer a plethora of choices that are more heavy-duty and versatile than your traditional range. The more features and the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be.

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What Makes for a Good Range?

Perhaps you are not quite sure what to look for out of a range oven. What even makes for a quality range to begin with? Here are a few important factors to consider before purchasing your next range oven.TypeThis is probably the most important factor. Freestanding are the most popular and commonly available. There are also slide-in ranges that are more customizable and provide that high-end built-in look. The latter have no back panel, which allows you to showcase the backsplash.SizeThe standard size for gas and electric ranges is about 30”. Pro-style ranges will start there but can get all the way up to 48”. You can even custom-configure those with additional ovens or burners depending on your needs. At-home caterers, for instance, would probably want something bigger to accommodate their workload.CapacitySpeaking of workload, capacity can make a huge difference whether working or entertaining. Oven space is the space that is actually usable; that includes rack space and even the space below the rack. Ranges can go from about 2 cubic feet all the way up to 4 cubic feet for the professional offerings.

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Wolf vs. Dacor: What’s the Choice?

The kind of range that you choose comes down to personal needs. Standard kitchens can get by with some of the limitations that a professional baker or caterer could not, for instance.

The better overall quality likely goes to Wolf. They are highly durable and reliable ranges that are meant to stand up to heavy use over time. The costs are higher than most of the other brands out there but more than worth it based on the quality of product that you are getting back.

Dacor is no slouch, however. It too is a highly reliable range that comes with an ultramodern stainless steel case. Dacor ranges also come with several different features to appeal to those who enjoy the modern cook style.

Really, you cannot go wrong with either brand. Wolf’s high price tag may be a bit more difficult to justify for the more casual among us. But if you plan on using your oven frequently, day after day, then Wolf is probably the superior option.

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