Can You Put Patio Furniture on Grass?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

The best part of your home may be the patio and enjoying the outside on cool summer days. You can decorate your patio however you like and buy versatile patio furniture to complement your style. But what if you don’t have a suitable patio? Can you put patio furniture on your grass?

You shouldn’t put patio furniture on your grass; it could kill your grass or cause uneven turf. Placing your patio furniture on your grass could also damage the furniture. To protect your furniture and grass, you can put down pavers, various types of gravel, or wood decking. You can also create a temporary surface with a tarp or outdoor rug.

The most common reason people buy patio furniture and place it on grass is that creating a patio can be expensive. Patio pavers, wooden decks, and cement slabs can get pricey. It’s easier to achieve a dreamy outdoor getaway if you just put the furniture directly on the grass. But it’s not the best idea.

Why Shouldn’t You Put Patio Furniture on Grass?

There are undoubtedly many people who are avid gardeners and love to see their lawns flourish. Grass is sensitive, and certain grasses are not hardy; simply stepping on it crushes it. Therefore, placing your patio furniture directly on your grass can do more damage than you think.

No matter the size, weight, or design, your furniture can damage your grass. You may even notice your lawn is uneven, causing your furniture to not sit right or become ruined. There are various scenarios as to what can happen to your grass.

The Furniture Damages the Grass

Placing your patio furniture on the grass can actually kill or cause your grass to grow unevenly. Grass is sensitive to heat, water, and pressure, and if you place your furniture on grass, you’ll see a change. The grass underneath your furniture will die off from lack of sunlight and water and cause bald spots.

Quite often, grass will grow around the furniture, still causing bald or dead spots. If you place your furniture directly on the grass without any patio or stone, your furniture may cause holes. The pressure from a table, chair, couch, or swing can cause indentations in your lawn over time.

Along with holes, you will find that you will uproot patches once you move your furniture or put it away. If the legs of furniture sit too long in one place and dig into the ground, the grass will grow around it. This will cause you to pull out patches and chunks of grass when you move it.

Grass Can Provide an Uneven Surface for Patio Furniture

Your lawn and grass are actually not as hard or thick as you might think. When you put your patio furniture on your grass, you will find that it may sit unevenly because the grass is soft. It is a problem you likely won’t quickly notice until you place a heavy object or piece of furniture on top.

Most chairs or patio furniture is metal, wood, or PVC, and when you sit on it, the legs will buckle. You will notice that sitting in it will cause your patio furniture to shift and sink. This quality will give you the feeling of uneven sitting, or your table may tilt a bit.

As stated before, the legs digging into the ground will also kill your grass off. Additionally, your furniture can become worn or uneven. The resulting look could ruin the aesthetic of your yard and change the dynamic of your space.

It Could Ruin Your Furniture

When placing your furniture on the grass, moisture is sure to follow. If it rains or you water your grass, your furniture will get wet too, causing it to be compromised by the elements. Even if the manufacturer says that the patio furniture is weatherproof or waterproof, moisture can affect the build of your furniture.

If the legs of the furniture sit in the dirt or grass, they will begin to break, mold, and rot due to weather. Soil is naturally wet, and water tends to cling to or fill in gaps. Your patio furniture may be causing water to fill in where it shouldn’t.

Especially if your patio furniture is wooden or wicker, then it will begin to absorb moisture and become brittle. Over time, most furniture will wear and tear, and often, if it’s in your grass, there is no protection. Your furniture could pay the price for being in the grass as moisture and mildew take over.

What Can You Put Under Patio Furniture on Grass?

If you want to put patio furniture on your grass, then put down various surfaces to protect it. You can use pavers and stone products or even build a wooden deck to appease your needs. Protecting your grass may mean designing a spot designated purely for your patio furniture.

1. Pavers

Even though you may kill some grass, putting paver stones down is a great way to create a space. You can use the many designs and styles at your local home improvement store to create a paved stone porch. They are all fairly inexpensive, and it is an easy DIY project you can do.

When using pavers, you must be sure that your ground is level and flat. This step will ensure your pavers will not move or alter over time.

2. Gravel

You can buy something as simple as gravel or small stones to place within a border to make the perfect patio. Using small rocks will allow you to position and move your furniture where you like. You still need to clear the ground and level it for stones to work, but it is an easy task.

3. Wooden Deck

If your budget allows, adding a wooden deck or floating deck can work. Building a wooden deck will give you the stability and weatherproofing you may desire. You will need to use pressure-treated wood and make sure to build it on a level surface.

Therefore, to achieve a level deck surface, you need to ensure the ground is level.

4. Protect the Legs

If you’re short on time or budget, level the ground as much as possible. Next, place some stones or a paver under each furniture leg. At least it offers some protection between your furniture and the grass, and this small step will protect your patio furniture.

Temporary Surfaces for Patio Furniture on Grass

To avoid damaging your furniture, if you’re not worried about your grass — temporarily lay down a rug or tarp. This will give you the coverage you may need to place your furniture for a party or get-together. Laying down a temporary surface protects your furniture but may kill patches of grass.

Often, you will use your temporary tarp or rug for outdoor barbecues, weddings, or parties to create an atmosphere. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can avoid damaging or getting your furniture dirty. But it is still essential to have a level surface.

Make Sure the Ground Is Level

A level surface ensures that the tarp or rug will sit right on the grass. You may even pat down and put sand down to help you level your ground. This can be tedious but worth it to ensure your patio furniture sits just right.

A tent and temporary flooring are used if you have a big event planned. This is just as effective and can do the same thing, and usually, professionals will help with setup. They will ensure your yard is not fully compromised or damaged, and everything will be level.

Temporary surfaces can be an easy fix, but they may compromise your yard or a portion of grass. Just know what you want and where you plan to hold your next event.

Video: Installing Pavers on Grass

By watching and following this video, you will see how to lay out, dig out and place your pavers. Making sure to level the ground and know how you want your pavers to go is essential. Installing pavers is easy and can give you satisfaction when you see your finished product.

A Final Look at Putting Patio Furniture on Grass

Finally, knowing that putting your patio furniture directly on grass can cause your problems is half the battle. Patio furniture can and will kill patches of your grass if it is placed directly on your grass. It will not only destroy your grass, but it may uproot patches and cause your furniture damage.

To ensure that your furniture sits evenly, you will want to pick a part of your yard that is mostly level. If it is unlevel, it can cause your furniture to sit unevenly. Moisture from the grass and soil can damage the legs causing you to fix or replace your patio furniture.

You can make your outdoor space an oasis in the middle of suburbia. By using pavers, stones, or wood, you can level out your yard and make a patio section.

Make sure your outdoor space is ready for any occasion by using temporary flooring. An outdoor rug or tarp may do, but just be sure it is all level to enjoy your patio furniture.

Stacy Randall
Stacy Randall

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