Can You Use A Tarp To Cover Patio Furniture? (Find Out Now!)

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Patio furniture doesn’t necessarily make the patio, but a patio isn’t a patio without it. That also means if you have a patio, then, of course, you have patio furniture. That, in turn, results in the need to protect, preserve, and keep your patio furniture safe and looking great. Many people choose to store their patio furniture, while others may not have that option and choose to cover their patio furniture. So, the question is, can you use a tarp to cover your patio furniture?

Yes, tarps can be used to cover patio furniture. Tarps should be waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable. There are several good options for tarps, including polyethylene, vinyl, mesh, and canvas. Many people use tarps to protect patio furniture from harsh weather like snow and heat. Tarps also provide an affordable way to protect your patio furniture.

In many situations, using a tarp is not only the only best option, but the most practical one too. Many people live in regions where the weather is nice enough to allow people to use their patios throughout the year. In cases like these, using a tarp is not only a more practical option but a more cost-effective choice as well. And, for those folks considering using a tarp to cover their patio furniture, there are several options available.

The Different Types of Tarps

A tarp, also referred to as its unabbreviated name tarpaulin, is typically both water and fire-resistant. Like any purchase of any product, however, it is important to verify the quality and specifications of your tarp. Is the tarp constructed of plastic, polyethylene, cloth, or another material (e.g., polyester)?

Choosing the right tarp will be greatly dictated by your needs and what the purpose of the tarp is exactly. While most tarps will protect our furniture, there can be a big difference between getting too much or not enough. Here is a quick look at the different types of tarps and what you need to know when choosing a tarp to cover patio furniture.

Poly Tarps

When it comes to toughness, poly tarps are at the top of the list. Poly (polyethylene) tarps are also fire resistant, in addition to having their expected tear-resistant and waterproof qualities. These tarps are also strong enough to withstand the most inclement weather conditions. In most cases, these heavy-duty tarps are also treated with UV protection to prevent sun damage. That is also another a good feature for these versatile and tough tarps.

Although poly tarps are common commercial standards and a favorite for many industries for the typical homeowner needs, the poly tarp may be overkill. While that depends precisely on its use, with the expense and factors like ease of use or storage, there may be better options. Then again, if you want the ultimate in tarp protection, this one is tough to beat.

Vinyl Tarps

If vinyl tarps aren’t the most commonly sought tarps, they have to be close to the top of the list. That is partly because vinyl tarps come in a range of types covering everything from heavy-duty to light-duty. Not only are vinyl tarps one of the best-selling tarps, but they also provide the features that homeowners and people expect. That includes qualities such as being waterproof and fire-resistant, along with being affordable and easy to use.

Vinyl tarps can also be found in industries across the board, from machining and farming to construction and transportation. When it comes to toughness, vinyl tarps have been industry-proven. Although they don’t offer quite the level of tear-resistance as the poly tarp, they will suit the needs of most homeowners. Vinyl tarps also offer many color options, but features like those will be dependent on each manufacturer and distributor.

Mesh Tarps

Perhaps not as widely used, mesh tarps are one of the toughest tarps on the market and perhaps the only one that rivals poly tarps. That is also due in large part to the fact that mesh tarps are made using polypropylene. Yes, the primary poly tarp material. And with that also comes the same waterproof, tear, and flame resistant benefits that poly tarps offer.

These tarps are webbed with vinyl creating a unique balance and versatility, and a little bit of the best of both worlds. Like traditional vinyl tarps, mesh tarps also come in a range of types, from light to heavy-duty. Mesh tarps also offer more shade than their counterparts, making them ideal when protecting furniture or yourself from extreme heat.

Canvas Tarps

While many tarps offer excellent protection against weather, water, fire, and are often tear-resistant, Canvas tarps offer a unique quality the others typically don’t, breathability. The ability to allow for airflow also adds an extra layer of mold protection. Canvas tarps are recognized for their durability, but the one major concern is fire protection. Today, many canvas tarps are treated, but due to the inherently flammable nature of their material, they may not provide the strongest option in that department.

Many canvas tarps are also found in industries like oil and machinery, which attest to the strength of canvas tarps. The only other real consideration with canvas tarps is price, as they trend along the more expensive tarp options. Canvas tarps also are one of the easier tarps to work with from set up to tear down. They are also generally easier to work with when needing to add additional grommets and fasteners.

Heavy-Duty to Lightweight Tarps

There are a wide range of tarps to choose from, and many factors can determine the right tarp for the need. The good news is whatever the reason a tarp is needed, the chances are good that there is a tarp made that has you covered. Big, small, lightweight to heavy-duty or to cover your patio furniture or that piece of machinery, tarps provide smart and effective solutions.

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