Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass? (Find Out Now!)

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

You’re trying to come up with some beautiful patio ideas. But part of your design involves using an outdoor rug. So, can you put an indoor/outdoor rug on the grass? Or do you need to lay concrete or gravel? Here are the answers you need.

You can put outdoor rugs on grass, but you may kill the grass underneath. So, most homeowners install a concrete or gravel patio first. Then, they choose exterior carpeting to lay down over it. Either way, never use an indoor rug for outdoor decoration.

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What’s the Difference Between an Indoor Rug and an Outdoor Rug?

Patio furniture is expensive, and so are the accessories. But outdoor rugs usually don’t cost much more than indoor rugs. Many indoor carpets cost more because they have more refined stitching and more delicate materials. However, that’s not the only difference.

Rugs for the outside are also durable and easier to clean. That’s because manufacturers use washable materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Unlike indoor rugs, outdoor carpets last much longer in the rain.

DID YOU KNOW: You can buy indoor/outdoor carpeting to use in high-traffic areas.

Do Outdoor Rugs Get Ruined By the Rain?

Not all outdoor carpeting can withstand rain and snow. It all depends on which materials the rug manufacturer used. For example, jute rugs last a long time outside, but they might come unraveled without maintenance. So, always check the care instructions for specific information.

But what about indoor/outdoor rugs? Can they get wet? Most of the time, they can. However, carpets for either indoors or outdoors might feature materials that hold onto moisture. And that means your rugs could get moldy after a while.

DID YOU KNOW: Mold spores can make you sick if you inhale or ingest them.

Can an Outdoor Rug Get Moldy?

Outdoor rugs don’t usually get moldy because their materials wick away water, mold, and mildew. However, carpets with tight stitching or dense fabric may develop an issue over time. So, the best thing you can do is check the underlayment occasionally for signs of trouble. And if your outdoor carpeting becomes moldy or smells like mildew, try to wash it immediately.

DID YOU KNOW: You can use white vinegar, baking soda, or dish soap to get stains and mold out of your outdoor carpets.

What Can I Put Over Grass to Make a Patio?

If you don’t want to use a rug to cover up the grass in your yard, try something else. You can always create a concrete patio where you want to relax outside. Or lay down some patio gravel to assign a specific space for outdoor activities. Then, put a decorative outdoor rug over that.

Decorative rugs for outside are supposed to serve as an accent to your other furniture. But that means you don’t have to use one if it doesn’t suit your aesthetic. And you can always build a wooden deck over the grass if concrete pads, gravel patches, and pavers aren’t appealing enough.

TIP: Save your best outdoor carpets for covered porches that aren’t exposed to a lot of rain.

Can You Put an Outdoor Rug on Grass?

It’s okay to put a rug right on top of your grass. However, doing so might kill the foliage underneath. And if the sun can’t shine on the ground, the dirt may become a feeding ground for mildew and mold.

Also, it’s not a good idea to place outdoor rugs on grass that stays wet all the time. So, check the location and condition of your drainage system. Then, make sure it pulls enough moisture from the area you want to install the carpeting.

NOTE: If your property frequently floods, contact a licensed plumber for help.

Make a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

The outside of your home can look as beautiful as you want it, but you have to be careful with your patio decorations. Most outdoor rugs withstand all types of weather conditions. However, their durability depends on several factors. So, always check the care instructions and make sure your lawn is suitable for an outdoor rug.

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Related Questions

How Do You Get Mold Out of an Outdoor Rug?

Getting mold out of an outdoor rug isn’t always easy. That’s especially true if the mold growth is neglected or severe. But you can use common household ingredients to clean the spores and restore your favorite carpet.First, pour white vinegar directly onto the mold and let it sit for at least an hour. Then, add about a cup of vinegar to a large bucket of warm water and mix. After that, use the mixture to scrub any stubborn spots from your rug. And if all else fails, try power washing it or taking it to a professional carpet cleaner.

Can You Power Wash an Outdoor Carpet?

You can power wash many outdoor rugs, especially if they’re durable and rugged. However, you want to wash it on a flat or slanted surface, so the water doesn’t pool on your lawn. And try to use a high-quality washing machine that generates a lot of pressure but still allows you to adjust the settings.To wash an outdoor rug, lay it flat on the ground first. Then, apply any soaps or cleaning solutions you’ve chosen. Make sure your cleaning supplies are compatible with the carpet and let them sit on the surface for about 30-60 minutes. At 60 minutes, begin power washing on the lowest setting. You can always increase the pressure from there.

How Do You Keep Outdoor Rugs Clean?

You can keep outdoor rugs clean by washing them frequently with safe and effective detergents. In the meantime, sweep the surface to remove outside dirt and debris. Then, use a soft brush and soap mixture to scrub out stubborn stains. And if the stains won’t come out, reapply the soap, then let it sit for about 15 minutes before scrubbing again.

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