Can Any Microwave Be Mounted Under A Cabinet?

Can Any Microwave Be Mounted Under a Cabinet

Have you ever seen a microwave that you love, but been disappointed to find that it is a countertop microwave? Many homeowners are often disappointed and think that it’s not possible to mount the microwave that they want. 

Despite popular belief, a microwave doesn’t have to be a specific type in order for you to mount it. 

In fact, it is possible to mount any microwave under a cabinet. With the right equipment and some basic carpentry skills, you can mount any microwave you want. This includes microwaves that may have been meant to be countertop microwaves. 

This guide and knowledge base will give you the information that you need to mount any microwave under a cabinet. With our step-by-step guide and more information, you’ll be able to achieve the look you want with the microwave that you want. 

Benefits of Mounting Your Microwave

There are many reasons why it is so popular to want to mount your microwave. There are vast benefits from being able to mount your microwave. Here are some of the main benefits of being able to mount any microwave under a cabinet. 


Though it’s not as important from a functional standpoint, style does come into play. If you want your kitchen to look great, one thing that you can do is mount your microwave. When you mount your microwave, you are able to make it become a part of your kitchen cabinet design. 

Without a mounted microwave, you’ll have to resort to setting it on the counter. This can easily bring down the style of your kitchen. In many cases, mounting a microwave has been known to increase the value of the home by improving the kitchen. 

For certain styles, it is necessary to mount the microwave, especially if you want a more modern look. If you want to improve the look of your kitchen, mounting the microwave is certainly one way to do it. 


Another great benefit of mounting your microwave is that it creates more convenience for you and your family. Having a mounted microwave means that you won’t have to bend down to use the microwave. You can have the microwave at eye level to make it easier to use the device. 

This may seem minor, but for those that have trouble bending down it is a huge factor. In addition, it won’t be taking up counter space. This frees up more room to cook and do other things in your kitchen. 


A perhaps overlooked aspect of mounting your microwave is the cleanliness that it affords. 

A regular microwave that sits upon your countertop is hard to clean. This is because you have to move it to clean under it. You will also have to bend down and peer inside to clean the inside out. 

With a mounted microwave, you simply have to wipe down the front and inside. This is made much easier with the microwave being at eye level. If you want to make your cleaning life much easier, mourning your microwave is a great way to go. 

Steps to Mount Your Microwave Under Cabinets

If you are ready to learn about mounting your microwave under your kitchen cabinets, you are in the right place. This step-by-step guide will show you how to mount your microwave. With this information in hand, you can start enjoying all the benefits of a mounted microwave. 

Step One

The first step in this process is to pick a location for your microwave. You will want to pick cabinets that have enough space under them. 

The microwave will occupy anywhere from 12 inches to 20 inches of space typically. Make sure that the location that you choose is ideal for style and convenience. 

Step Two

Once you have your location selected, you will want to find the studs. You will need the studs to drill into. This ensures that your microwave stays in place and does not fall. For this step, you should use a stud finder device. 

This device can help you easily locate the studs that you will want to drill into. Mark the places where studs are with a pencil so you can find them later. 

Step Three

Identify the cabinet that you are going to mount under. Attach a 2-by-4 piece of wood to that cabinet. This will be used to provide support and stability for the microwave that you are installing. It’s important that you use 4-inch long screws for this task. 

Step Four

The mounting kit that you have chosen for your microwave should include a metal bracket. The place for this bracket is directly below the piece of wood that you placed in the step prior. 

You’ll want to make sure that the sections for the screws on the mounting plate line up over the marks you made for the studs. 

The reason that this is important is that you want to drill into the studs for more stability. Screwing into drywall alone often isn’t enough to hold a heavy microwave. Next, put the screws into the mounting plate and studs to secure the plate to the wall. 

Step Five

Most mounting kits will contain four brackets within. These brackets should be in the shape of an L. Two for the bottom and two for the top should be included. Attach with screws one to each corner. Make sure you attach the brackets to the correct location. 

These brackets will be the arms that hold the microwave in place by supporting it on the bottom and guiding it from above. Make sure that these are also screwed into the previously identified studs. 

Step Six

The final step is to insert the screws into the wooden board and the cabinets, securing them together. The wooden board will keep the microwave in place and secure. This is done after putting the microwave in place and against the mounting plate. 

Mounting Your Microwave: Preparation

If you hope to have success when mounting your microwave, you need to be prepared. This requires gathering all the necessary supplies and knowledge. With the right amount of preparation, your project will go well and without delay. 

Here are some of the supplies that you will need before you are able to mount your microwave successfully:

  • Powered drill
  • Stud finder
  • Screws
  • Mounting kit for your microwave

With these pieces of equipment, you can be sure that your mounting project will go smoothly. 

Related Questions

How do you mount a microwave without a cabinet?

There are mounting kits that will allow you to do this. Simply select a mounting kit that is the appropriate size for your microwave and you will be able to mount your microwave even without a cabinet. 

Can you hide a microwave in a cabinet?

Yes, you can do this. Although it may require some skill to do so. You will need to purchase a cabinet specifically for this or make one yourself. The alternative is that you create cabinet doors that close over your mounted microwave. 

Are all under cabinet microwaves the same size?

No, not all under cabinet microwaves are the same size. In fact, they come in many different sizes. This allows you some flexibility when choosing your microwave and designing your kitchen. 

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