What Are The 6 Best Neighborhoods In Plano, Texas?

Kirbee Anderson
by Kirbee Anderson

Plano, Texas has grown by ten percent in the last 10 years. People are moving to the area by leaps and bounds, and those unfamiliar with the area may be wondering why. Low cost of living, jobs, and a good quality of life in the Dallas Metro Area are just a few lures to Plano

Regardless of your budget, choosing one of these top Plano neighborhoods will ensure great access to the outdoors. Plano neighborhoods run the range from large, luxury estates down to more modest single-family homes in the low $300,000 range.

Read on to learn about some of the best and most popular neighborhoods for all lifestyles, budgets, and interests.

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The 6 Best Neighborhoods In Plano

When we think of the best neighborhoods, we often think that means the most expensive ones. Remember that the best neighborhood is the one that you can afford that best fits your needs.

Fortunately, home prices are much more affordable in Plano than in some other metro areas. Homebuyers and renters really do have an actual choice in finding the right fit for both their lifestyles and pocketbooks.

1. Kings Gate

  • Walk Score: 13
  • Bike Score: 40
  • Transit Score: 8

Everything is bigger in Texas, including lot sizes. Kings Gate is the best Plano neighborhood for luxury homes and large, private lots. Choose this neighborhood to take advantage of the wide-open spaces that Texas is known for.

This is a small, planned neighborhood of about only 50 homes. You may need to watch the market a while to wait for a home to come up in this neighborhood. Average home prices are in the $2 million and up range.

For that money, owners get lots from .7 acres up to 3 acres. Listings regularly feature 9-car garages and 8-bathroom homes. As the name suggests, Kings Gate is a gated, guarded community. Those boundaries keep the many neighborhood amenities for the exclusive use of residents.

Kings Gate has a private pond, greenbelts, and jogging and bike paths. To the south of the neighborhood is Arbor Hills Nature Preserve with 200 acres of open space.

2. Lakeside on Preston

  • Walk Score: 46
  • Bike Score: 50
  • Transit Score: 29

Lakeside on Preston is the best Plano neighborhood for beautiful scenery. This neighborhood will rattle any preconceived notions you may have about Texas being a desert wasteland. There are five lakes in this neighborhood alone.

Fountains accent the lakes, trees line the streets, and stone bridges add a final touch to the neighborhood. This area provides a real oasis in the city with a 15-acre park.

Home values range based on proximity to water. Lakeside homes sell for much more and can easily top $1 million. However, residents with more modest lots further from the water can snag single-family homes for as little as $450,000. They still get to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Lakeside on Preston has some great trails for walking and biking, and a recreation center gives members access to a pool and fitness center. Shopping and dining can be found at Lakeside Market, which has open-air shopping.

3. Whiffletree

  • Walk Score: 25
  • Bike Score: 49
  • Transit Score: 21

Whiffletree is the best neighborhood for those with a modest budget. In a city known for affordable housing, there are of course many options beyond the grand luxury homes in the previous neighborhoods. Whiffletree gives you some of the best bang for your buck.

Homes here are still a good size for a household of several people. They range from 2,200 square feet up to 4,000 square feet. Better yet, the median sale price in the neighborhood is only $425,000. The low end for the neighborhood is $325,000.

Prairie Meadow Park bounds the neighborhood to the north. It offers great space to play and enjoy the outdoors without leaving town. Legacy Drive to the south provides access to the necessities like grocery stores, a mail center, and other shopping.

4. Indian Creek

  • Walk Score: 11
  • Bike Score: 36
  • Transit Score: 19

Indian Creek is the best Plano neighborhood for golf lovers. Golf course living is great even if you don’t care to hit the greens. Golf course communities have built-in green space and less housing density thanks to the golf course. Of course, it is ideal for golfers to be able to drive their cart from their garage to the clubhouse and start a round.

The Indian Creek neighborhood is intertwined with the Prestonwood Country Club golf course. Residents do need to be members to play, but also get the other amenities of the country club.

The location of this neighborhood is pretty fantastic. Shopping and dining are easy to access on the Dallas Parkway to the east. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is just outside of the neighborhood to the northeast, and on the north is Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.

The usual price range in Indian Creek is $650,000 to $850,000, but the houses are large. The average price per square foot is only $175.

5. The Hills of Spring Creek

  • Walk Score: 12
  • Bike Score: 40
  • Transit Score: 22

The Hills of Spring Creek is the best neighborhood in Plano for park lovers. This neighborhood abuts the massive Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve.

Residents get the added bonus of being in the prime viewing area for the annual Plano Balloon Festival that takes place in the park each year.

The park is filled with miles of trails, creeks, a lake, and an amphitheater, and is just a bite of nature in the metro area. Dining and retail are easily accessible to the west of the city on the Sam Johnson Highway. Residents will find commuting to Dallas a little easier here thanks to the nearby D.A.R.T. stop. D.A.R.T. is the commuter train into Dallas.

The Hills of Spring Creek lives up to Plano’s reputation of being an affordable city. The median sale price is $387,000. Homes consistently sell for $375,000 to $395,000 in the neighborhood, make it a great place for those trying to buy their first home.

6. Downtown

  • Walk Score: 87
  • Bike Score: 72
  • Transit Score: 51

Downtown Plano is the best neighborhood for those without a car. It is the most walkable and bike-friendly part of the city.

Homes are surprisingly affordable in the downtown area, and here you will find the most diversity in housing. Apartments, condos, townhomes, and single-family homes are all present. The median sale price is just below $400,000, but many listings are around $200,000.

The downtown area has lots to do with two small theaters, several escape room experiences, dining, bars, and community events. Residents can mingle with the community at the park and at the historic portion of the downtown.

The city puts on several events in the historic downtown area to engage the community. You will also find regular farmers’ markets here.

Why Consider Moving To Plano?

Plano continues to draw newcomers each year. But what lures people from across Texas, and the United States for that matter, to Plano?


Situated near Dallas and Fort Worth, Plano offers access to major downtown areas. With this comes their airport, employment opportunities, and cultural activities.


Soak up all the Texas rays you want in Plano. The sunny weather appeals to all the sun-lovers out there who want to feel the sun year-round. Plano is in one of the better-hydrated parts of Texas, expect more greenery than in your average Old West movie.

Arts And Activities

Plano has become known for its vibrant, artsy culture in recent years. In addition to the usual bars, restaurants, and shopping, Plano has several cultural opportunities.

Restaurants abound in Plano and have become one of the city’s major selling points. Another is festivals and community activities; Plano seems to have hit the sweet spot big-city anonymity and small-town boredom.

Do You Need to Hire Movers?

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Takeaways When Planning A Move To Plano

Choosing a new neighborhood usually comes with worry about finding the right fit, especially if you are new to town. Unlike in some other cities, Plano residents have some good choices no matter their budget.

People with large, $1-million-plus budgets usually have options anywhere. In Plano, this price point brings estates with massive square footage, large lots, and access to special amenities like lakes and golfing.

What is more special is that people with budgets in the $300,000 to $500,000 range have a chance to buy homes large enough to accommodate multiple people and lots big enough to have some outdoor space.

Given the large amount of green space, trails, and paths in Plano, people looking to move to the area can rest assured that no matter their budget, they will get to enjoy the Texas outdoors from their own neighborhood.

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