How Much Weight Can A Toilet Hold? (Find Out Now!)

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While toilets are certainly not small, they are also not the largest fixtures out there. Big or small, all of us need to use the toilet from time to time. More importantly, we want to be certain that it is not going to fall apart beneath us. But how much weight can a toilet hold?

Standard toilets can hold 1,000 pounds, and wall-hung toilets can hold 500 pounds. A porcelain toilet can likely hold even greater than 1,000 pounds. There are no maximum or minimum weight limits for standard toilets, but the ASME requires wall-hung models to support at least 500 pounds.

In most cases, you should have no problem with a toilet supporting your weight. However, it also depends on the specific toilet model and how well it is installed.

What Is The Average Weight A Toilet Can Hold?

First and foremost, there are no regulations or government standards that dictate how much a toilet should hold. That said, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard (ASME) requires that wall-hung toilets be able to support a minimum of 500 pounds.

The average for floor toilets of 1,000 pounds is just that. For the most part, normal floor toilets can hold more than that 1,000 pounds.

The reason is mostly that the vast majority of toilets are constructed of porcelain. Porcelain is not only super strong but highly rigid as well.

Any vitreous china toilet (the proper name for porcelain) can hold far more weight than even the heaviest person on the planet. So, if you have ever seen a movie or show where a larger person breaks a toilet, that probably has not happened in real life.

Information About Toilet Weight Limits

There is knowledge about the average weight limit of toilets, but there really is not all that much information out there about those weight limits. Not only that, but most manufacturers don’t mention the capacity or weight limit on their models.

Even the information available online is somewhat scarce compared to some of the other information that we are able to find on various products. If you wanted to know more about the weight limits of some of the biggest manufacturers, this is the right place.

Is The Weight A Toilet Can Hold Enough?

The average American man tips the scales at about 195 pounds. The average American woman, meanwhile, is about 166 pounds. Even those who have severe obesity or fall in the Bariatric weight range typically don’t come in at more than 450 pounds.

Even the extreme cases, something you may find on a television special, top out at about 600 pounds. While the latter would be too much for a wall-mounted toilet, a floor toilet would more than hold up. That 1,000 pounds is a conservative estimate; the real number is believed to be quite a bit higher than that.

Something to keep in mind if people greater than 600 pounds are using your toilet is seat height. If you opt for a char-height toilet, the person using it won’t have to go as low to sit on it. Therefore, it’s less likely that they will drop down with much force onto the toilet.

If a person can sit on the toilet more gently, it likely will hold up better under the extra weight. You can also opt for a toilet bowl with a larger width so it is more comfortable.

What Are Weight Limits Of Some Popular Toilet Brands?

All that said, not every manufacturer follows the same guidelines. They each have their own features and weight limits. Knowing the difference between the top brands on the market can give you a better idea of what the limits look like.

We will take a look at Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard. While there are certainly others out there, these are the brands that consumers are most familiar with. Find out whether a wooden or plastic toilet seat is better.

Weight Limits For Kohler Toilets

As mentioned previously, there really is not all that much information available regarding the weight limits for toilets. Kohler is no different. There are some support articles from the company that mentions that their mounted toilets are able to hold up against weights of 1,000 pounds.

Given the fact that 1,000 pounds is far heavier than even the heaviest man in recorded history, there should be no worries about accidentally breaking the toilet while in use. Kohler is also one of the top-rated brands out there, delivering peace of mind in all aspects.

Weight Limits For TOTO Toilets

Yet again, information about the weight limits for these toilets is scarce to non-existent. It is a little puzzling why even the top toilet makers on the market don’t have clearly defined weight limits for their products. Maybe it could be that no human is heavy enough to threaten that limit, but that is merely a guess.

It is safe to assume that TOTO also comes in around that same 1,000-pound mark. Finding comments and reviews from consumers who have purchased TOTO toilets that there are plenty who weighed in at 250-300 pounds and often times more. So, knowing TOTO can hold up to any consumer is certainly reassuring.

Weight Limits For American Standard Toilets

American Standard is one of the most famous brands when it comes to modern American toilets. Much like the other manufacturers, there is little to no information on their floor toilets. There are limits listed for wall-hung toilets – 500 pounds – but not anything else.

Reviews and comments from various forums and stores indicate that even the heaviest of customers have no issue with American Standard toilets. It is safe to assume that the weight limit is at least at the 1,000-pound mark, if not a bit higher.

How Much Weight Can A Wall-Hung Toilet Hold?

It seems as though the major difference is not in the manufacturer but the type of toilet. The two main types of toilets are floor toilets and wall-hung units. Given the nature of their mounting, they present quite different weight limits.

On the whole, wall-hung toilets have a much lower average than their floor-mounted counterparts. The average for wall-hung toilets is about 500 pounds, though some models like the TOTO Aquia have a substantially higher limit (880 pounds). Even then, the Aquia works only if it is coupled with the TOTO wall toilet carrier frame.

The 500-pound minimum is a requirement set forth by the ASME standard. The weight limit of the toilet ultimately depends on two things. The first is the strength of the wall carrier frame that is supporting the toilet. The second is just how securely the toilet is attached to the wall and floor.

Why Don’t Brands Mention Weight Limits?

By now, you likely have at least one question: why don’t manufacturers disclose the weight limits of their toilets? It seems like any information pertaining to the product should be easily found or disclosed by the manufacturer.

There is no clear reason why they do not mention their weight limits. Which, given the increase in obesity and being a weight-conscious population, it might actually be a marketing advantage.

Proclaiming that a particular model is capable of supporting more than 1,000 pounds could make that brand seem indestructible.

Related Questions

Can you break a toilet seat just by sitting on it?

There have been plenty of stories out there of toilets becoming loos, wobbling, or toilet seats breaking. That said, there have not been any reports of someone breaking a porcelain toilet simply because they were too heavy.If you have ever seen a movie or show where a heavier person sat down on a toilet and decimated it, that simply does not happen. Given that toilets are made from Vitreous China clay or some kind of treated porcelain, they are built to stand the test of time.Even the largest human beings on the planet can use the toilet in confidence. There is no one heavy enough to collapse a modern-day toilet simply because of their weight.

How much weight can a toilet seat hold?

Given the questions about the weight limits of toilets, it only makes sense to wonder if a toilet seat has the same kind of strength and durability. Much like the weight limit for toilets, the weight limit for toilet seats is not easily found.Having said that, the average weight limit for a toilet seat is below 300 pounds. It is not uncommon in the least for toilet seats to crack and even break over time. They just are not built of the same material and therefore cannot stand up to long-term use from even someone of average weight.Heavier users may find that toilet seats creak, crack, and break far more often. There are some heavy-duty seats out there, Bariatric toilet seats, that have 800-pound capacities for just that reason. Otherwise, safely assume that your average toilet seat can support no more than 300-350 pounds at a time.

How long does a toilet seat last?

On average, a toilet seat lasts for about 5 to 7 years before it starts to show signs of age from normal use. Your toilet seat might start to shift, develop cracks, or show unsightly stains.Luckily, a toilet seat is relatively easy to replace on your own and only costs about $25 to $65 dollars depending on the model. The more expensive options typically feature a seat and id in one or special features like self-closing and antimicrobial coatings. When selecting your replacement make sure you get the right shape and size for your toilet.

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