Are Air Purifiers A Waste Of Money?

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With airborne viruses and hidden chemicals on the rise in modern times, purified air has never felt more important. Home HVAC systems with quality filters can help increase a home’s value, and certain areas with better air quality have even become more desirable. Air purifiers have also become quite popular in recent years. But with an average price tag between $200 and $500, you might wonder if air purifiers work or if they are a waste of money.

Air purifiers, especially those with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, are effective at absorbing tiny particles from the air. They are worth the $200 to $500 price tag if someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or is immune-compromised because air purifiers remove allergens and airborne viruses from the air. If you have an HVAC system and clean air, you might not require an air purifier.

Finding out whether an air purifier is a waste of money or an important purchase depends on a few factors. There is your health and your family’s health conditions to consider. There are also environmental and other risk factors worth investigating as well. Lastly, there is the price to consider. To know if an air purifier is a good idea or a waste of money, you need to have a better idea of what they cost and how they help clean the air in your home.

How Much Does An Air Purifier Cost In 2023?

Air purifiers cost anywhere between $80 and upwards of $1,000. In general, however, the average quality air purifier for home use costs between $200 and $500. Buying the purifier itself is the main expense, but it is important to remember there are other costs associated with them.

Air purifiers run on electricity, and while they don’t use as much energy as an air conditioner, they are certainly not free to run. They also require air filters that need to be replaced and replenished. These filters cost between $40 and $100 on average.

Are Air Purifiers Worth The Price

Now that you have a better understanding of how much air purifiers cost, you can ask yourself the question “are air purifiers worth the money?” The answer is — it depends. Air purifiers are popular for a reason, as they work to help cleanse the air.

The bigger question is, do you need your air to be thoroughly cleaned with an air purifier? This is where variables come into play. If you have a health condition involving your lungs and difficulty breathing, then an air purifier is worth its weight in gold.

There are several reasons why an air purifier is worth the money. However, there are other instances when maybe you can skip this purchase and opt for other devices to help make your home safer and more comfortable. Read further to know the top circumstances when you should buy an air purifier, and when it might be fine to skip it.

Six Reasons Why Buying An Air Purifier Is A Good Idea

1. Great For Those With Asthma And Breathing Problems

For those who have chronic breathing or lung issues, an air purifier is almost always worth the money. Air purifiers pick up impurities in the air including dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air that can trigger those with breathing issues.

Those with asthma in particular can benefit from an air purifier. Many air purifiers work to remove several harmful chemicals and pollutants in the air that are known to trigger different types of asthma.

2. Can Help Improve Sleep Quality

Air purifiers can target and remove things hiding in the air than normal air filters can’t remove. For example, many air purifiers are great at removing certain molds and bacteria, and even dust mites.

All these lurking bacteria and impurities can trigger many people with allergies. These allergies often manifest themselves in the evening when people are trying to sleep. So removing these allergy-triggering elements from the air makes it easier for you to sleep better.

3. Helps Neutralize Bad Odors

Air purifiers are also worth the money if you live somewhere that is prone to bad smells in the air. These machines might not add a fresh fragrance to the air, but they are effective at removing some unpleasant odors.

Air purifiers help neutralize all sorts of bad odors, from spices and the smell of cooking oil in the kitchen to the lingering smells of gasoline, paint, and other undesirable smells.

4. Can Help Remove Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Another reason air purifiers are not a waste of money is the fact that they help to remove some dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals from the air. Most notably, some air purifiers can help remove airborne asbestos and mitigate radon levels in the home. If your home is known to be at risk for these harmful contaminants, consider an air purifier a good investment.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Airborne Diseases

If you have an air purifier with a HEPA filter, you can remove not only harmful chemicals but even airborne diseases. If you or someone in your family is immune-compromised, then an air purifier can help safeguard this person from airborne diseases.

These days, protecting your home from airborne diseases feels more important than ever. While quality air purifiers with HEPA filters can be expensive, they can help save lives and prevent illness.

6. Great In Dusty Climates Like Cities And Deserts

Lastly, you should consider your climate. Some areas are known for pure and clean air. Others, like metropolitan cities, deserts, and places with lots of buildings and constant construction, have very impure air.

In areas with impure air and lots of dust and debris constantly floating around, the odds are your HVAC filter won’t absorb nearly enough. An air purifier is a great way to boost your home filtration and ensure you are breathing more pure air.

Reasons You Should Reconsider Buying An Air Purifier

If Your Air Is Clean

If you live somewhere with clean air, and no harmful toxins like radon, asbestos and major allergens, an air purifier might be an unnecessary expenditure. After all, you should only buy an air purifier if your air needs purifying.

The Initial Cost

One big reason to reconsider buying an air purifier is the initial cost. It can’t really “hurt” to add an air purifier to your home, but at upwards of $500, you need to think how much good these machines are doing.

If you already have an effective HVAC system and change the filters regularly, then this $500 expense isn’t necessary in most cases. Unless you have family members with certain health conditions or live in a particularly dirty area, an air purifier might feel like a waste of money.

They Take Up Space

Air purifiers are often hefty pieces of machinery. If you live in a small city apartment, an air purifier might not be the best use of space. This is especially true if there are no known harmful toxins or impurities in your air.

Sometimes Fresh Air Works Best

While air purifiers are great at removing allergens and harmful toxins, in many cases it is best to simply open the windows. If you have a home with lots of windows, consider opening them more often and allowing in some fresh air — it’s free.

They Can Increase Your Electric Bill

The initial cost is not the only expense to think about when it comes to the price of an air purifier. Air purifiers run on electricity, and the electric costs can add up over time. An air purifier costs between 5 cents and upwards of one dollar a day to run. If you are trying to cut down on your electric bill and have healthy air quality, an air purifier might feel like a waste of money.

Summing Up If Air Purifiers Are A Waste Of Money

Air purifiers are very effective at removing all sorts of impurities in the air. An air purifier is a great investment if you suffer from allergies or asthma. If, however, your air quality is already great and there are no known risks of harmful chemicals, then an air purifier might not be the most important purchase for your home.

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