What Size Screws For A Vizio TV Mount? (Find Out Now!)

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by Dennis Howard

You may have a brand new Vizio TV or have purchased a used model. Now you want to mount that Vizio TV on the wall in your home. You may even have an existing mount already in place. If this is the situation and you can’t find the screws that came with the mount or the Vizio TV, you have a slight problem. What size crews do you use to mount your Vizio TV?

Vizio TVs, like most other brands, follow industry standards on screw sizes for various applications. In the case of mounting screws, the most widely used screw size is an M8 metric screw. Some smaller Vizio TVs may use an M6 or M4 screw. Larger Vizio TVs may have different requirements.

The length of the screw is also a consideration when mounting your Vizio TV. The size of the TV comes into play as well. The way the TV mount attaches to the wall is also an important consideration. Unless these attachment points are properly sized and installed, your risk a catastrophic failure that can damage your Vizio TV or cause personal injury.

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The VESA Standard – What and Why?

The Video Electronics Standards Association represents electronics manufacturers across the world. This professional organization works with the manufacturers to set standards for designing and manufacturing all kinds of electronics, including TVs.

The VESA standards’ goal is to promote uniformity across the electronics manufacturing industry for various parts of electronic equipment. This includes the location, pattern, and size of the mounting holes on the back of most TVs on televisions. Vizio has adopted the VESA standards as part of its design and engineering process.

Why Have Standards?

Standards for manufacturing are advantageous to both the manufacturer and to the Consumer. Consider some of these benefits of standardization across the TV industry.

  • Reduced Cost to the Manufacturer and the Consumer – Using standardized parts creates economies and benefits to both sides of the market. For manufacturers, standardizing certain parts of the process reduces costs for manufacturing widely used common parts such as screws, bolts, and other components. Consumers benefit from the availability of accessories such as wall mounts that are universally adaptable to almost any TV set.
  • More Options and Selections – Manufacturers using standard parts find that the availability of these standard parts is greater than for proprietary parts. This benefits both sides of the market in reduced costs.
  • Simplicity – Having a standard to which everyone in the industry abides promotes simplicity in manufacturing. This simplicity carries over to the consumer in easier operation and use of the product. In the case of mounts, you will find that most TVs are compatible with most wall mounts because everyone adheres to the VESA mounting standards.

These standards make it possible to buy a universal wall mount, a universal remote control, or a universal replacement power cord for your Vizio TV. Without these standards, the market would be a much more chaotic and complex place to do business.

The Standards for Visio TV Mounts

Vizio maintains close adherence to the VESA standards across the board. This means that you should have no problem finding the correct screws to mount your Vizio TV to a standard wall mount. The manufacturers of TV wall mounts include all the screws commonly used to mount TVs.

The basic standard for TV mounts is based on the size and weight of the TV. These are the standards as outlined in VESA.

Screen SizeVESA Hole Pattern Size (MM)VESA Hole Pattern Size (inches)Bolt Size (MM)
75 xX753 inches by 3 inchesM4
19 – 22 inches100 X 1004inches by 4 inchesM4
23 – 29 inches100 X 2004 inches by 8 inchesM4
30 – 40 inches200 X 2008 inches by 8 inchesM6
> 40 inches400 X 40016:inches by 16 inchesM8

Getting the Right Length of Bolt

You don’t just need the correct size of bolt. You need the correct length. Putting a bolt that is too long into the chassis of your Vizio TV risks damaging the internal electronic parts of your TV. The bolt should be long enough to completely engage the chassis’ threads without extending too far into the TV.

An easy means of testing the depth of the mounting holes is to use a feeler gauge. A toothpick or a thin pencil may also be substituted. You can carefully insert the gauge or other instrument into the bolt hole to judge the depth. This will give you a good idea of the length of bolt you need to mount your Vizio TV.

Video: Choosing the Right Screws and Bolts

Don’t Forget the Wall Mount Bolts

The right bots for the back of your Vizio TV are important. So are the right size and length of the bolt to attach the mount to the wall. Different wall mounts require different size bolts. You should follow the wall mount manufacturer’s instructions when choosing the bolts, screws, or other devices to attach the wall mount to the wall.

Failure to properly attach the wall mount to the wall can have disastrous results. Improper mounting can lead to a failure which will ultimately damage or destroy your Vizio TV. You or someone else could even suffer personal injuries.

Do You Need a Wall Mount Installation Service?

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Find the Right Bolts and Screws for your Vizio TV

If you are using a universal mounting kit, you will find all the right hardware and screws included with the kit. Your Vizio TV follows the VESA standards of bolt size and hole patterns. Most wall mount manufacturers adopt these standards as well. Most home improvement stores carry the standard size metric bolts you will need if all you need are bolts.

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