What Color Vinyl Plank Flooring Goes With Oak Cabinets?

Heather Robbins
by Heather Robbins

Oak cabinets are always a stunning and long-lasting complement to any room. Oakwood, on the other hand, comes in a wide range of colors. It may be tough to choose the proper hue for the next floor as a result of this.

You should choose a floor color that complements the temperature and design of your oak: To accentuate nature, use blue, green, or brown. White is a good choice for a canvas since it is neutral and easy to work with. Grey is a cold neutral color that goes well with oak too.

Choosing the appropriate color for your floor is difficult enough. Even more difficult will be determining the style of your room based on your favorite oak cabinets. Continue reading to find out how different floor materials work with cabinets and which colors look best on them.

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What Flooring Should I Use With Light Oak Cabinets?

Oakwood is traditionally known for two distinct color classes: white and red. The standards hold up to their name, despite the fact that they cover a wide spectrum of darkness and brightness.

White oak has an extremely white appearance for a wood species. Red oak, on the other hand, has pinkish undertones that give it a reddish hue.

The Three Color Options

There are three possibilities no matter how light or dark your oak cabinets are. Cool, warm, or neutral colors are all options. Beautiful modern interior kitchen with large oak cabinetry and pot lighting.

  • Cool hues will generate contrast if your wood cabinets are particularly light.
  • Warm hues will complement the cabinetry and brighten the space even more.
  • Neutral colors are devoid of color and will not affect the mood of the room in any manner.

Keep in mind that as you ascend from the floor to the ceiling, rooms typically become lighter. This implies that light oak cabinets will provide you with complete creative flexibility when it comes to the rest of the room’s decor.

Blues Greens And Browns

The natural look is easy to elaborate on no matter what type of wood you use. Fortunately, despite their strength, blue and green are extremely adaptable colors.

Green and blue can be found in abundance in nature. However, they work well in both bright and dark tones. As a result, they are indispensable while working with any type of hardwood cabinet.

If you’re working with light oak cabinets, deeper colors like indigo or navy blue can be used to create a solid foundation. For a similar effect, dark greens like pine or sage can be used.

You might, however, want your light oak cabinets to stand out. Because they’re brighter, to begin with, this can be tough. Use softer, gentler tones of blue or green in this situation. Sky blue or mint green, for example, will help light oak cabinets stand out from the background.


Brown is a near-neutral color that may be found everywhere in nature. You may, for example, use sandy browns to give the room a beachy vibe. Darker browns, on the other hand, can be used to mimic forest soil or tree bark.

Blues, greens, and browns are frequently used in interior design themes like seaside or Japanese landscapes. Although these styles have distinct characteristics, they both strive to generate a pleasant, calm environment.

White Floors

White is the most adaptable “color” to use. This is because, despite being neutral, white has a fairly warm temperature. Because white has the peculiar capacity to reflect all hues, it’s the ideal canvas for every style. White can brighten up a space without attracting attention away from the rest of the decor.

If you’re dealing with light oak cabinets, a white floor will complement the warmth of the wood. This is especially handy if your oak cabinets are white oak since other floor colors can make them appear overly brilliant.

Remember that your floor should be in the same color family as the walls where your oak cabinets are installed. You can learn what color floor goes with white cabinets by reading this article.

Combined Styles

In a number of interior styles, white and oak wood are frequently combined. Interior designs for the country, cottage, or farmhouse are commonly used. “Cozy” is the ideal word to characterize these styles.

Any combination of oak wood and white décor would feel natural with these traditional styles. Oak cabinets and white are also popular partners for creating arts and crafts aesthetics. This is due to oak’s popularity as a material for do-it-yourself projects.

Oak has a lot of character and is extremely durable. It also comes in a variety of hues. In arts and crafts type spaces, white is typically utilized to pull all of the bold décors together.

Is Gray Flooring Complementary To Oak Cabinets?

Gray is the next color on the list, a cold neutral that may evoke everything from an afternoon rain to a mechanical slab. Gray is a neutral color that goes with almost everything.

This contains all shades of oak cabinets, as well as other types of wood. All you have to remember is that gray has a naturally cool temperature.

You’ll need to utilize bolder gray colors if you have light wood cabinetry. Even those, though, will always have a deeper hue. Gray has a variety of undertones, the most common of which are blue or green.

Gray can take on a steely appearance when paired with blue. Even the softer grays would be primarily employed to contrast with the light wood cabinetry.

With light oak cabinets, it’s better to avoid dark gray floors. The temperature and style disparity is excessive. Industrial interiors are often linked with dark gray floors. That is to say, the room should have a modern, minimalist, and manmade vibe. In these interior types, wooden cabinets are unusual.

What Floor Color Should You Use With Honey Oak Cabinets?

Honey oak cabinets are just red oak cabinets with a brighter stain. They’re light and sweet, with a subtle golden tint that develops over time.

This means that honey oak cabinets, like any other light oak cabinets, should be coupled with light oak floors. All of the suggestions stated above fall within this category.

Oak comes in a wide range of colors, including some that are unexpectedly dark. Dark cabinets, on the other hand, tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves. Using a dark floor rather than a light floor is the greatest approach to retain some sort of balance in the room.

What Hardwood Floor Should I Use With Oak Cabinets?

Any type of hardwood floor will complement the natural appearance of your oak cabinets. Because of the wood, they will have brown undertones. It’s simply a matter of deciding between contrast and agreement.

It’s recommended to select brighter hardwood floors like cherry or maple if you have light oak cabinets. Choose a naturally cool wood like walnut if you’re installing dark oak cabinets. These options will allow you to match the color of your cabinets to the color of your floors. You can also choose the opposite of these options to create a striking contrast.

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What Tile Colors Go Well With Oak Cabinets?

You may also consider the fact that in the 1990s, all light oak cabinets were really trendy. Oak cabinets were common in a typical nineties home, according to experts like Family Handyman. As a result, your floor could be decorated to revisit that iconic decade as well.

The nineties were known for their strong and vibrant colors. You might choose some bold vinyl tiles to complement your new honey oak cabinets, and the two would be quite happy neighbors.

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