What Cabinet Color Goes Best With Taj Mahal Quartzite? (Find Out Now!)

What Cabinet Color Goes Best With Taj Mahal Quartzite?

Did you know that the Taj Mahal was a tomb for a king’s favorite wife? It’s true. The creation of the Taj Mahal is a true testament to true love, beauty, and the amazing way that architecture can be a work of art. That’s why it still inspires today. More specifically, it inspired the Taj Mahal Quartzite line. But, what kind of cabinet color works with this pastel white-grey mix?

The best colors for Taj Mahal quartzite are all light hues like white, light grey, or a sandy beige lacquer. If you need to choose a wood stain rather than a paint, go for a greyish ash stain to get a modern touch or a slightly yellow wood for a Scandinavian look. For contrast, go for black cabinetry.

Yes, it’s true. Taj Mahal quartzite is a beautiful textured shade that can open up a room like nothing else. It’s all about making sure you get the most of your color.

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What Are The Best Cabinet Colors For Taj Mahal Quartzite?

Who doesn’t love the heavily textured look of Taj Mahal quartzite? It’s white and has grey streaks in it, often with a hint of beige. The look of Taj Mahal is beautiful, but it still has to be paired with the right looks. Let’s examine what the best colors are for a modern, open kitchen.

1. White Lacquer

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Oh, the beautiful look of white lacquer with Taj Mahal quartzite. This is a classic way to open up a kitchen or a bathroom. The marble-like look of the quartzite matches flawlessly with the beautifully crisp look of white. Here, we see white and Taj Mahal work together in a cute “cottagecore” style.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to a rustic look to make this work. White on white is a timeless look that also happens to offer up a modern edge. You really can’t go wrong with it, which is why it’s our number one choice.

2. Light Grey Lacquer

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Taj Mahal is not just a good quartzite countertop for your kitchen. It’s also great for bathrooms, too. Here, we see a modern bathroom that has a grey laquer cabinet underneath a Taj Mahal countertop with sink. As you can see, the light grey lacquer helps add a slightly nautical and contemporary touch to the home.

If you love the current trend of adding grey as the “new neutral,” then you’re going to appreciate the look that a nice coat of grey paint can offer countertops. It’s stylish and fairly elegant, and keeps things looking modern without making you feel claustrophobic.

3. Dark Grey Lacquer

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A deeper grey might seem a bit much, but it actually works pretty well with almost anything that looks remotely white. This includes Taj Mahal quartzite. Grey is still a neutral color, which means that it’ll match with whatever accessories you have at home.

With that said, this is a color that is best left for homes that have a ton of space. Too much grey can make a home look a bit cramped. However, if you want to get a good contrast in a bigger room without it looking crazily stark, then you would be wise to choose a lacquered look.

4. Light Ash Wood Stain

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The trend of having ultra-light wood in a kitchen is still hot AF, and it works well with all sorts of quartzite. This includes Taj Mahal quartzite. Here, we see a cool modern kitchen that has a ton of light ash (or birch?) wood cabinetry against a quartzite countertop.

To add a splash of action and a unique take on it all, they worked in woods and paints of different colors. This gives the home a deeply geometric, striking take that almost looks like it belongs in a space station. Chic! Of course, you don’t have to go this route. Having lighter Taj Mahal against birch looks fine enough.

5. Chocolate Wood Stain

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If you love the contrast of dark grey paint, but want to have a woody veneer to things, you should look into a chocolate wood stain. This is a great way to get that same vibe, except with a wooden texture. Some might even argue that the texture-on-texture look gives your kitchen (or bathroom) a richer, more dimensional look.

Needless to say, this trend would give most people the dash of contrast that people want for a more involved, complex look. Even so, chocolate brown offers a good contrast without the issue of having too much contrast. After all, black can be a bit overwhelming in most kitchens.

6. Beige Lacquer

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As you can see from the photo above, there is something really attractive about the striations found on Taj Mahal quartzite. This is one of those materials that can act as a contrast in both color and texture. Having painted cabinets is a good way to emphasize the streaks in the countertop.

Believe it or not, beige can work out pretty well here. Most Taj Mahal will have a slightly beige undertone, so it syncs up in terms of colors. Without the streaks and striping that comes with the quartzite, the flat paint of the cabinetry looks blase. This combo, though, helps make the streaks pop out more.

7. Deep Chestnut Brown Stain

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Chestnut is a couple of shades lighter than a deep chocolate stain, and tends to be a wood color that most people associate with classy old English homes as well as midcentury modern decor. Believe it or not, it works well with the greyish-white, textured look of Taj Mahal quartzite as well.

As you can see from the sample render above, this is a good way to get a nice contrast that has both a classic feel and a modern touch. Unlike other pairings on this list, the look of chestnut tends to be one that makes people go “Hmmm.” It’s not what most people would expect to see with this type of maple, that’s for sure!

8. Weathered Cream Beige Stain

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So, this is another bathroom that happens to have a sink vanity that involves a light marble top that looks similar to Taj Mahal. It has a remarkably coastal look, don’t you think? Here, we see a wood stain color that is similar to ash in terms of cabinetry. The difference, though subtle, makes a world of difference to people with a keen eye for style.

This type of wood stain has a slightly rosy appearance that adds a pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom setup. If you want to have a “warmer” color scheme, then you definitely need to take a closer look at this family of cabinet colors. Chances are that you’ll find a shade that works with your room and also helps open it up.

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9. Blue White Lacquer

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So, this is a color that you might not have expected to see. Here, we see Taj Mahal quartzite-like counters with blue white cabinetry in the background. Honestly, it works out pretty well. The grey (and ever so slightly beige) look of the counters actually contrasts with the ultra light blue cabinet paint color beautifully.

Blue-white still gives your kitchen the “wide open spaces” vibe that is perennially popular. However, it also has another benefit few of the other shades on this list boast: it gives you a dose of legitimate color. And let’s face it, a little bit of color always adds a lot of personality. That’s important when you’re making your home yours.

Admittedly, painting your cabinets is a trend that is hard to come back from. However, if it looks as good as the paint job that is here, it’s safe to say that you’re going to love the way that it looks.

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