What Color Walls Go With Black Kitchen Cabinets? (Find Out Now!)

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Black kitchens have become one of the most divisive trends in the world of kitchen remodeling. Some people adore them, while others hate them with a fiery passion. Want to give this trend a try at home? Try painting your cabinets black. Of course, black cabinets can add a serious punch of flavor. That deserves a wall color that can handle that statement. But, what wall colors can handle black cabinetry well?

Black is a neutral color, which means that you technically can match it to any color you want. However, there are some colors that appear to be more popular than others. The most notable colors for venues with black kitchen cabinets include white, cream, grey, black, brick red, and yellow.

This is not the type of trend everyone should try. It’s dramatic and can easily go wrong if you don’t plan things out. Our guide will help ensure that your walls won’t botch your project.

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Are Black Cabinets A Good Idea?

Black cabinets are one of those things that people either love or hate, but there’s no reason to hate on this color for most kitchens. Most of the time, people tend to get worried about the fact that black is a very striking color. However, it’s rarely ever a problem. Black is a neutral color, so it can work with virtually any color scheme that you could try to put together.

If you end up getting black cabinets, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with one perk. Black tends to hide stains pretty well, which means that you won’t have to worry about cleaning your cabinet. This makes it a good choice for people who want to make sure they have a lot of leeway when it comes to cooking. (After all, who hasn’t had major spills once in a while?)

The only real drawback that black cabinetry has is the fact that black can make a room look cramped. However, mixing black with lighter colors can immediately make that potential problem disappear.

If you are not sold on black cabinets and want to consider other options, check out 40+ Modern Cabin Kitchen Ideas.

Are Black Cabinets Dated?

Not at all. In fact, black cabinetry is starting to get a fairly big following among today’s elite and trendy. Most designers agree that having a neutral color means you will not have to worry about hearing that your cabinetry’s dated. Neutrals are cool like that. If you want a cabinet color that never loses its cool, then opt for black.

The Best Wall Colors For Black Cabinetry

Choosing to paint your cabinets black is a lot like getting a tattoo. It’s a way to show off your edgy side. Getting the right wall color can help you ensure that it’s a “tattoo” that you won’t regret. Check out our inspiration for kitchen colors below!


White and black is the most obvious color combination that you can choose, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice. Quite the contrary! White is the perfect balance for a smaller kitchen equipped with black cabinets. It opens up the room, emphasizes the darkness of the cabinetry, and adds definition to your kitchen in a way few other colors can.

The coolest thing about choosing white as the complement to your black kitchen is its versatility. You can find country-style kitchens with this combination as well as ultra-modern ones. Even bohemian looks can work this look if you add more colors.


You don’t need to be a Rolling Stone to want to paint it black…all of it! Black cabinets against a black wall is an extremely edgy look that can help add a futuristic flair to your home. Of course, this is going to be the kind of color combination that will provoke questions as well as complements. It’s risky, yes, but when pulled off well, it’ll make you look like a master designer.

Black walls and black cabinetry can be a bit much. This is why people who want to add this combination to their home would be wise to add tons of light. To further ensure that you don’t end up feeling claustrophobic or gloomy, it’s also best to stick to lighter floors and white ceilings. The designer above illustrates these concepts well.


Do you love the open contrast of white, but don’t want to have such a harsh contrast? If this sounds like a conundrum that you’re facing, you might want to get a can of cream paint. Cream is white with just a touch of yellow-peach. You can see it here near the windows. The difference is notable when compared to the stark white counter in the foreground, but it still offers the brightening effect that white has.

Cream walls are a great choice for people who love the idea of a softer kitchen, but still want to have the elegant modernity black affords. I mean, sometimes, it’s about lessening the harsh. This is where a color like cream can come in clutch. Cream’s slightly pigmented look will give your room a softer touch.


Ooh, now we’re getting a little gritty! Most of us have wanted to host a soiree in a rugged loft in the middle of the city, and that’s the vibe brick brings to a home with black cabinets. So, if you have exposed brick, consider yourself lucky. Don’t have it? Don’t worry. Even having a painted-on brick facade can help encourage the urban feeling that people so regularly crave.

Red is a great color to pair with black, though most people won’t want to have a bright red kitchen. That’s why choosing something a little more toned down, such as brick red, tends to be the best option. As a bonus, red tends to enhance a person’s appetite. So, if you are outfitting a kitchen, keeping a little red nearby makes a lot of sense.


If there is one thing that really works well with black cabinetry, it’s a monochromatic look. Seeing colors that range from black, to grey, to white is an amazing effect to have in one room. Monochromatic setups help make a room appear more coordinated and can even help add an extra level of dimension to your home.

As this illustration shows, having grey walls is something that is often associated with modernism or even futuristic room design. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from adding grey to a traditional room. Grey against black can add a uniquely interesting twist to traditional or country kitchen setups too.


via IHIS.INFO Home Design Decoration

Oh, oh you know what it is! Black and yellow is a color combination that might seem a bit strong for a kitchen, but it actually works pretty well. Yellow tends t act as a good contrast for black cabinetry, which means that most people will find it to be a visually appealing option. Both light yellow and bright yellow can work well for this color scheme.

Here, we see a designer who added a rich teal countertop to black and yellow. While it’s not the most common pairing, it gives the room a very exotic appearance. This makes it a great choice for people who want to have a kitchen that is unique and stands out among the rest of them. Most people who prefer yellow walls against black cabinetry do so with a modern setup in mind.

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Related Questions

Can black cabinets go with Baltic brown granite?

Black cabinets are neutral to the point that they can work with almost any color you could imagine. This means that these cabinets can work fairly well with difficult countertop colors like Baltic brown granite. With that said, Baltic brown is a fairly dated granite color that regularly gets used as an example of what you should not include in a home upgrade.If you are stuck with Baltic brown granite, then painting your cabinetry black can help add a more modern twist to it. In these cases, it’s actually the easiest way to make sure that your kitchen doesn’t look too dated.

Can black cabinetry go out of style?

Technically, it’s not likely to happen. However, it’s all about the execution. Many interior designers believe that wall-to-wall cabinetry is not going to remain as popular as it currently is. As far as the actual color goes, black is always in style. To make sure that you get a truly timeless look, avoid getting setups that appear to be overly trendy.

What were the most popular kitchen cabinet colors for 2022?

The kitchen upgrade world saw many new colors hitting the top of the charts. Some of the most popular colors include black, grey, white, light birch, and walnut. The current trend in kitchen cabinetry is to opt for colors that are strong neutrals. This helps encourage flexibility when it comes to decorating, not to mention a cleaner overall look.Colors to avoid include honey oak, mahogany, and maple. These tend to oversaturate the look of your cabinetry, giving the entire kitchen a dated look.

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