What Are The Best Gutters For Mobile Homes?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante
Mobile homes need protection from water just like any other house, but choosing the right gutters can be tricky. The right gutter for your mobile home comes down to material preference, but aluminum, steel, and copper are generally the best. Whether it be a Rainhandler gutter or Amerimax, let’s take a look a the best gutters available for your mobile home.

Gutters are essential, of course, but some of them are better than others. As far as function is concerned, all gutters are similar. However, there are some gutter models that simply go above and beyond. At the end of the day, the last thing that you need is water seeping into your mobile home or pooling where it doesn’t belong, potentially causing damage to your property.

Unfortunately, mobile homes don’t always come with gutters installed since attaching gutters prior to transport adds length to the structure and makes the move more difficult. Rain gutters are a must for mobile homes and if yours does not have them, you should absolutely look into having them installed.

When you look for gutters for your mobile home, think about what type of material is best suited for you. Vinyl and aluminum are much different in quality and price than say, steel and copper, but they are all worth considering.

To make things easier and narrow your search, the best thing you can do is learn what you should look for in gutters. Follow along as we explore everything there is to know about mobile home gutters, including which ones you should look out for.

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Choosing Gutters For Mobile Homes

There are really two main things to consider first when choosing gutters for a mobile home: cost, and material. As a matter of fact, the two go hand in hand, as each common gutter material varies in cost based on quality, primarily.

1. Cost of Mobile Home Gutters

You can find gutters for your mobile home that cost between $3 and $40 per linear foot. Many mobile homes require 120 linear feet of gutters. That means that you will spend $360-$4,800 on gutters for your mobile home, depending on which material you choose.

2. Mobile Home Gutter Materials

The most common materials of gutters for mobile homes are aluminum, steel, copper, and vinyl. Each of these materials are highly effective for their function. Aluminum and vinyl are the most affordable options, but that does mean they aren’t durable.

Copper and steel, however, are just as pricey as they are durable and resilient. With materials like copper, you also get the added bonus of the change in color in the form of a green patina when it oxidizes.

Gutter MaterialCost Per Linear Ft.Total Cost 120 Linear Ft.
Aluminum$5 -$15$600-$1,800

The materials themselves are not always expensive, i.e. vinyl, and aluminum, however, labor adds up. Hiring a professional to install gutters on your mobile home costs an additional $500-$700 in labor to the final cost.


Widely popular due to their price, aluminum gutters are a staple of many mobile homes. At $5-$15 per linear ft., aluminum is the ultimate mid-range option for gutters. As far as performance goes, however, aluminum provides premium quality.

Aluminum gutters can withstand exposure to the elements without taking on damage. Besides that, they are highly rust-resistant, which makes aluminum a sought-after metal. Many homeowners also choose aluminum gutters for their mobile homes because they come in multiple colors.

You can find aluminum mobile home gutters in red, green, white, ivory, black, gray, and more. However, the color of gutters eventually fades within 10 years, in many cases, based on sun exposure and moisture.


While expensive, steel is a great choice for gutters for mobile homes. Steel gutters are a common choice for mobile homes that have wooden shingles. Mobile homes with wooden shingles deal with a lot of water runoff, which means that you need the best possible gutters.

What makes steel gutters so great is their durability. Not only do steel gutters hold up to water without taking on rust, but the sun doesn’t wear them down. Steel gutters are a great investment for your mobile home because they can last 20 years before replacing them.


Copper is the Cadillac of mobile home gutters, and it is reflected in the price. At $20-$40 per linear ft., copper is the most expensive gutter material, but it comes with perks. The biggest perk of copper gutters for mobile homes is the patina that develops over time.

Within 5-7 years of installing copper gutters, they will develop a patina, turning the color to the coveted copper-green. When copper begins to oxidize, it slowly changes tone until it is eventually a distinct shade of green.


Just because vinyl is the cheapest option for gutters does not mean that it is low quality. In fact, vinyl gutters are great and have no risk of rusting. Vinyl is the choice for many mobile homes due to the cost, durability, and ease of installation.

Many vinyl gutters are sold in small sections that easily connect together for quick installation. If you install 120 linear ft. of vinyl gutters on your mobile home yourself, it will cost a mere $360-$840. Even hiring out for vinyl gutter installation is cheaper than the other materials and would cost $850-$1,340.

Top 5 Best Gutters For Mobile Homes

Now that you know some of the things to look out for in gutters for mobile homes, take a look at our pick for the best of the best.

1. Amerimax 5.5-in x 120-in White K Style Gutter

  • Aluminum
  • 5”
  • 10 ft. gutter length
  • K-style design

This Amerimax gutter section is perfect for mobile homes. The k-style design is great for handling heavy bouts of snow and rain without being damaged. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, as Amerimax is considered to be one of the best gutter manufacturers.

The aluminum construction means that you won’t have to worry about replacing this gutter for up to 20 years. It comes with a white finish which is great if your mobile home has white siding, or if you want to contrast against your dark roof with white gutters.

K-style gutters are known for channeling water well, with the added bonus of a decorative shape. Plus, this gutter can be used to supplement existing gutter systems, so long as they are also 5”.

2. Rainhandler 4 in. x 25 ft. White Aluminum Gutter

  • Aluminum
  • 4”
  • 25 ft. gutter length
  • Scatter runoff design

Rainhandler has a great reputation for the unique design of their gutters. This Rainhandler 4” gutter system is angled and layered so that it breaks up water as it falls. That all adds up to these gutters getting the water away from your mobile home as quickly as possible.

Besides breaking up the water due to its layered surface, this Rainhandler 4” gutter also spares your soil. This Rainhandler gutter scatters the water so that it has little impact on the soil.

3. Amerimax 4-in x 120-in White K Style Gutter

  • Steel
  • 4”
  • 10 ft. gutter length
  • K-style

This 4” Amerimax steel gutter is durable. The combination of the k-style design and the steel construction means that rain and snow will have little impact. It is also lightweight and easy to install making it great for DIY installation.

Like other Amerimax gutters, this one can be used to supplement existing gutter systems of the same size. Steel is highly durable, and the k-style design will look great on your mobile home.

4. Spectra Metals 6 in. x 8 ft. K-Style Black Aluminum

  • Aluminum
  • 6”
  • 8 ft. gutter length
  • K-style

Spectra Metals has mastered the art of rust-free gutters. This 6” x 8 ft. K-style aluminum gutter comes in several finishes that are highly resistant to corrosion. Just as the gutter system will withstand water and corrosion, so too will the color.

You can choose between black, bronze, forest green, low gloss white, and musket brown to complement your mobile home. The soil surrounding your mobile home will thank you when the runoff from this gutter system does not erode it.

5. Amerimax Contemporary 4-in x 120-in White Half Round Gutter

  • Vinyl
  • 4”
  • 10 ft. gutter length
  • Half-Round style

This Amerimax Contemporary 4” gutter is perfect for mobile homes. The 4” gutter height is great for most climates, particularly for mobile homes. It comes as a half-round style design which is highly efficient for channeling water.

Due to the design, this gutter is less susceptible to warping when taking on heavy rain and snow, which is common for vinyl gutters. The gutters can handle a high capacity of water, so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out before it reaches the downspout.

Parts of Gutter Systems

Gutter systems are made up of many small parts that serve to direct water away from your mobile home. The necessary parts can vary whether you choose seamless or sectional gutters.

Seamless gutters are a great option when hiring a professional to install your gutter system. That is because seamless gutters are customized specifically for the dimensions of your mobile home. Generally, many owners of mobile homes choose seamless gutters because they are low maintenance, leak-resistant, and durable.

The other option is sectional gutters. Sectional gutters are less popular than seamless gutters because they are made up of sections, leaving room for error. If one section of the gutter system has a problem, it can cause leaks and needs to be replaced or repaired.


Gutters are the most important part of a gutter system, of course. Small sections, or gutters, are connected together whether it is a seamless or sectional system. For mobile homes, 5” gutter sections are a great option, and are available in all of the materials detailed above.


The “corner” piece, often referred to as a miter, is a critical part of any gutter system. Corner pieces connect 2 gutters together at the corners of your mobile home. Without a corner piece, there is no way to connect a mobile home gutter system properly to actually channel water to the downspout.


The downspout is the part of your gutter system where the water exits, going away from your mobile home. Downspouts are pipes and without one, the whole gutter system would be rendered useless. Typically, it is best to place downspouts at the corner of your mobile home, or somewhere that you can angle it down towards the ground.

You can place multiple downspouts, especially if you experience a high volume of rain or snow. Otherwise, one downspout is generally enough for mobile homes. Make sure that your downspout is secured to your mobile home’s siding with pipe cleats at the end of installation.

Downspout Elbow

The downspout elbow is what connects the downspout to the gutter system. Elbows are bent, much like downspouts, and are shaped so that they angle own towards the downspout and away from the mobile home. You need one elbow per downspout for your gutter system.

How Long Do Gutters Last?

Gutters vary in lifespan based on the material that you choose, and the sun and elemental exposure. If your mobile home is located somewhere with heavy rain, it can wear your gutters down quicker.

Gutter MaterialLifespan
Aluminum20 years
Steel20 years
Copper50 years
Vinyl10-20 years

Aluminum and steel can last 20 years, but rust and corrosion may set in before that time. Not only does copper have the longest shelf life for gutters, but it ages like wine. At least aesthetically speaking, gutters look better the longer that they oxidize.

Vinyl gutters are a little trickier as far as lifespan goes. Sure, they are not susceptible to rust and corrosion, but they still get worn down by rain and snow. Heavy bouts of rain and snow can weigh down vinyl gutters, causing them to warp and become damaged.

Summing it Up

The top pick for gutters for mobile homes is the Amerimax 5.5-in x 120-in White K Style Gutter. It is durable, easy to install, and matches any mobile home well. Whether you choose aluminum, steel, copper, or vinyl, there are great options for mobile home gutters.

Installing gutters on your mobile home DIY could cost $600-$4,8000. For professional installation, however, add at least $500 extra to the cost of materials for your total. Steel and aluminum generally last 20 years, whereas copper can last 50 years.

Gutters will ultimately protect your mobile home from water damage, and you will be glad that you got the right system.

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Related Questions

Can you put regular gutters on a mobile home?

Although the process for installing gutters on a mobile home is similar to installing them on a conventional home, it is recommended to purchase gutters that are specially designed for mobile homes. More specifically, you should take careful measurements to ensure that the type of gutter you select will fit your home specifically.

What can you use instead of gutters?

Although most homes use gutters as a way to divert rain water, they aren’t the only option that exists. There are a number of alternatives to roof gutters including rain chains, grading, French drains, and installing a drip edge.

How do I clean the gutters on my mobile home?

Just like a regular house, the gutters on your mobile home should be cleaned on a regular basis. To do this, wear gloves, climb up a ladder, and scoop out the debris into a garbage bag. Or, you can hire a professional to clean your gutters for you.

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