WaterBoss 900 Brine Tank Is Full Of Water? (We Have A Fix)

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by Nick Durante
The WaterBoss 900 is one of the best water softeners on the market. However, sometimes the brine tank can fill with water if the injector is clogged due to hard water. Follow along as we explore how you can clean the injector so that your WaterBoss 900 brine tank won’t fill with water.

Water softener systems remove minerals from water that would otherwise lead to hard water. Hard water is when too many minerals build-up, and it can leave residue and weaken detergent. Because of that, homeowners use water softeners, such as the WaterBoss 900, to remove excess minerals from their water.

However, many homeowners run into a problem when they see that their WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water. If your WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water, it is likely because the injector is clogged. The injector is the part of the WaterBoss 900 water softener that removes water from the brine tank.

If your WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water, you may simply need to clean the injector. Depressurize the water softener system and unscrew and remove the injector. Pull the screen out of the injector, and clean it using warm water and a brush, or pipe cleaner.

Otherwise, there could be a faulty seal somewhere in the brine tank that needs to be addressed. Follow along as we explore what to do about a WaterBoss 900 brine tank full of water.

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What Is A Brine Tank?

A brine tank is a part of a water softener system that flushes magnesium and calcium. The brine tank contains sodium so that it can replenish the tank after eliminating excess minerals. Sodium takes the place of calcium and magnesium and is then replaced by freshwater.

The removal of minerals from the water is why the system is called a water softener. Hard water is water that is chock-full of minerals that are highly concentrated. There are several ways to tell that you have too high a mineral content in your water, such as:

  • Soap scum in plumbing fixtures (faucets, showerheads)
  • White laundry comes out discolored
  • Water has little suds when mixed with soap
  • Standing water looks cloudy

If you notice any of the above signs, it means that you could have hard water. When hard water appears and you already have a WaterBoss 900 brine tank, it means that something is wrong.

Why Is My Brine Tank Full Of Water?

Your brine tank is likely full of water because the injector is clogged. The injector is the part of the water softener system that removes the water from the brine tank. It uses suction to pull excess water from the tank, but if the injector is clogged, it won’t happen.

If the injector can’t remove water from the brine tank, it stays full of water. Your water softener’s injector is directly attached to the control valve. Injectors can become clogged from a buildup of hard water, rendering them useless.

How To Clean Injector

Cleaning your water softener injector is quite easy and takes a few quick steps.

1. Depressurize the System

Depressurize the water softener system and brine tank. Turn the dial on the mechanical valve to the backwash position. Next, turn off the inlet and outlet valves to stop the water from flowing so that you can work.

2. Remove the Injector Assembly

If you open your water softener’s service hatch, you can see the injector right in front of you. Carefully pull the injector out with plyers so that you don’t damage it. Inspect the injector closely, and you will see a screen.

Your injector’s screen is likely clogged. That can cause your WaterBoss 900 brine tank to stay full of water. If so, you must clean it.

3. Clean The Screen

Pull the screen out of the injector assembly and hold it up to the light. If necessary, shine a flashlight through the screen to inspect for debris or dust that clogs it. Assuming that there is a clog in the screen, you can do one of three things:

  • Run warm water through the screen
  • Brush the screen
  • Soak the screen in water

If you run warm water straight through the screen, it will knock debris loose. However, if it is not ideal to run water through the screen, soak it in a dish. You can even leave the screen in lukewarm-to-warm water for an hour.

Otherwise, use a pipe cleaner or even a toothbrush to brush the inside of the screen.

4. Unclog the Injector

Now, it’s time to inspect the injector itself for a clog. Remove both the top and bottom pieces of the injector assembly. The top of the injector can come off by hand, but you will need a tool, such as a hex, for the bottom.

Use warm water, a brush, or pipe cleaners to clean the injector assembly just like the screen. You should see debris fall out from the opening of either piece of the injector.

5. Remove Brine Line Flow Assembly

The water flows through the injector into the brine tank through the brine line flow assembly. It is a brass fitting that easily screws off of the top of the injector assembly. Look through the brine line flow assembly to see if there is an obstruction.

There is a clip partially blocking the opening of the assembly. If you detect debris in the assembly, remove the clip in the opening with pliers. Look at the back of the assembly, and if the washer at the end is clogged, clean it with water.

Be careful and avoid using metal tools when cleaning the brine line flow assembly, the injector, or the screen. When you are done, turn the pressure back off and take the system out of backflow mode. Now, water should drain and fill your WaterBoss 900 brine tank properly.

Related Questions

What is the correct water level in the brine tank?

Many brine tanks have up to 6 gallons in them. However, the amount of water in the brine tank varies based on the capacity. You need to keep the tank ¼ of the way full, which is 6-8 gallons for a WaterBoss 900.

Why is there no water in my brine tank?

If there is no water in your brine tank, it is likely due to a salt clog. Either a buildup of salt or other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, can create a clog and block water.

How long does a WaterBoss water softener last?

WaterBoss water softeners can last 10-15 years if you clean it regularly. Once multiple parts stop working, or you need to make repairs too often, replace your WaterBoss water softener.

What size WaterBoss do I need?

If you live in a family home or have several roommates, the WaterBoss 900 brine tank is what you need. However, if it is just you and one or two other occupants, a WaterBoss 700 is perfect for you. WaterBoss recommends that homeowners in the city use their 750 brine tank.

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What Did We Learn?

If your WaterBoss 900 brine tank is full of water, the injector and screen are likely clogged. You can fix it by removing and cleaning the injector, screen, and brine line flow assembly. Always depressurize your water softener system before doing any maintenance, for safety reasons.

Your WaterBoss 900 brine tank should be roughly ¼ of the way full, but if it more than that, clean the injector. If you misplace or break the injector while cleaning it, a replacement costs $20-$40. Good luck cleaning and draining your WaterBoss 900 brine tank.

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