Vizio TV Legs Too Wide For The Stand? (Here's What You Can Do)

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Many typical issues come with getting a new TV. Those common issues can include things like connection and setup to mounting the television. In most cases, these are less like problems and more like learning curves. And like every new television, often even with the same manufacturer, there are new things to figure out. That includes learning how to deal with issues like when Vizio TV legs are too wide.

If The Vizio TV legs are too wide for your stand then they can be either readjusted, replaced with universal legs, or the stand itself can be changed. Readjusting the legs is a fairly simple process, and it won’t cost anything more than a little time. Universal TV legs aren’t expensive and provide another good option. Additionally, the stand can always be replaced with a wider one.

These are also often the types of situations most of us never imagine until those situations present themselves as realities. Did we “eyeball” that size wrong in the store? Maybe we didn’t actually look and the mounting or leg set up on the TV before ordering it? And oh, the surprise when we take it out of the box, only to realize the TV legs are too wide.

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What to do When Vizio TV Legs are Too Wide

Don’t panic the good news is that reasonable and affordable fixes exist. So, no, you won’t have to send the TV back. And yes, there are several options for TV legs. First things first, however, and here is a look at what to do when we realize that the Vizio TV legs are too wide.

Try Adjusting the TV Legs

If the Vizio TV legs are too wide for the TV or entertainment stand, then one possible fix is to move or adjust the TV legs. On many models of TV’s the legs are often attached only using a couple of screws. These legs are commonly found on adjustable slots that permit moving the legs in or out.

The good news is that it will be obvious if the legs on the TV are adjustable. If they are not moveable, then it will require removing the old TV legs and replacing them with an alternative setup.

Use Replacement TV Legs

Many TV models, including Vizio TVs, don’t have or are not made with adjustable or moveable legs. Fortunately, there is also an easy fix when the legs on the Vizio TV are too wide. In most cases, universal TV Legs will work. Universal TV legs are also commonly referred to as universal Table Top TV Stands or just simply universal TV stands.

This is also an affordable solution. Most replacement universal TV legs can be bought for less than $50. These universal replacement TV leg kits are also simple to put together according to most consumer reports. Most TV leg replacements come with the necessary attachments, tools, or parts. It is advised, however, to have a Phillips screwdriver handy for some TV leg stand kits.

The Last Resort

Although it isn’t the option most of us would prefer, there are situations where the best solution when the Vizio TV legs are too wide for the TV stand is to replace the stand itself. It may be that the aesthetics of the replacement TV stand conflict with the decor. It could be that some people prefer the TV as is and simply don’t want to deter its appearance.

More economically-friendly TV or entertainment stands can be purchased for less than $200. More expensive entertainment and television stands can easily cost more than $500. These prices, of course, will be influenced by obvious factors such as size, type of material, and functions.

The Other TV Stand and TV Mounting Options

Using a TV stand or entertainment center is the most common and popular way to set up a television. There is, however, another option that rivals traditional TV stands in popularity, and that is wall-mounted TV options.

TV Wall Mounts

Mounting flat screen TVs on the wall is arguably the most common and popular option for mounting flat screens. That also means that unless your television is an older box style set, then a wall mounting bracket might be another excellent alternative for your TV set up.

These wall mounting brackets are typically simple to put up and only require the most basic construction skills. In other words, the average homeowner can handle the job. Wall mount kits are also affordable and typically cost less than $50.

And with so many newer TVs being flat screens, these wall mounting bracket options have become a common TV mounting option for homes everywhere. There is also another alternative for mounting a TV using the wall.

TV Wall Stands

Another option for people wanting to find reliable and good ways to set up or mount a TV is using TV wall stands. These are also sometimes referred to as “ floating shelves.” The appearance of these shelving and wall stand options is the reason behind the moniker floating shelves.

These wall stands are secured by mounting the brackets to the wall. The shelf is attached by locking into those mounted wall brackets. Hence, the appearance and the name. These alternative TV stand options are typically for flat screen televisions.

These are typically more costly TV stand alternatives and can range from $400 to $1000. It is also important to note the weight-bearing ratings of the shelves in addition to the depth and shelving dimensions before buying.

Stand-Alone TV Stands

One more option for a Vizio TV setup when the legs are too wide for your stand is using a stand-alone TV stand. These can look similar to tripod setups or a variety of other stand styles. This is also another affordable alternative as stand-alone TV stands are generally less than $100 at most retail and online stores.

These stands are also appreciated for their appearance and usually streamline looks. So stand-alone TV stands not only fix the problem of the TV legs being too wide but also eliminates the need for legs at all. There is one small complaint that has been aired though regarding these TV stand alternatives.

The only concern that TV owners should be aware of is the stability concerns surrounding some stand-alone TV stand styles and models. In most cases, these are worries about falling or potentially tipping over, especially around guests or small children and animals.

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Related Questions

There aren’t many people who don’t own a TV today, and many of those own multiple TVs too. With that many TVs and that many different types of televisions, there are also inevitably many more questions too. Here are a couple of the more frequently asked questions regarding TVs and TV stands.

How Can I Reinforce My TV Stand?

For people who want a little extra security, they make a variety of TV stand stabilizers. Have you ever just looked at the TV sitting on the TV stand and felt like it wasn’t completely stable? That is why they make straps, reinforcement braces, and other stabilizing options for TVs.

In most cases, these are very affordable options too, typically costing less than $25 to purchase. The most vital aspect of using any type of TV stabilizer though is ensuring that it keeps our TV upright and safe.

Can I Put the TV On the Floor?

The simple answer here is, yes, a TV can be put on the floor. And according to some newer fashion and decor reports, it may even be en vogue to do so. Fashionable or not, however, it is still generally a preferable option to put the TV on a stand.

A stand generally allows for better circulation, and it also makes it much less likely to get bumped, kicked, or damaged. And replacing a TV will cost considerably more than getting a new stand.

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