Tile Roof Replacement Cost [Pricing By Type & Square Foot]

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Your choice of roofing can impact the level of comfort you experience at home. That important choice can also help determine how much you’ll have to spend on maintenance and HVAC expenses moving forward. If you want a type of roof that offers both practical and aesthetic benefits, you should consider installing a tile roof.

Tile roofs are lauded for being durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful. You also don’t have to worry too much about upkeep because those roofs are low maintenance. Of course, you cannot forget about cost when it comes to any new installation and tiles roofs do not come cheap.

Removing your existing roof will cost $3.70 per square foot. The price of your new tile roof will depend on which type you want to use. Composite tiles are the cheapest at $10 per square foot while solar tiles cost the most at $19 per square foot. The cost of labor for tile roof installation is $12 per square foot.

A new tile roof could be the crowning glory for your beautiful home. The benefits that come from that installation will also prove useful for a very long time. Discover how much replacing your roof with a new tile roof will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost to Remove Existing Roof

Task InvolvedCost Per Square Foot
Removal of Existing Roof$0.80
Disposal of Old Materials$0.40
Underlayment Installation$2.50

Before choosing new roof tiles for your home, you should worry about removing your existing roof first. The proper removal of your existing roof is crucial to the replacement process. The average cost of roof removal is $3.70 per square foot.

In this case, the process will involve the actual removal of the roof, the disposal of the materials, and underlayment installation. You’ll see why installing that underlayment is important just a bit later in this article.

Removal of Existing Roof

On average, removing an existing roof costs $0.80 per square foot. Don’t let that small number fool you because removal costs can pile up quickly.

You should leave roof removal to the professionals because doing so minimizes the odds of your home getting damaged. DIY roof removal won’t save you any money if repairs are needed afterward.

Disposal of Old Materials

The roofing materials removed from your home will have to be disposed of properly. The workers won’t do that for free. They will charge $0.40 per square foot if you’re asking them to handle the disposal.

It’s best to leave the disposal up to them since they likely already have the containers and vehicles needed for that. Disposing of the old materials yourself can be a huge hassle.

Underlayment Installation

Installing new underlayment or replacing old underlayment will cost $2.50 per square foot. The cost of underlayment installation may give you pause, but you must move forward with it.

Remember that individual roof tiles can break off due to extreme weather. By installing underlayment, you can keep your home protected even if one of those tiles is displaced.

Cost of New Tile Roof by Type

Tile Roof TypeCost Per Square Foot

What type of material do you want to use for your tile roof? That’s an important question to ask and one you should take the time to answer.

The choice you make will affect more than just the appearance of your roof. The material you install may also affect the durability of your new roof and how difficult it will be to maintain. Find out more about the available material options by checking out the section below.


Your first material option is ceramic. It’s pretty pricey at $18 per square foot.

Ceramic is a popular choice because there are so many colors available. You can complement your home’s overall décor easily by choosing ceramic.

Do note that freezing temperatures can be damaging to ceramic tiles. They may not fit your home depending on where you live.


Clay tiles can also be used for roofing. They are among the more affordable options at $11 per square foot.

The rustic appearance of clay is a point in their favor. You should also consider using them because of how well they hold up against the elements.

The downside to choosing clay tiles is difficult installation. The workers may charge more because of how difficult those tiles are to handle.


If you’re looking for the most affordable options, you should use composite tiles. Composite tiles only cost $10 per square foot.

Why are composite tiles so cheap? That’s mainly because their durability lags well behind the other available options. Their design versatility is useful, but their less than stellar durability makes them a somewhat risky choice.


We’re continuing the run of affordable tile options by highlighting concrete now. You’ll have to pay $12 per square foot if you want concrete roof tiles.

Concrete tiles are very durable. That’s the main reason why you should choose them. They don’t offer much in terms of looks, but many homeowners are fine with that.


You can also install a metal tile roof over your home. Those metal tiles cost $10.50 per square foot so they’re pretty affordable.

Choose metal tiles for your home if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep. The appearance of a metal roof is also something many homeowners like.


Slate roof tiles are expensive. They are priced at $16 per square foot.

Being durable is the standout quality of slate roof tiles. Once installed, they will remain there for a long time.

However, the installation itself can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Prepare for a large bill if you want slate tiles covering your home.


Finally, you can install solar roof tiles on your home. Solar roof tiles are very expensive. They cost $19 per square foot.

Solar roof tiles are expensive, but they will pay off not long after installation. Use the energy those tiles gather to reduce your utility bills. You may even be able to go off the grid with the help of those solar roof tiles.

Labor Cost to Install Tile Roof

Estimate TypeCost Per Square Foot
Low-End Estimate$6
Mid-Range Estimate$12
High-End Estimate$18

Roof installations are complex projects. Tackling roof installation solo is not recommended because it can be dangerous and you may end up damaging the tiles. Allow the professionals to handle that job for you at the cost of $12 per square foot.

Professional roofers can also modify the tiles if needed so they fit your roof better. Your roof will look better if you leave the job of installing the tiles to the professionals.

Do You Need Tile Roofing Installation or Replacement?

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What Is the Life Expectancy of a Tile Roof?

Tile roofs can last for an incredibly long time. As long as they were set in place properly, the roof tiles can remain in good condition for 50 years.Metal roof tiles are even more durable. They can stay on your roof for a century.

Is It OK to Pressure Wash Roof Tiles?

No, pressure washing your roof tiles is not a good idea. Pressure washing can damage the surface of the tiles so you should avoid doing that.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Tile Roof?

Maintaining a tile roof involves regular cleaning and inspections. Professionals charge $0.50 per square foot for tile cleaning. Annual roof cleaning is recommended if you live in a humid area, but bi-yearly cleaning is adequate otherwise.Tile roof inspections cost an average of $350. You should get your tile roof inspected at least once every three years.

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