Bathtub Replacement Cost [Per Square Foot Pricing]

bath tub replacement cost

Are you thinking about upgrading your bathroom to give it a fresh look? One of the best ways to make an impact is by replacing your old bathtub or, if you only have a shower right now, to add a new one. Unless you have advanced carpentry and plumbing skills, this will involve hiring a professional to carry out the work.

The average bathtub replacement cost is $3,631 for the tub, materials, and labor. Homeowners spend an average of $2,600 for a bathtub, and labor costs $100 per hour for plumbing and tiling. It costs another $1,150 to install new plumbing when you replace a bathtub.  

This guide will take you through all the costs which may be involved in installing a new bathtub so that you can plan an accurate budget.

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Bathtub Installation Or Replacement Cost

Bathtub Installation Cost
Low Range Typical Average High Range
$185 $1216 – $6,247 $3,631 $10,000+

The cost typically ranges between $1216 and $6247. In reality, the cost of a new tub can be anywhere from $185 for a modest, low-end installation to over $10,000. However, the higher end is if you go for a real wow factor at the top end.

Cost To Remove And Install Bathtub

Installation Costs
Project Average Cost
Bathtub $200 – $14,000
Surround $500 – $2,000
Remove Tub $50 – $100
Dispose Old Materials $100 – $4200
Install Plumbing $400 – $1900
Fix & Prepare $300 – $800
New Faucets $50 – $900
Total $750 – $20,000

Cost To Remove A Bathtub

The cost of removing and installing a bathtub can range from $750 to $20,000, depending mainly on the type and brand of the tub you choose. For instance, removing glass whirlpool tubs may be more expensive than removing a freestanding corner bathtub. It all depends on the weight of the tub and the complexity of the project.

Expect to pay between $50 and $100 to have your old bath tub removed. Also, the disposal will cost between  $100 and $4,200.

Cost Of A New Bathtub

The first thing for installing a new bathtub is the preparation work, which will cost you around $300-$800. This is the fun part, as you get to choose the bathtub of your dreams!

Depending on your budget, the cost of a tub can be anywhere from $200 to $14,000. The surroundings will cost an additional $500-$2,000, and faucets will add anything from $50-$900 to the cost.

Cost To Install New Bathtub

The final step is the plumbing and installation, which typically can cost between$400 and $1900. This gives a total of anything between $750 and $20,000 for the entire project.

The most significant expenditure is for the bathtub. However, the state of the plumbing or the surfaces on which the tub will sit can also greatly influence the overall cost. Maybe you want to keep the existing surround. If so, investigate whether this is a viable option or not.

Average Cost To Replace A Bathtub And Surround

Average costs of installing a new bath tub and surround range between $1,500 and $11,000.  Combining this with a built-in shower and surround can be a cost-effective option.

Cost To Tile A Tub Surround

Expect to pay in the range of $750 to $1,500 to re-tile a bath surround. Cost depends on the tiles you choose, as they can be anything between $0.50 and $15 per square foot. Natural stone is, of course, more expensive than ceramics.

This price will also depend on whether your new tub is of standard bathtub size. Depending on the bathtub sizes, someone may need more materials or less.

Bathtub Sizes, Styles & Prices

Bathtubs can cost anything from $600 to $14,000. The features you select will have a heavy impact on the price.

Cost By Style
Style Price
Jet/Whirlpool $1,000 – $14,000
Soaking $600 – $13,000
Freestanding $750 – $12,000
Clawfoot $600 – $10,000
Walk-In $2,000 – $8,000

Whirlpool baths can be found from as little as $1,000, while a high-end brand can cost as much as $14,000. A simple soaking tub or a claw-footed bath can cost between $600 and $10,000.

On the other hand, a free standing one, between $750 and $12,000. Walk-in bathtubs, ideal for those with limited mobility, will range from$ 2,000 to around $8,000.

Jet & Whirlpool Tub Costs

Total installation costs for a jetted whirlpool tub start from $1,500 and go as high as $17,000, with an average of $6,500.

Average Installation Costs Jet Tub
Factor Price
Tub $1,000 – $14,000
Labor $450 – $2,000
Sealant $20 – $80
Joists $30 – $40 each
Concrete Slab $4 – $6 per sq ft
Glue $20 – $60
Total $1,500 – $17,000

Whirlpool or jetted bathtubs come in a wide variety of designs. The actual cost of the bathtub can be anywhere between $1,000 and $14,000, depending on size, type, and brand.  The average price is around $5,000.

The labor cost will usually be between $450 and $2,000, excluding additional work such as repairing walls or pouring a concrete floor.  A bathtub installation can take anything from 6 to 25 hours to complete, with an average of 18 hours.

Installation of a typical whirlpool bathtub will need:

  • Joists to reinforce the floor
  • Adhesive and sealant
  • Concrete to make the surface even (may be required)
  • Wiring and other parts for an electrical connection

Other Considerations

  • Be aware that due to the tub’s weight, a full reinforcement of the floor may be needed.  The surrounding area will need to be correctly sealed to prevent leaks.
  • When you’re thinking of installing an indoor or outdoor tub, the first thing to do is consult a plumber.  You’ll often need a bathroom re-modeling specialist and a plumber, as a single contractor may not have the required expertise in all areas.

Cost To Install Jetted Bathtub VS Whirlpool Hot Tub

The jet tub installation cost is likely to be between $1,500 and $17,000, while the price of a whirlpool hot tub installation is between $1,250 and $10,700. The main difference lies in the cost of the tubs. Hot tubs are easier to install.

Jetted Bathtub VS Whirpool Hot Tub
Materials Jetted Tub Hot Tub
Tub $1,000 – $14,000 $1,000 – $10,000
Labor $450 – $2,000 $175 – $500
Sealant $20 – $80 $20 – $80
Glue $20 – $60 $20 – $60
Total $1,500 – $17,000 $1,250 – $10,700

Bathtub Prices By Style

The price of your project will also depend on the style of the tub you choose. For example, walk-in tubs tend to be more expensive than a clawfoot tub. Although this also depends on the material from which it is made.

Clawfoot Tub Cost

A clawfoot tub will cost from $600 to $10,000, with an average of about $2,000. High-end options make use of copper or natural stone.

They come in styles inspired by the 19th-Century, as well as contemporary designs. They can blend into any decorating theme, from antique to uber-minimalist. The clawfoot tub drainpipe will most likely come with the tub. If not, you may need to pay an additional $25 to $40.

Soaking Tub Cost

A soaking tub averages $1,000 but can be anything between $600 and $13,000. The price is affected by the size, as these are often 2-person tubs.  Since they’re designed to allow you to sink into, the basin is typically 14 inches tall or more.

Cost Of Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs cost between $750 and $12,000, with an average of around $2,500. It is most appropriate for a more oversized bathroom, as access is from all sides. Garden tubs cost from $900 to $5,000 and tend to be larger than average.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs vary from $2,000 to $8,000, with $5,000 being the average. The price will depend on features such as jets.

Walk-in tubs are great for people who find it challenging to get into and out of a standard bathtub. They can include features such as whirlpool jets or built-in alcoves for soap to offer a touch of luxury.

New Tub Costs By Material

A replacement bathtub will cost anywhere between $200 to $14,000, depending on what it’s made from.  Typically, they range from $500 to $2,000.

Cost By Material
Material Price
Cast Iron $400 – $14,000
Acrylic $300 – $14,000
Cultured Marble $1,200 – $2,000
Steel $200 – $1000
Fiberglass $200 – $800

Cast Iron Tub Cost

An enameled cast-iron tub price will be around $1,300 on average, or from $400 to $14,000. Cast iron is durable and has good heat retention.   However, it is heavy, so your floor may require reinforcing to bear the weight.


Acrylic is a popular choice for families, being scratch and fade resistant. With a non-porous surface, cleaning after use is easy. Acrylic bathtubs range from $300 to $14,000. Expect the cost of most standard-size models to be between $700 and $1,000.

Cultured Marble

There’s no doubt that cultured marble will give your bathroom a real sense of style. However, it’s easy to scratch and is prone to damage.  It is also heavier than acrylic, so your floor may require reinforcing to handle the extra weight.

A cultured marble bathtub costs between $2,000 and $5,000, installed. Labor costs account for about $450 to $2,000 of this amount.

Enameled Steel

Steel bathtubs cost from $200 to $1,000. They are not as expensive as cast iron. They are prone to chipping and are very noisy when filling.


Fiberglass tubs cost around $200 to $800. Its advantages are that it’s lightweight and comes in different colors.  However, it has low heat-retention properties, so not suitable for long, relaxing soaks.

What Is The Best Material For A Tub?

Cast iron baths are the toughest as the coating resists chips and dents, and it handles most kinds of cleaning products. Acrylic is also quite challenging, but it can be damaged.

Shower To Tub Conversion Cost

The cost of replacing a shower with a bathtub can be from $1,900 to $10,400, providing you are not expanding your bathroom to make space.  If you are, expect to pay $10,000 to $15,000 more. The most significant expense is the price of the materials.

Conversion Costs
Associated Projects
Project Price
Remove Shower $50 – $100
Remove Debris $100 – $200
Bathtub $500 – $5,500
Tub Surround $500 – $1,000
Clean up/Repair $300 – $800
Install plumbing $400 – $1,900
New Faucets $50 – $900
Total $1,900 – $10,400

Bathtub Installation Cost Factors

When you install a new bathtub, you may inadvertently incur additional expenses such as:

  • Water heater replacement
  • Replacement of existing plumbing
  • Upgrading of the electrical panel

For example, your existing water heater may not be capable of supplying a much bigger tub, and your electrical panel may not power the jets.

Many people don’t factor these additional costs into their budget. It’s better to have a contingency fund available in case these unexpected but unavoidable costs occur.

Water Heater Replacement

Installing a new water heater costs $1,161, though prices vary from $804 and $1,548. These prices include the unit itself and labor.  A heater without a tank will cost from $1,000 to $3,000.  A water heater will cost from $300 to $2,000+ for the unit. Labor costs range from $45 to $150 per hour. On average, the work needs 2 to 3 hours.

Replacing The Plumbing

While your existing plumbing may be perfectly adequate for your old bathtub, it may not handle the additional needs of your new one. This is why it may be necessary to replace some or all of your existing plumbing.

It will cost between $353 and $1836 to replace small pipe sections, with an average cost of $1,076.  If your entire home needs new piping or plumbing, expect to pay from $1,500 to $15,000.

Projects for installing new water pipes are quoted by fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. You should expect to pay anything from $600 to $1,600 per fixture. However, this is depending on whether the plumber supplies the fixture or not.

Upgrade Electrical Panel

If you go for a whirlpool bathtub with jets, the power requirements may need an upgrade of your electrical panel, which can cost between $800 and $3,000.

The power requirement for homes used to be 60 amps. But with the increased use of air-con, IT equipment, HD TVs, and hi-tech home automation gadgets, the need is now 200 amps. To upgrade your electrical panel to 100- or 200-amps, expect to pay between $800 and $3,000.

DIY Tub Installation VS Hire A Professional

Installing a bathtub is not recommended for DIY, especially if your current tub needs to be removed. When you start your search for bathroom remodelers near you, ask about their previous projects. Get at least three quotes before you make your choice.

Hiring A Professional

Plumbers typically charge between $50 and $150 per hour. Some may quote a flat rate for the project, while others prefer to charge by the hour for time and materials.

If your renovation requires:

  • Framing
  • Tiling
  • Plumbing

Think about choosing a general contractor to make the job of coordinating several tradespeople easier.


If you still want an element of DIY, to minimize cost, you could take responsibility for removing debris. You could also replace the water heater if you wanted to save on costs as well!

If you want to try your hand at the entire project, make sure to familiarize yourself with local plumbing codes. That way, you will bypass any unnecessary fees or fines.

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Related Questions

How much does a plumber charge to install a bathtub?

A bathtub installation costs somewhere in the range of $100 to $2,000, excluding the tub’s price. Installation in a new bathroom, if you’re putting in pipes simultaneously, may cost less.

If you discover plumbing issues, these will increase the cost between $400 to $1,900 for new pipework and $150 to $350 to repair leaks.

Where is the best place to install my tub?

There are several choices about where to install your bathtub, including:

  • Alcove
  • Platform
  • Undermount
  • Freestanding
  • Corner

Can a tub be refinished?

This is an inexpensive alternative if your tub is in good shape but is slightly scratched or chipped.

Installing a tub liner costs from $1,800 to $5,300.  This is an acrylic liner that covers the existing surface. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh new look, but without the disruption and expense of a full re-modeling, refinishing is a perfect compromise.


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