Samsung TV Home Button Not Working? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

One of the great features of Samsung TVs s the HOME button on the Samsung remote control. Pressing this button allows you to your favorite entertainment channels, useful TV features, and much more from this option. However, when the HOME button on your Samsung remote quits working, you can reach frustration quickly.

When the HOME button on your Samsung TV doesn’t work, more than likely, you have an issue with bad batteries, software problems, or a damaged remote control. Diagnosing and remedying a dead HOME button often involves new batteries, a software or firmware update, or replacing the damaged remote control.

Before you order a new Samsung remote control, it is always better to try a few simple tricks to restore your Samsung TV remote. A few minutes spent doing some simple diagnostics can save you money in the long run. A HOME button that quits working isn’t necessarily due to a broken or damaged remote control.

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Diagnosing the Problem with a Samsung TV Remote Control and the HOME Button

The HOME button may well be the most pressed button on a Samsung TV remote. The HOME button opens the home screen menu bars. You can access all the features and options available on your Samsung Smart TV from these menu selections. The HOME screen accessed by the HOME button is the heart of your Samsung Smart TV.

Everything starts at the HOME screen on your Samsung TV. If the HOME button on your Samsung remote control stops working, you have lost access to most of your entertainment options. There are several things to try when your Samsung TV remote control HOME button stops working.

Step 1: Examine Your Samsung Remote for Obvious Signs of Damage

Before starting any diagnostic tests, take a good look at your Samsung remote. You should suspect that your remote is damaged if there are any signs of damage such as:

  • Cracks
  • Case separation
  • Pet tooth marks
  • Hard drops or other damage

In addition, if your Samsung remote control has been wet, the internal electronics may be damaged. An accidental drop into the water or even a spill that gets liquid inside the remote can cause the electronics to fail.

You can continue to try the next diagnostic steps, but it would also be safe to assume that your Samsung remote control has been damaged beyond repair and needs replacement.

Step 2: Check the Batteries

Before you do anything else, replace the batteries in your Samsung TV remote control with new batteries. Old or drained batteries can cause your Samsung TV remote control to act erratically or fail to work completely. There are some things to remember when changing the batteries in your Samsung TV remote control.

  • When you open the remote control battery compartment, take care. If the batteries are old, they may be leaking. If you see signs of battery leakage in the remote control, handle them carefully and dispose of them properly.
  • If there is leakage, carefully clean the inside of the battery compartment. Don’t submerge or drench your remote control. Carefully use a small toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean any battery residue. If the residue is stubborn, a very small amount of household vinegar might work to loosen the corrosion.
  • Replace the old batteries with new fresh batteries. If you have had new batteries in your storage drawer for a while, check the expiry date on the battery pack. Batteries will slowly use their charge over time, even when sealed in the factory packages.
  • Ensure that the batteries are placed in the battery compartment properly. The correct battery orientation should be marked on the bottom of the battery compartment or on the cover. Batteries that are not placed in the correct position won’t work, and the remote will seem to be dead.
  • Replace the battery compartment cover securely and try your Samsung remote again. If batteries were the problem, the remote and HOME button should work. If things still don’t work, move on to the next step.

With new batteries, your Samsung TV remote control may start functioning properly. Many times, low or dead batteries will cause problems. If changing the batteries in your Samsung remote control doesn’t work, try the next step.

Step 3: Reset the Remote Control

A soft reset on your Samsung remote control may return the HOME button to normal operations. To perform a soft reset on your remote control, you should:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Systematically press every button on the remote within a 20-second time frame.
  • Reinstall the batteries ensuring the batteries are installed correctly.
  • Test the functions of the HOME button on your Samsung remote.

This may or may not solve your HOME button function problem. If this doesn’t return the HOME button to its normal state, continue with the next steps.

Step 4: Reset Your Samsung TV

Since all Samsung Smart TVs have a computer at the core of their operation, resetting the TV may restore the functionality of your Samsung TV remote control. To perform a reset, follow these instructions.

  • Turn your Samsung TV off using the remote control or the on/off button on the TV.
  • Unplug the power cord on the TV from the wall outlet. Now is a good time to examine the power cord and outlet for damage, such as signs of arcing or overheating.
  • Allow your Samsung TV to sit for three to five minutes unplugged. Most Samsung TVs have capacitors that can hold an electrical charge for this long and keep your Samsung TV operating system from properly resetting.
  • Plugin the power cable into the wall outlet. If you normally use a surge protector, bypass it for the time being to make sure you are getting the proper power to your Samsung TV
  • Check the function of your Samsung remote control and the HOME button.

If performing a reset on your Samsung TV doesn’t solve the problem with your Samsung TV remote HOME button not working, please continue onto the next step.

Step 5: Update the Firmware on your Samsung Smart TV

The firmware is the operating system in the computer of your Samsung TV that makes it work. Samsung periodically issues updates to the firmware of their TVs as new features are added, or problems are identified. Updating the firmware on your Samsung TV regularly is a good idea and not a difficult chore.

  • Make Sure Your Samsung TV is Connected to the Internet. The update service can’t perform the updates unless it can connect to the Samsung website.
  • Go to the SETTINGS menu option and select the SUPPORT tab.
  • In the SUPPORT menu, find SOFTWARE UPDATE and click on the option.
  • Choose the AUTO UPDATE button and turn it on.

Follow the instructions that appear on your Samsung TV screen to install any updates that may be pending. This will ensure that your Samsung TV has the latest firmware edition installed. Updating the firmware may return your Samsung TV remote to full operation.

Step 6: Do a Full Factory Reset on your Samsung TV

Performing a full factory reset on your Samsung Smart TV is almost a last-ditch effort. There is no guarantee that a factory reset on the TV will return your Samsun remote control HOME button to service. What will happen is all your internal settings that are stored in the Samsung TV memory will be lost.

If you do a factory reset, you will basically need to start from scratch setting up your Samsung Smart TV. All your apps and passwords will be lost, any scheduling or settings will be put back to the factory settings. Many Samsung TV owners prefer to purchase a new remote control rather than perform a full factory reset.

However, if you wish to try a full factory reset before purchasing a new remote, here are the instructions.

  • Turn your Samsung Smart TV on and navigate to the SETTINGS menu.
  • Access the GENERAL tab and look for the button labeled RESET.
  • A new screen will display and ask you to enter the reset code. To perform a full factory reset on your Samsung TV, enter 0000.
  • Press the button on the screen.
  • A full factory reset on your Samsung TV may take up to 15 minutes. Be patient and let the system work and follow any additional instructions shown on the screen.

Remember, you may need to reset some of your custom settings and enter your username and passwords again.

Purchasing A New Remote

If none of our steps return your Samsung remote HOME button to full function, it may be time to consider purchasing a new remote control. Repairing a Samsung remote control is not an economical solution.

We recommend that you purchase a genuine Samsung remote control rather than a universal remote. The buttons on a universal remote control often don’t operate with your Samsung TV the way you might expect. Purchasing a genuine Samsung remote control ensures that everything will work correctly.

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Getting Your Samsung Remote Control Back in Operation

Nothing is more frustrating than a Samsung remote control that doesn’t operate properly. This is especially true if the HOME button doesn’t work. The HOME screen is the heart of your Samsung TV. Hopefully, these steps, tips, and tricks will get your Samsung TV remote control operating smoothly.

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Dennis Howard

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