What Are The 8 Safest Neighborhoods In Sarasota, Florida?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

With a tight-knit population of 54,425 residents, Sarasota is a relatively quiet city in Sarasota County on the southwestern coast of the state of Florida. The city is located south of the Tampa Bay area and north of Fort Myers and Punta Gorda. It’s famous for its perfect geographic location that has allowed the city to offer plenty of environmental and cultural amenities, resorts, and beaches. Because of this, there is no question why Sarasota attracts plenty of potential residents.

The eight safest neighborhoods in Sarasota, FL are Harbor Acres, Cherokee Park, South Poinsettia, Avondale, McClellan Park, San Remo, Southside Village, and Jordan’s Crossing. Many of these neighborhoods boast crime rates lower than 1% as well as high income levels and low unemployment rates. While Sarasota generally has a crime rate above the state average, these neighborhoods keep their residents safe.

If you are planning to move to Sarasota, we suggest doing online research or paying a visit. If you still have hesitations, you can have a quick chit-chat with the friendly residents of these eight neighborhoods. You will find a common feeling of well-being and personal safety will abide throughout these communities as they offer each resident an amazing place to live.

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Safest Neighborhoods In Sarasota FL

We’ve put together the eight safest neighborhoods in Sarasota, Florida. The data for crime statistics is from the FBI and includes reviews from residents and visitors. Sarasota scores 71% in livability, which is excellent. While Sarasota’s overall crime rate is 47% higher than Florida’s average, the identified neighborhoods have lower crime rates than average. What’s more, these quiet and friendly neighborhoods also have good access to public transit.

1. Harbor Acres, Sarasota

  • Population:  322
  • Median Income: $93, 917
  • Property crime per 100K: 1,041 (1.04%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 155 (0.155%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.4 %

Harbor Acres is safer than 84% of the cities in Florida. It is one of the best places for residents who like their peace and quiet. That said, the serenity comes with a price tag, as a typical home in Harbor Acres can go as high as $3,096,805. At this price, you can get a four-bedroom and four-bath property.

Harbor Acres is also very accessible to grocery stores and restaurants. If you are looking for a pet-friendly neighborhood, Harbor Acre is the one for you. The residents not only rave about the yards being well kept, but they are also proud to say that they have friendly neighbors. If you like a pleasant walk, Harbor Acres is surrounded by parks suitable for a relaxing morning or night out.

2. Cherokee Park, Sarasota

  • Population:  367
  • Median Income: $102,143
  • Property crime per 100K:1,218 (1.22%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 136 (0.136%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 0.0 %

A bayside location is the hallmark of Cherokee Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sarasota. And since it has existed for quite a while, Cherokee Park has convenient access to shopping, dining, and cultural locations​​. Most of the residents here are young professionals and families who appreciate the advantageous downtown life.

While houses in this area reflect traditional or Spanish styles, every house has been impressively remodeled to preserve its special character. Renting a property in this neighborhood is quite pricey though, as real estate values are around 248% higher than Sarasota’s average.

Residents of Cherokee Park are proud to have a friendly community not only for people but also for pets.

3. South Poinsettia

  • Population:  202
  • Median Income: $101,389
  • Property crime per 100K:1,999 (1.99%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 248 (0.248%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.5 %

South Poinsettia homes are in the higher end of Sarasota’s real estate. The neighborhood is known for beautiful homes with prices ranging from $450,000 to $10,800,000. In fact, South Poinsettia housing is 106% higher than the national average for real estate prices.

If you are fond of walking and appreciating nature, this neighborhood is perfect for you. The “Flower Streets” offer a view of wide varieties of exotic flowering plants and tall oak trees. Walking with your pet can also be a good activity to do here.

4. Avondale

  • Population:  224
  • Median Income: $62,656
  • Property crime per 100K:1,270 (1.27%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 218 (0.218%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.5 %

Avondale is located in one of the most desirable neighborhoods located West of the Trail in Sarasota. The neighborhood features a tree-lined street that provides easy access to downtown Sarasota.

Properties in this area vary from originally built ranches in the 1950’s and 1960’s to newly built modern homes, giving you the best of both worlds! Each residence measures around 1,500 square feet for $569,000 to 85,000 square feet of approximately $ 11,000,000. Rental prices in Avondale are 18% higher than the Sarasota average.

The really great thing about Avondale is that the crime rates are 60% lower than the Sarasota average.

5. McClellan Park

  • Population:  297
  • Median Income: $102,143
  • Property crime per 100K:1,270 (1.27%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 218 (0.218%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 0.0 %

McClellan Park is a West of the Trail neighborhood located west of Osprey Avenue. It is a worthwhile neighborhood with 108 different architecturally designed homes. You will find everything from old-Florida homes to newly constructed mansions.

The average rental cost for McClellan Park comes out to $3,500 per month where you can rent a house with two beds and two baths. The rental prices in McClellan Park are 37% higher than Sarasota’s average. This isn’t a surprise because the residents of McClellan are mid-career executives with a median age of 49.

6. San Remo

  • Population:  186
  • Median Income: $101,389
  • Property crime per 100K:1,270 (1.27%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 218 (0.218%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.5 %

A friendly and safe neighborhood is what San Remo is proud to be. Crime rates here are 60% lower than the Sarasota average and 40% lower than the US average. There is only a 1 in 68 chance of you being a victim, with a -3% decrease in year-on-year crime.

Sam Remo comprises 67 residential lots plotted since 1953, all with direct or indirect waterfront access. It is located on the southernmost boundary of the city of Sarasota, close to the north bridge to Siesta Key.

Real estate prices are 135% higher than the Sarasota average. Meanwhile, rental prices are 2% higher than the Sarasota average. Sam Remo residents describe the atmosphere between neighbors as friendly and cooperative.

7. Southside Village

  • Population:  165
  • Median Income: $93,917
  • Property crime per 100K:1,270 (1.27%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 218 (0.218%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.4 %

Southside Village is a place with a nostalgic charm. It is a classical American suburb from 50 to 60 years ago. Homes from different decades exist side by side, each beautifully landscaped. It is extremely walkable and you can visit other impressive neighborhoods such as Harbor Acres and McClellan Park.

Taking a walk in Southside Village is a delightful adventure – you can go in three different directions that will all bring you to commercial centers, schools, and markets.

Real estate prices are quite steep in Southside Village – houses are 307% higher than the Sarasota average. However, you can also choose to rent, with rental prices 4% lower than the Sarasota average.

8. Jordan’s Crossing

  • Population: 386
  • Median Income: $34,180
  • Property crime per 100K:1,265 (1.27%)
  • Violent crime per 100k: 272 (0.272%)
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.3 %

Jordan’s Crossing is ranked 5th in Sarasota in terms of livability. It features beautiful homes with an average value of $111,000 dollars, 40% lower than the US average. The cost of living is also cheaper here, at 6% less expensive than the US average..

If you are raising kids, the neighborhood is the best option for you because it is near Tuttle Elementary School. And not only is the neighborhood kid-friendly. You will also be delighted to know that Jordan’s Crossing is a very welcoming and friendly neighborhood that accepts recipients of Habitat for Humanity.

Finally, if you are a plant lover and would like to exchange gardening tips with neighbors, Jordan’s Crossing is the place for you.

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Summing it up

Sarasota is a great and safe option for anyone who is planning to relocate within the city. It is best for young professionals in mid-executive positions, families who are raising kids and older adults who want to enjoy retirement in a quiet city.

Sarasota’s crime rate is lower than many other parts of the state which makes it an attractive destination for many individuals. If you are looking for a place with wide variety of houses to choose from, from traditional ranches to modern architecture, you will enjoy driving past Sarasota’s safest neighborhoods.

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