The 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Louisville, KY

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Louisville is a Kentucky metropolitan area that has a population of 1.2 million. The city was named after France’s King Louis XVI and is the largest city in Kentucky. If

Louisville is a Kentucky metropolitan area that has a population of 1.2 million. The city was named after France’s King Louis XVI and is the largest city in Kentucky.

If you are moving to Louisville, there are plenty of exciting attractions and events. One of the first that comes to mind may be the famed Kentucky Derby. The city comes alive with excitement as Louisville holds a two-week-long festival culminating in what is often referred to as the “most exciting two minutes in sports.”

The safest neighborhoods in Louisville, KY include Cherokee Seneca, Cherokee Gardens, Bonnycastle, Belknap, Hawthorne, Audubon, Hayfield Dundee, Avondale Melbourne Heights, Central Business District, and Highlands Douglass. They are all close to central Louisville and have much lower crime rates. However, keep in mind that Louisville crimes rates are on the rise. Despite this, Louisville is an exciting city with plenty of festivals and scenic locations.

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Fun Festivals

Louisville hosts several festivals and events throughout the year. Each Thanksgiving, Light Up Louisville brings colorful lights to the downtown area to celebrate the holidays. Worldfest celebrates cultures from around the world with food, dance, and music.

The Louder Than Life music festival is one of the largest in the U.S. and attracts almost 125,000 people each year. If you are a Beatles fan, you won’t want to miss Abbey Road on the River, celebrating the Fab Four. It is the largest festival of its kind in the world.

Growth in Job Positions

Louisville has so many promising job opportunities. The unemployment rate is 5%, half that of the national average. There were 2,100 jobs added in Louisville in July 2021 alone. Major employers in Louisville include the United Postal Service, Ford Motor Co., Humana, Kroger, and the University of Louisville.

Excellent Education Opportunities

For K-12, the Jefferson County Public Schools operates 173 schools and serves over 100,000 students.

One of the largest and most visible higher education institutions is the University of Kentucky. But there are also five other four-year universities, a community college and several business or technical schools.

Safety First

Louisville has a lot to offer to those looking to move to a new location. When you have decided Louisville is the place for you and begin looking at homes or apartments, you must consider security.

It cannot be denied that, according to crime statistics, Louisville is among the more dangerous cities in Kentucky. But, Louisville is also the most populous and, with a large population, often comes higher crime statistics.

Crime in general is on the rise in Louisville, but city officials are viewing this increase in crime as systemic. Crime has been on the rise in many larger U.S. cities in the last few years.

Louisville has many safe neighborhoods, but it is up to you to do research to find out which area fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Louisville, KY

To have a fundamental understanding of the safest neighborhoods in Louisville, you should take a look at cold, hard crime statistics. FBI crime data is not available because these neighborhoods have smaller populations, so local enforcement agencies’ data was analyzed to estimate the number of crimes in the area.

1. Cherokee Seneca

Cherokee Seneca is one of the most of the smallest yet most desirable neighborhoods in Louisville. It is listed as the #1 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Louisville.

There are also two large parks nearby. Cherokee Park covers 409 acres, with Beargrass Creek running through most of it. The park was designed in 1891 by Frederick Law Olmsted. Seneca Park, also designed Olmsted, receives over 500,000 visitors each year and has an 18-hole golf course.

Cherokee Seneca (population 2,229) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 284 violent crimes
  • 1,422 property crimes

2. Cherokee Gardens

Cherokee Gardens is a neighborhood located only six miles from downtown Louisville. Home building in Cherokee Gardens began in 1925, with land lots costing over $900,000 (equal to $13.2 million today).

Cherokee Gardens has the distinction of being named the #1 Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Louisville and the #2 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Louisville. It does fall to #4 for the Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Louisville, with a median house value at $528,752.

Cherokee Gardens (population 2,542) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 68 violent crimes
  • 3,740 property crimes

3. Bonnycastle

Part of the Highlands, Bonnycastle saw two-thirds of its 15 subdivisions built in a relatively short period of time (1890-1914). Because of this, this Louisville suburb is filled with Victorian homes and Craftsman bungalows.

The median home value is $405,901, while the median rent is a reasonable $870. However, Bonnycastle is not big on diversity. 96.9% of the residents are white, with 2% Hispanic, 1% other, and less than one percent black.

More than half of the Bonnycastle residents have college degrees. It is listed as #17 (out of 64) in the Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Louisville.

Bonnycastle (population 2,827) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 170 violent crimes
  • 1,690 property crimes

4. Belknap

You will find homes in Belknap somewhat more reasonably priced than those in other Louisville suburbs. The median home value is $291,069, with 85% of the residents owning their own home. Maybe for these reasons, Belknap is listed as the #1 Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Louisville.

In 2012, Belknap received a national award from Neighborhoods, USA. This was the first time Neighborhoods, USA recognized any Kentucky neighborhood.

Belknap (population 7,246) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 176 violent crimes
  • 2,136 property crimes

5. Hawthorne

Hawthorne is a charming little neighborhood that has many streets named after writers or poets. While primarily residential, Sullivan University is located nearby. This private university opened in 1962 and currently boasts 2,700 students.

The median household income in Hawthorne is $81,505. The majority of residents have some college, an associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree.

Hawthorne (population 4,187) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 284 violent crimes
  • 2,195 property crimes

6. Audubon

Audubon is one of the few safe Louisville neighborhoods whose median home value falls under $200k ($194,998). This affordable location sees 82% of its residents owning vs. renting. However, just a little over one-fifth (21%) of the residents have children.

At Area Vibes, Audubon receives a livability score of 92%, which is exceptional. The cost of living is slightly lower than other areas of Louisville.

Audubon (population 5,133) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 333 violent crimes
  • 2,263 property crimes

7. Hayfield Dundee

Like many other Louisville suburban neighborhoods, most residents of Hayfield Dundee own their own homes (85%). That’s understandable as the median home value is $266,116. However, those that choose to rent see a median of $1,154.

Hayfield Dundee is very family-friendly and the schools receive a good, solid B rating from Niche. The crime rate is 40% lower than that of the rest of Louisville.

Hayfield Dundee (population 3,294) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 319 violent crimes
  • 2,413 property crimes

8. Avondale Melbourne Heights

Avondale Melbourne Heights has a slightly higher cost of living than the rest of Louisville, but that is a smaller price to pay for a 36% reduction in crime.

The median age of Avondale Melbourne Height residents is 36.5, and 36% have children. Locals will tell you the neighborhood is very dog-friendly, and 90% of the residents feel safe walking alone at night.

Avondale Melbourne Heights (population 3,582) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 279 violent crimes
  • 2,615 property crimes

9. Central Business District

It sounds very industrial, but the Central Business District of Louisville is actually a favorite neighborhood for many reasons. It’s Area Vibes livability score is a solid 75%. While the cost of living is slightly higher than the rest of Louisville, the rental prices are 51% lower.

Renters vs. owners is evenly split 50/50 in the Central Business District. The median household income is a respectable $81,074 and 34% of the residents have children.

There are excellent local restaurants like Doc Crow’s Southern and the Mussel and Burger Bar. Baseball fans must visit the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Central Business District (population 8,768) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 488 violent crimes
  • 2,763 property crimes

10. Highlands Douglass

Highlands Douglass is a neighborhood located near the Highlands. Singles and young professionals will love the nightlife in the area. Known as Restaurant Row, The Highlands offers nightclubs, upscale restaurants and is close to Cherokee Park.

After a period of neglect in the 60s, the Highlands area went through a gentrification phase in the 90s. The area now thrives, although many families find the area to be very busy. The average age of residents is 20-39.

The Highlands Douglass (population 4,339) 2020 crime statistics:

  • 572 violent crimes
  • 3,243 property crimes

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