What Are The 7 Safest Neighborhoods In Lexington, KY?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

Lexington, Kentucky is the second largest city in Kentucky and the 57th largest in the United States. Known as the “Horse Capital Of The World,” it is surrounded by 450 horse farms and rests in the heart of the famous Kentucky Bluegrass Region. With its culture and beauty, it’s a bucket-list destination for many.

Those seeking great food, great views, and the great outdoors need look no further than Lexington, Kentucky. It’s a great place to live and offers its residents many safe neighborhoods to consider.

The safest neighborhoods in Lexington, Kentucky are Chevy Chase, Reservorir, and Crestwood-Hinda Heights. Crime in Lexington is decreasing year by year and these 3 neighborhoods continue to lead the way with low crime rates, high average incomes, and low unemployment rates. Each of these neighborhoods boast average crime rates that are double digits lower than the rest of the state which make them very safe places to live.

Take a look at how these 7 neighborhoods compare to Lexington, the state of Kentucky, and nationally in overall livability. Metrics considered are cost of living, average income, and unemployment rate.

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7 Safest Neighborhoods in Lexington, Kentucky

With an estimated population of 321,951, Lexington-Fayette County’s crime consistently ranks below the national average, according to the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau. Ranking 10th among US cities in college education, Lexington City is home to the University of Kentucky, making Lexington both a destination and college town. But whether you’re moving or visiting, it’s important to stay informed on where and how to travel in and around Lexington.

1. Chevy Chase – Ashland Park

  • Population: 5,521
  • Median Household Income: $112,213
  • Crime Rate: 2,017/100,000 people (est.)
  • Unemployment Rate:8%

Topping our list of safest Lexington neighborhoods is Chevy Chase-Ashland Park, only 2.4 miles from the Lexington city center.

One of the larger neighborhoods on our list with a population of 5,521, its crime rate is relatively low. Residents have a 1/50 chance of becoming the victim of a crime, making it safer than 95% of the cities in Kentucky.

The median household income in Chevy Chase-Ashland Park is $112,213, significantly higher than the national average. It has an exceptionally low unemployment rate of 1.8%.

This is reflected in its high cost of living. But while real estate prices are 163% higher than the Lexington City average, rental prices 14% lower. Still, it is the most expensive neighborhood listed here.

2. Jamestown

  • Population: 1,938
  • Median Household Income: $35,124
  • Crime Rate: 2,324/100,000 (est.)
  • Unemployment Rate: 8.8%

Further south is the neighborhood of Jamestown, a smaller neighborhood with a population of 1,938. It is located further from the city center and is a quieter, more suburban area.

Though Jamestown’s crime rate is slightly higher than Chevy Chase-Ashland Park, it is still 29% lower than the Lexington average. The neighborhood is 87% safer than the state of Kentucky overall as well.

The median household income comes in beneath the national norm at $35,124. Its unemployment rate of 8.8% is also higher than average.

Housing costs, however, are also on the lower side. The cost of living in Jamestown is 8% below the Lexington average, real estate prices are 39% lower, and rental prices are about level with the surrounding area.

3. Reservorir

  • Population: 10,003
  • Median Household Income: $97,684
  • Crime Rate: 3,063/100,000 (est.)
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.4%

Reservorir is the second largest neighborhood on our list. It is located just east of Lake Hickman, southwest of downtown Lexington.

With a population of over 10,000, its crime rate is surprisingly low. Crime rates in Reservorir are 7% lower than the surrounding city and it is safer than 83% of cities in Kentucky.

The lakeside neighborhood boasts a high median household income of $97,684, 77% higher than the country’s average. Unemployment rests at 3.4%, also lower than the country’s average.

As a result, the cost of living in Reservorir isn’t quite as favorable. Real estate prices are lofty, 115% higher than Lexington overall. The cost to rent isn;t quite as high and floats only 3% above than the city average.

4. Crestwood-Hinda Heights

  • Population: 2,152
  • Median Income: $69,037
  • Crime Rate: 3,134/100k people
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.3%

Crestwood-Hinda Heights is the fourth safest neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky.

Less than 4 miles from the city center, it is a suburban neighborhood located just south of the University of Kentucky. Appropriate for this proximity, the education level in Crestwood-Hinda Heights is very well-rated, with much higher average test scores than Lexington and Kentucky overall. 96% of residents have completed high school.

The median household income in this neighborhood is $69,037, decently higher than the national average. Its unemployment rate is also considerably low at 3.3%.

Safer than 89% of Kentucky cities, Crestwood-Hinda Heights residents have a 1/32 chance of becoming the victim of a crime.

The cost of living in Crestwood-Hinda Heights is higher than both the national and Lexington average.

5. Douglas Park

  • Population: 1,476
  • Median Income: $24,094
  • Crime Rate: unavailable
  • Unemployment Rate: 17%

Douglas Park is located less than two miles away from the Lexington city center. In walking distance to its namesake park, the neighborhood is also conveniently located close to public schools and other community centers.

FBI crime data for Douglas Park is unavailable. However, both violent and non-violent crime rates are estimated to be level with the national average.

The median household income in Douglas Park is a low $24,094, over 50% lower than the national norm. The unemployment rate is also higher than average at 17%.

However, the Douglas Park neighborhood is more affordable than some of the others on our list. Real estate prices are 100% lower than the Lexington City average. Rental prices are also 16% lower than the surrounding city.

6. Meadowthorpe

  • Population: 1,597
  • Median Income: $54,759
  • Crime Rate: FBI crime data for Meadowthorpe is not available.
  • Unemployment Rate: the unemployment rate in Meadowthorpe is unavailable.

Only 2.2 miles from downtown and with a population of only 1,597 is Meadowthorpe. It is walking distance to Meadowthorpe Park and in close proximity to a number of restaurants and grocery stores.

FBI crime data for Meadowthorpe is not available. However, crime rates in Meadowthorpe are estimated to be equal to the national average. It is estimated that residents have a 1/31 chance of becoming the victim of a crime.

Unfortunately, unemployment and educational data is also unavailable for this neighborhood. It is estimated to be average.The cost of living in Meadowthorpe is slightly below average for Lexington. Real estate and rental prices are also equal to the city’s average. Overall, Meadowthorpe is representative of the norm for Lexington City.

7. Blueberry Hill-Brigadoon-Stoneybrook-Baralto

  • Population: 16,957
  • Median Income: $42,729
  • Crime Rate: 3,259/100,000 (est.)
  • Unemployment Rate: 4.3%

Finally, #7 on our list of safest Lexington neighborhoods is Blueberry Hill-Brigadoon-Stoneybrook-Baralto. It sits 6.3 miles from the Lexington city center. With a population of almost 17,000, it is the largest neighborhood on our list.

Residents of Blueberry Hill have a 1/31 chance of becoming a victim of a crime, though this is still safer than 89% of the cities in Kentucky. Its crime rate is average for Lexington.

The median household income in this neighborhood is lower than the national average at $42,729. Its unemployment rate, however, is only 4.3%, which is lower than the national average.

The cost of living in Blueberry Hill is about average for the area, while both real estate and rental prices are both lower than the Lexington average.

Is Lexington Safe?

Though crime rates in downtown Lexington City are higher than the national average, crime has decreased by 5% in recent years. Lexington is becoming safer and safer each year as these rates continue to drop. This conclusion is based on the FBI’s uniform crime reports. As a general rule, the southwestern portions of the city seem to be safer than central and northern Lexington, as seen in the distribution of the neighborhoods listed above.

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau assures visitors that the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Police Department regularly patrol the downtown area and act as effective crime deterrent.

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Considering The Facts

Lexington, Kentucky is a city rich in history and culture with no shortage of excellent restaurants, breweries, and places to visit. Though any large city will have its more dangerous areas, Lexington is home to several beautiful and safe neighborhoods. If you are looking to move or just to take a visit, any of the 7 places listed here would be a great choice if you’re looking to enjoy the Kentucky Bluegrass Region.

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