What Are The 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Sacramento, CA?

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Sacramento is California’s capital city and is a desirable place to live with a lot of wonderful qualities. As a matter of fact, in 2020, Sacramento was the number two destination in the country for home searches for people considering a new city to live in! Young families and professionals come to Sacramento for its vibrant arts and culture scene, outdoor activities, great schools, and job opportunities. Another reason people move to Sacramento is because of its safety, and it’s much safer than you think.

In Sacramento, for every 100,000 people, there are approximately 656 crimes each year. This ranks Sacramento high on the list of dangerous cities nationwide. Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Sacramento are about 1 in 30.

The safest neighborhoods in Sacramento are generally north and south of the downtown area. This includes River Park, Elmhurst, Campus Commons, Westlake, and Pocket. To the west of Sacramento are open spaces of undeveloped land and wildlife areas, so crime isn’t a concern. However, no matter where you are, safety should always be a consideration. Being aware of your surroundings, keeping valuables hidden from sight, and investing in a home security system are recommended.

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What are the Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento, California?

In order to determine the safest areas in Sacramento, we took a look at published FBI crime data. More specifically, we analyzed the population, violent crime, property crime, and total crime in a given area. Those communities that had the least amount of crimes per 100K people for 2021 made our list of the top ten safest neighborhoods in Sacramento.

  • River Park
  • Elmhurst
  • Campus Commons
  • Westlake
  • Pocket
  • Creekside
  • Willow Creek
  • Natomas Creek
  • Sundance Lake
  • Heritage Park

No place is 100% safe, 100% of the time, but knowing ahead of time the risks and concerns can save you many headaches and help avoid a bad situation before it happens. With that said, let’s dive deeper and explore these communities in detail, along with their characteristics, amenities, crime rates, and livability.

1. River Park

  • Population: 3,871
  • Median Income: $94,192
  • Crime Per 100K: 6,874
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 194
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 572
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.6%

Most River Park residents own their own homes and love the urban and suburban feel of this neighborhood. This area of Sacramento has a fairly even mix of young professionals, families, and retirees that tend to be more on the conservative side of things.

River Park’s homes almost always have big yards for the kids, but nightlife for the adults. The public schools in this area are rated far above average and provide the children who attend some of Sacramento’s best education. The median home value in this neighborhood is $530,624 making it an affordable place to live in Sacramento.

2. Elmhurst

  • Population: 1,680
  • Median Income: $74,005
  • Crime Per 100K: 2,426
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 435
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,748
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.9%

Residents in Elmhurst most frequently own their homes and enjoy a mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. Young professionals, retirees, and some families live in Elmhurst and they tend to lean liberal.

The UC Davis Medical Center is adjacent to Elmhurst, so many of the medical staff make up the neighborhood. Elmhurst has a great nightlife scene, with lots of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. The area also has neighborhood parks which are great for walking the dog or having young kids play.

The public schools are above average and allow kids a better education than other areas of Sacramento. The median price of a home in Elmhurst is $537,500, making it a more budget-friendly place to live in Sacramento.

3. Campus Commons

  • Population: 2,526
  • Median Income: $34,051
  • Crime Per 100K: 2,376
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 504
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,671
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.6%

The median price of a home in Campus Commons is $390,661, making it one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Sacramento to live in. It has an urban feel and is a great neighborhood for young professionals. Young professionals tend to live in this area and they lean more liberal than surrounding areas of Sacramento.

Campus Commons has several popular bars and pubs and also a good selection of restaurants and cafes. The median home price in Campus Commons is $425,000, making it an affordable place to live in Sacramento. Campus Commons public schools are above average. Campus Commons homeowners tend to purchase homes and stay for a very long time, so home inventory can sometimes be low. You may have to search for a home in Campus Commons but it will be worth it.

4. Westlake

  • Population: 1,289
  • Median Income: $103,309
  • Crime Per 100K: 1,524
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 273
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 2,098
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.1%

Westlake is an upscale suburb, with abundant parks, open green spaces, restaurants and cafes, and nightlife. The area is named after the lake that sits almost exactly in its center: Westlake. It also sits adjacent to a beautiful green space called Egret Park. There are more residents that own, rather than rent, their home in Westlake. The area attracts young professionals and families and they tend to lean more liberal.

The median home value in Westlake is $473,291, making it an affordable place to live. The public schools are rated higher than average. Westlake is a safe neighborhood with a lot to offer young professionals and families.

5. Pocket

  • Population: 25,569
  • Median Income: $82,571
  • Crime Per 100K: 1,255
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 199
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 935
  • Unemployment Rate: 4.6%

Pocket is a neighbored about five miles from downtown Sacramento. The area was nicknamed ‘pocket’ because it sits in the bend of the Sacramento River. The area became popular in the 1960s and to this day is an older style neighborhood in terms of architecture.

Many residents purchase homes in Pocket and tend to stay for a long time. Pocket is also close to the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, which has over 16,000 acres of wildlife popular with bird watchers, hunters, and nature lovers.

The public schools are rated higher than average in this neighborhood. Residents tend to own their open homes and lean more conservative. The median home price is $443,069. This area is very popular for families; it has many local parks and open spaces for outdoor activities.

6. Creekside

  • Population: 4,278
  • Median Income: $71,113
  • Crime Per 100K: 2,032
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 297
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,535
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.5%

Creekside is a relaxed, suburban neighborhood of Sacramento. The area has access to parks, green spaces and is accessible to Natomas Regional Park, a very popular area for walking, hiking, biking, and more. The public schools in Creekside are rated higher than average and there is also a highly rated charter school. Creekside has abundant shops, cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and more and nearly everything is within walking distance from homes or apartments.

The median price of a home in Creekside is $351,488, making it an affordable place to live. Most residents one, rather than rent, their home. Creekside is popular with young professionals and families and they tend to be more liberal.

7. Willow Creek

  • Population: 4,404
  • Median Income: $70,602
  • Crime Per 100K: 1,353
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 220
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,067
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.9%

Willow Creek is a lively and comfortable suburban neighborhood in bordering the Sacramento River. The crime rate is very low and the public schools are rated highly. The median price of a home is $303,200, making it an affordable area to live in. There’s a strong sense of community in Willow Creek, with lots of cafes, parks along the river, like Shorebird Park with paths for walking, jogging, biking, and more.

Many young professionals and families live in Willow Creek and the area tends to lean more liberal. There is a large country club in Willow Creek with golf, tennis, and more. The homes in this area can be quite expensive, upwards of $800,000.

8. Natomas Creek

  • Population: 2,512
  • Median Income: $83,958
  • Crime Per 100K: 3,889
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 507
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 2,987
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.6%

Natomas Creek is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood in Sacramento. The median home price in Natomas Creek is $281,400, making it an affordable area to live in. Most residents own, rather than rent, their homes. There are three major parks in Natomas Creek – Westhampton Park, Magnolia Park, and Golden Poppy Park — making it ideal for lots of outdoor activities.

The area also has lots of dining options with restaurants, cafes, and pubs. The public schools in Natomas Creek rated higher than average and offer its students a high-quality education. Natomas Creek is very popular with families and they tend to be more liberal.

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9. Sundance Lake

  • Population: 3,083
  • Median Income: $66,646
  • Crime Per 100K: 2,015
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 120
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,804
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.7%

Sundance Lake is a more upscale suburban neighborhood than others on our list. One of the most appealing aspects of the area is the large parks in the neighborhood, with lots of green, open space. Sundance Lake residents tend to lean liberal and most own their homes. The median home price is $419,435, making it a desirable and affordable place to live. There are also some very expensive homes in this area, just under $1 million.

Public schools in Sundance Lake are rated higher than average, allowing its students a quality education. There are lots of coffee shops, restaurants and nightlife options. There is a large lake in this area, called Sundance Lake, and many homes are built around it.

10. Heritage Park

  • Population: 1,117
  • Median Income: $47,598
  • Crime Per 100K: 2,187
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 134
  • Violent Crime Per 100K: 1,348
  • Unemployment Rate: 7.0%

Heritage Park has very low crime compared to other Sacramento neighborhoods. Most of Heritage Park is a gated community for retirees. There are many parks and areas for walking and outdoor activities like jogging, biking, and more. Heritage Park is a friendly community and many people purchase homes and stay there for a long time.

There are a few parks nearby in Heritage Park and they are accessible by walking, bike riding, jogging, and more. The residents of Heritage Park tend to lean liberal. The schools are rated above average. The median home value is $416,776, making it an affordable area to live.

Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento for 2021

RankNeighborhoodPopulationViolent Crime (per 100K)Property Crime (per 100K)
1River Park3,871194572
3Campus Commons2,5265041,671
7Willow Creek4,4042201,067
8Natomas Creek2,5125072,987
9Sundance Lake3,0831201,804
10Heritage Park1,1171341,348

What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Sacramento?

Though Sacramento isn’t exactly known for having a high crime rate, there are still areas within city limits that are very clearly dangerous. As with any large city, crime does occur in Sacramento and you should take all the necessary steps to protect yourself. This includes staying vigilant, being aware of your surroundings, not flaunting money or jewelry, avoiding wandering around on foot at night, and knowing the particularly unsafe areas to avoid.

According to the latest FBI crime statistics, the following are the top ten most dangerous neighborhoods in the City of Sacramento:

  • Parker Homes
  • Natomas Corporate Center
  • Point West
  • Del Paso Park
  • Midtown
  • Gardenland
  • Upper Land Park
  • South Hagginwood
  • Johnson Heights
  • Wills Acres

All of the aforementioned communities have total crime rates that are exponentially higher than both national and city averages, and should be avoided if you’re seeking out the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento, California.

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