What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In St. George, Utah?

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by Gary Evans

Describing St. George, Utah as a city on the rise would be accurate. At this point in time, St. George is exhibiting signs of growth that few other cities in the country can match.

You may be intrigued by the things happening in St. George right now. If that’s the case, you should take a closer look at the city and evaluate it carefully. There are certainly reasons why moving there could turn out well for you and other reasons why that may not happen.

The upside to moving to St. George now is that you get to hitch a ride on its rapidly growing economy. St. George also features the kind of natural landscape that warrants being seen in person. Don’t forget to consider the cost of living expenses though because they tend to be quite high.

There may be no better time to move to St. George, Utah than right now. See if that is a kind of move you should look to make by continuing with this article.

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What Are the Perks of Living in St. George, UT?

The idea of living in St. George, Utah is not going to be a tough sell. The points detailed below are strong enough to make the case that living in St. George long-term is a great idea.

Booming Economy

The number one reason why you should be excited about the idea of living in St. George is the economy there. To put it simply, the economy in St. George is booming at the moment.

Recent job growth in Utah’s Dixie is 1.2 percent. Seeing that written out, we know that it doesn’t look that impressive. That’s why you need to put that number into context.

1.2 percent may not seem like much, but consider that the recent growth rate for the country is actually negative. Whereas the job market in many parts of the country shrank, the one in St. George still grew. It’s modest growth, but it’s way better than what other cities have experienced recently.

The recent growth rate is not the only reason to be optimistic about St. George’s job market. The projections for the city’s economy are even more exciting. The job market in St. George is expected to grow by over 55 percent over the next 10 years. St. George will significantly outpace the growth of the country’s economy over that same timeframe if those projections hold.

You may also be glad to know that the economy in St. George is pretty stable right now. The unemployment rate there is about half of what it is for the rest of the country.

From an economic standpoint, you won’t find a lot of cities that are more appealing than St. George at the moment. St. George is one of the best places to live in throughout all of Utah thanks to its booming economy.

Gorgeous Outdoor Landscapes

The landscape of Utah is fairly uncommon. Once you make it out of the urban areas, you’ll find long stretches of desert. Further in the distance are red rocks that jut out into the sky.

Utah’s rugged wilderness is stunning to behold in person. For many residents of St. George, conquering that terrain has become their hobby. It could become yours as well if you decide to move to the city.

Link up with hiking groups in St. George if you want to make your first outing in the area a success. Taking on the red rocks your first time out can be quite the challenge. It would be ideal to get some pointers from veteran climbers first.

You can also camp outdoors together with your family. Make use of the numerous campsites that are located throughout the wilderness of St. George.

Notable outdoor destinations to visit in this part of the country include Zion National Park and the Beaver Dam Mountains. You can also find a wide variety of interesting rock formations that are located just beyond the outskirts of St. George.

Go for a Las Vegas Outing

St. George doesn’t exactly boast a wide array of options if you’re looking for nighttime entertainment. It’s a sleepy town in that regard.

So, what should you do if you’re looking to have a raucous celebration? Well, one option is to head out of town and go on a short road trip. Las Vegas is located close by if you want to live it up.

The drive from St. George to Las Vegas will take about two hours or so. Traffic is often not a problem in St. George so your driving time should not deviate much from that estimate.

You can plan a whole weekend trip to Las Vegas ahead of time. Going there on a whim is also possible, assuming that you have enough money for a hotel stay.

High-Quality Education

Parents moving together with their children will be best served to check out school ratings ahead of time. The good news for parents thinking of moving to St. George is that the city offers a great selection of schools.

Schools in St. George have consistently been on the receiving end of high marks from students and parents. You should be able to find a good school for your kids all throughout the city.

If your kid is about to head to college, St. George is also home to Dixie State University. Over 150 academic programs are offered at Dixie State University. The school also boasts an impressive athletics program if your kid is interested in that.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in St. George, UT?

The city of St. George, Utah has a lot to offer potential new residents. However, there are notable drawbacks to the experience of living there that must be recognized as well. Let’s discuss what those drawbacks are in the section below.

Expensive Homes

Here’s something you may not know: New homes are very expensive in Utah. If you’re looking for a new home in Utah, the median cost is over $337,000. That’s over $100,000 more expensive than the median cost for a new home throughout the rest of the United States.

You have to save up well in advance if you intend to move to Utah eventually. The silver lining here is that homes in St. George are just a bit more affordable.

The median price for a new home there is a little over $300,000. It’s still not budget-friendly by any means, but it is an improvement over what the rest of Utah offers. If you’re looking to be a homeowner in Utah, buying a property in St. George may be your best option.

The other cost of living expenses in St. George tend to be right in line with the country-wide average. Transportation-related expenses are well below average though. Use your savings there to build up your finances again after making such a significant investment in your new home.

Flash Flooding

St. George doesn’t get a lot of annual rainfall. On average, the city only receives about 10 inches of rain every year. Despite that relatively meager rainfall total, the threat of flash flooding in St. George is very real.

Flash flooding in the city is a persistent issue due to the rivers nearby. If they get hit by heavy rainfall, they are prone to spilling over and flooding the city.

Depending on where your home is located in St. George, you may want to invest in some form of flood protection. That certainly beats sustaining significant property damage since you failed to acknowledge the threat flooding posed ahead of time.

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What Are the Liquor Laws in St. George?

For those who may be unaware, St. George has strict laws regarding the selling of liquor. Those laws affect when you can purchase liquor and which kinds of alcoholic drinks are made available.Residents are not allowed to purchase liquor in St. George whenever they want. Buying alcoholic drinks too early in the day or too late at night is typically not allowed. You may also have a hard time finding specific alcoholic drinks in St. George. If you go to your local supermarket, you may find that their selection of liquors is fairly limited.Just remember that driving to Las Vegas is an option if you have plans in mind for an upcoming celebration. Enjoying your drinks of choice will be easier there.

What Is the Climate Like in St. George?

The climate in St. George is a bit different from what residents of other Utah cities experience. Due to its location, St. George tends to have a more desert-like climate. It’s actually pretty similar to what you’ll experience in Las Vegas.Certain stretches of the year get very warm in St. George. The dry heat can be tough to deal with so turn on your air conditioner as needed. On the plus side, the winters are milder in St. George. You won’t have to bust out your winter coat every time you head out for errands.The climate in St. George will take some getting used to. For the most part though, residents find it to be comfortable.

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