Prepare Your Lawn Mower For Spring (Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist)

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by Tom Gaffey

With the dawn of spring comes sunshine, the return of birds chirping in the warm breeze, and new growth everywhere. Daffodils and tulips make their early presence known, and of course, there is your lawn.

The start of spring also means the starting up of your lawn mower. But before you mow your freshly grown grass, there is some maintenance work you should do first. But how do you spring clean a lawn mower?

You should perform a full maintenance checklist on your lawn mower each spring. Make sure you sharpen or replace the blade, check the spark plugs and change the oil. Clean or replace your air filter (depending on the type of filter), and lube up all moving parts. Clean the mower top to bottom, fill it with gas and then get it running to make sure it operates perfectly.

If you don’t already have a normal spring ritual for your lawn mower that you complete each year, now is the time to start. Lawn mower maintenance has many benefits, and shouldn’t take longer than one afternoon to complete.

Follow the checklist below so you can keep your current mower running great for as long as possible.

Why Lawn Mower Maintenance Is So Important

Sure, your lawn mower might start up without you having taken these maintenance steps, but proper maintenance helps your machine run better and for longer. Below are some of the top reasons why a spring maintenance checklist for your lawn mower is so important.

It Increases Longevity: By performing a maintenance checklist, you are not only keeping your mower running, but you are also keeping it in top condition. Failure to perform these maintenance tasks can put undue stress and damage on the mower and its engine.

Safety Benefits: Lawn mowers are also potentially dangerous machines. It is important you properly check the machine before you push it around your lawn all spring and summer. The checklist ensures that all is operating correctly.

Potential Savings: Proper maintenance can also save you money. For one, the better care you take of the mower, the longer it will last. This saves you money because you won’t need to buy an expensive lawn mower as frequently. Also, when you don’t replace air filters, lubricate the parts and sharpen the blade, then your mower has to work harder. This often means it becomes less energy-efficient, which will cost you more money in gas to run the machine.

A 7-Step Lawn Mower Maintenance Checklist For Spring

1. Replace Or Sharpen The Blade

A lawn mower isn’t much use without a sharp and powerful blade. Just like all blades, however, over time a lawn mower blade becomes dull and therefore less effective with continued use. The best way to counteract this dullness is to stick to a sharpening or replacing schedule.

It is best to sharpen or replace the blade right before you start using it for the spring and summer. This way, you get to enjoy the benefits of this extra sharp blade throughout the busy mowing months.

2. Change The Oil

Remember that gasoline is not the only fuel and fluid your lawn mower needs to thrive. Oil is important to keep that engine running smoothly. After sitting in the shed or garage throughout the cold winter, your oil is likely due for a refresher.

Empty the old oil and dispose of it safely. Then replace it with the new (correct) oil. Oil should be changed every spring (if you live somewhere with seasons). For those who run their lawn mower throughout the year, you should change the oil every 50 hours.

3. Check The Spark Plugs

Whenever you perform maintenance on your lawn mower, it is wise to pull the spark plugs out. This prevents the mower from starting by mistake. But every spring, you should also check to see if they need replacing. As a rule, you should replace your lawn mower spark plugs every three years or so. If you use your lawn mower year-round, you may need to replace them more frequently.

4. Clean Or Replace The Air Filter

Your air filters also need attention in the spring. Dirty and clogged air filters are bad news for lawn mowers. It forces the engine to work harder and can eventually damage your machine. It also increases fuel consumption, thus costing you more money to mow your lawn. A foam filter needs to be cleaned. Paper air filters should be replaced.

5. Clean And Wipe The Entire Mower (Don’t Forget The Deck)

Cleaning your lawn mower is not much fun at all, but it is very important. In the fall, you should have already cleaned off the grass and buildup from a long spring and summer mowing season.

But you also need to give the mower a good wipe in the spring. Make sure any dirt, dust and other buildup is removed. This helps prevent corrosion and mower damage. It also helps keep your lawn mower looking great.

6. Lube Up The Moving Parts

All machines that are exposed to elements like moisture and earth need to be tweaked and oiled from time to time. This is especially true for lawn mowers when they get wet, as they have several moving parts. Make sure you oil all the wheel bearings and other moving parts in your lawn mower. This will help things run smoothly throughout the season.

7. Take It For A Quick Test Spin

Once you complete your checklist, the final step is to take it for a quick test spin. Make sure the mower starts up normally. Listen for any abnormal sounds. Make sure it moves nicely and it cuts with ease. If it seems to work well, then consider your checklist complete.

Summing Up How To Prepare Your Lawn Mower For Spring

The best way to prepare your lawn mower for the spring is by completing a lawnmower maintenance checklist. This checklist should begin by inspecting the blade and seeing if you need to sharpen or replace it.

Next, check the spark plugs and replace them every three years or so. Make sure to change the oil, add fuel and oil up any of the mowers moving parts. Clean and wipe the mower from top to bottom then start it up to make sure it runs beautifully.

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