Why Won't My Poulan Pro Leaf Blower Start? (Fix It Now!)

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Poulan Pro is a popular name brand leaf blower, but it is not exempt from having mechanical problems. When it does not start, you notice you have a problem to deal with immediately. Sometimes you may get it started, but the engine will sputter, cough, and die, then that is all for attempts.

We will take a look at the common problems and solutions to getting the leaf blower started. Some repairs are best kept to a Certified two-cycle mechanic, but most you can fix yourself. So, if you keep trying and the blower does not fire up, what do you do?

If your blower is not starting, this is most likely due to a dirty air filter. Over time, the air filter will become clogged with debris that it filters from getting to the engine. You can clean the filter, or replace it entirely with a new one, and this should fix the problem.

Why Won’t My Poulan Pro Leaf Blower Start?

Checking the owner’s manual can provide all the information necessary to get you through these steps of troubleshooting.

It can tell you which parts and brands to get compatible with your Poulan Pro leaf blower. We advise reading the owner’s manual before beginning the troubleshooting process for valuable information.

Damaged Spark Plug

The spark plug is the most common part of starting with, which may be the solution right off the bat. If there is no spark, then the blower will never start. Several factors could cause the sparkplug from backfiring, misfiring, or not firing at all.

The problem could be with the spark plug itself, or it can be from bad wiring or a faulty ignition coil. All the components work together to create the spark. Always start with the cheapest item first to save time and money.

Remove the sparkplug with a 5/8″ deep socket and ratchet. Inspect for damages, carbon buildup around the spark area, and check the gap to ensure it is the accurate distance. It is about $4 to replace the old spark plug with a new one, should this be the problem.

Carburetor And Fuel

The best way to check out the carburetor is to take it apart and look for debris and clean it. Ensure all the components are operating correctly, and make sure there is no gunk from trashy fuel. The best way to clean everything inside and out is by using a can of carburetor cleaner.

Carburetor cleaner is the safest way to remove trash and sticky gas. The spray can has a straw to get directly into the hard-to-reach spots to ensure a thorough clean. Once it is clean, check the primer bulb for damage and replace it if necessary.

If it requires new parts, these are the prices you can expect to pay.

  • Carburetor: $50 to $60.
  • Carburetor Kit for Rebuilding: $10 to $15.
  • Primer Bulb: Around $3.

Recoil Starter Pulley

The recoil starter pulley is what turns the motor to get the blower started.As you pull on the rope, it cranks the engine, but it may not connect to turn it over. When this happens, the recoil starter needs to be replaced.

The price is expected around $40 to $50 to replace with a new recoil starter. There may be times the rope is jammed. In this situation, taking it apart and realigning everything will be a quick fix.

Rewind Spring Is Broken Or Offset

While you have the recoil starter pulley taken apart, check the rewind spring. When it goes bad, the rope will not retract once it is pulled. Look to see if it slipped out of place and realign it if that is all that happened to it.

Sometimes the rewind spring breaks or is corroded. It will take replacing it, but it is hard to find sold separately for blowers. You could search for one, but it would be easier to replace the recoil starter pulley.

Check The Fuel Filter

It can be a challenge to start a blower with a clogged fuel filter. If it does start, the chances are high the horsepower will decline drastically. The fuel filter needs changing if you are sure the fuel has been in the blower for a long time.

If the fuel mixture sits, the gas evaporates over time. The two-cycle oil cakes up and clogs the fuel filter, lines, and carburetor. When you check the carburetor, you will know the problem can be the fuel system.

The cost of replacement is not bad at all. A new fuel filter runs about $10 and is easy to change. Remove the lines from each end of the filter and replace them the same way.

Air Filter Is Clogged

Having a clogged air filter will make it hard to start because the blower cannot breathe. Imagine choking and having your airflow restricted. The same thing happens to the blower when an air filter is clogged with dirt and debris.

The air filter is one of the most accessible parts to change and one of the primary maintenance goals. It needs to be cleaned or changed annually. They are relatively cheap, around the lowest cost of $3 or as high as $13.

Check The Power Switch

It sounds funny, but you would be surprised how many times the switch is off while cranking the blower.If the button is off, there will be no igniting to start the blower. If the switch is on, it may need to be replaced if there is a short circuit.

The cost for the parts would be around $5 to $22. It is easy to replace and easily accessible. After the spark plug, it is the next item in the electrical system to check and possibly replace.

A Certified two-cycle mechanic should check everything after this item. The electrical system is something that holds no room for error. Only a professional can repair it, especially if it still under warranty.

Check The Ignition Coil Inside The Ignition Module

Inside the ignition module, there is a coil that wears out over time with repeated starts. If the module or the coil goes out, there is no spark to start the motor. Due to the lethal charge inside the coils, only a professional should handle the repairs.

The ignition coil is one of the most expensive items to repair. The price for the part can go as high as $85. A Certified mechanic charges between $65 to $85 per hour, which jacks the price up.

It may be in the best interest to weigh out the options of repairing or buying a new blower. For the blowers that cost under $100, it would be cheaper to buy a new blower.

Checking The Wires

It is critical to check the wires for cuts or unattached connections. If the copper touches a metal part inside the blower, it can be ground out. This would cause the blower to shut down.

It could start a fire, so it is critical to see about getting it repaired as soon as possible. The blower may not start back up if an exposed wire continues to ground out. Wires are not that expensive, but the mechanic’s bill of labor may be what hurts the pocketbook.

Sometimes a wire may become disconnected. Even when it seems like an easy fix, it can still be dangerous due to the coils’ charge. If the blower is under warranty, fooling with the wires is a good way to have the warranty voided.

Does The Poulan Pro Leaf Blower Have A Warranty?

Under Poulan Pro’s brand, all garden items and gas-powered lawn items have a 2-year warranty. If the manufacturer has any defects, it will cover up to four years. If the blower is under warranty under this time frame, all parts and labor will be covered at no charge.

The warranty is not suitable for improper maintenance, bad fuel, or parts that do not go with the Poulan Pro. It is essential to follow all the terms inside the owner’s manual. If you are unsure, there is a customer service number to call to explain it.

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