How Much Does Leaking Shower Pan Repair Cost?

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When maintaining a home shower, we tend to focus on the showerhead, its fixtures, and the walls. Don’t forget about the shower pan though because it’s an important element of the entire setup. Neglect that part of your shower and it could start presenting serious issues and leaking is among the possibilities.

Look for different signs that will confirm if the shower pan is indeed leaking. You can also run a test on your shower pan to confirm your suspicions. Once you’ve determined that the shower pan is leaking, you can proceed to repair it.

You can get your shower pan professionally repaired for $150. That’s assuming that it’s made of fiberglass because that material is the least expensive to repair. Repairing shower pans made from cast iron, acrylic, or stone costs more. Expect to pay as much as $500 to repair shower pans made from those aforementioned materials.

A leaking shower pan can cause a lot of damage inside your bathroom. Find out how to address that leaking issue properly by continuing with this article.

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How Can You Tell if Your Shower Pan Is Leaking?

The signs of a leaking shower pan can be easily missed because they tend to blend into the bathroom environment. Learn how to identify them better by checking out the details below.

Water Pools Forming

The formation of water pools is a potential indicator that you have a leaky shower pan. Look for those water pools near your shower fixtures or around some crevices.

Stains Showing Up

Water stains also tend to appear if there’s a leaking shower pan in your bathroom. The stains will most likely show up along the walls of your bathroom. They tend to have a dark or reddish color so they’re easy to spot.

Note that the stains caused by your shower pan may also appear beneath the bathroom. Pinpoint the portion of the lower floor’s ceiling that is directly underneath the shower and check it for stains.

The Emergence of Mold and Mildew

Along with water stains, mold and mildew are likely to emerge due to the leak. You need to remove mold and mildew quickly because they can impact the health of the people inside your home. Find the mold and mildew by looking for black or dark green patches around the shower pan.

Loose Bathroom Tiles

Lastly, you should also keep an eye out for loose bathroom tiles if you suspect you have a shower pan leak. The leaking water can seep into the tiles and dislodge them. Get rid of those tiles to prevent someone from accidentally slipping on them.

What to Do if Your Shower Pan Is Leaking

If you’re still uncertain that you have a leaking shower pan, feel free to run a quick diagnostic test. This test is very easy and you can even do it during a workday. Just make sure that no one will need the shower for the next eight hours.

First, you’ll need to pick up some duct tape, a marker, and a bucket full of water. Follow that by checking to see if the shower pan is dry. You can remove some of the standing water using a rag if the shower pan isn’t dry yet.

Next, cover the shower pan drain with several pieces of duct tape. Go ahead and use as much duct tape as you need to ensure that the drain is completely sealed. Pour the bucket of water into the shower pan now. After that, grab the marker and note the current water level.

From there, you just have to wait. Ideally, you want to wait for eight hours before checking up on the shower pan again. If the water is noticeably lower than the mark you placed, then you’ve just confirmed that you have a leak.

Is There a Temporary Fix for a Leaking Shower Pan?

Upon finally confirming that your shower pan is leaking, you now have to work on fixing it. You may not have the time or money to pay for repairs just yet though. In that case, you may want to pursue a temporary solution instead.

Purchase an epoxy sealant at your local hardware store and use that to address the leaking shower pan. Apply the epoxy sealant to any cracked spots in the shower pan. You also want to use it to seal the portions of the pan that lead away from the shower.

Using the epoxy sealant should buy you more than enough time to come up with a long-term solution for the leak. It will help you figure out if the shower pan can still be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Fiberglass Shower Pan Leak Repair Cost

How much will repairing your shower pan cost? Well, that depends in part on the material makeup of your shower pan.

A fiberglass shower pan is the least expensive to repair. You will only have to pay $150 if you want that part of your shower inspected and fixed.

Now if your shower pan is made from acrylic, cast iron, or natural stone, repairing it will cost significantly more. Don’t be surprised if a professional asks for $500 to repair those types of shower pans.

Cost of Hiring a Professional for Shower Pan Replacement

Fixing the shower pan is one thing, but what can you expect if you need it replaced? Unsurprisingly, that is going to cost you more.

In addition to the $150 labor cost, you will also have to purchase the replacement shower pan. A fiberglass shower pan will cost you $300. Getting your leaking shower pan professionally replaced will cost a total of $450.

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Related Questions

Is a Leaking Shower Pan Covered by Insurance?

No, your insurance will not pay to replace your leaking shower pan. The shower pan is considered as an item separate from your home and that’s why insurance does not cover it.However, your insurance policy may cover the water damage that resulted from the leaking shower pan. If your policy accounts for water damage, then you can pay for subfloor or ceiling repairs using your insurance.

Can I Fix My Leaking Shower Pan by Myself?

You can fix the shower pan yourself if you only intend to use  epoxy sealant as a temporary solution. For more major repairs or potential shower pan replacement, hiring a professional will be necessary.Remember that fixing the shower pan may require removing tiles along the shower’s wall and flooring. It’s easy to damage the back wall and subfloor if you aren’t used to performing those tasks.Aligning the shower pan and sealing it properly will also be necessary. Those jobs are second nature to the professionals but they can be difficult to execute solo for DIYers.

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