Is Lithia Springs, GA A Good Place To Live?

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by Dennis Howard

If you are looking for a quiet suburban location for your family Lithia Springs, Georgia may be an option. Located a short 30-minute commute from Atlanta, Lithia Springs, GA, offers a low cost of living and reasonable housing. The low-key lifestyle of Lithia Springs creates a haven away from the stress and frantic activity of the Atlanta Metro Area.

Lithia Springs is an unincorporated community of about eighteen thousand residents. The atmosphere of Lithia Springs is reminiscent of a small town in rural Georgia many years ago. Many people choose to live in Lithia Springs for this reason. In many ways, the ambiance of Lithia Springs is laid-back and relaxed.

Don’t expect a booming nightlife if you move to Lithia Springs. Overall, you should expect a quiet, suburban setting that, in many ways, is very average. Atlanta is nearby, as are some larger cities that offer more diversity. Of course, there are bountiful recreational, educational, and occupational opportunities in the area.

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Less May Be More in Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs, Ga, is currently an unincorporated area. The residents of this community depend on Douglas County for all essential services such as police protection. The area has been incorporated twice, once in 1882 and again in 1994. Voters chose to disincorporate the area in 2000, citing the failure of the city to provide services as required by the State.

By and large, the residents of Lithia Springs, Ga, don’t find the lack of a formal city government a problem. Many residents prefer the freedom from local taxes and local government intervention. There are advantages to living in an unincorporated area, but you must balance these against the disadvantages.

What Residents Like About Lithia Springs

Residents of Lithia Springs are often very explicit in what they find attractive about living in Lithia Springs. In general, these positive remarks include:

  • The area is quiet and peaceful.
  • Atlanta is nearby and offers a wide variety of cultural and entertainment options.
  • Many residents describe Lithia Springs as quaint.
  • Being unincorporated doesn’t seem to be a problem. The Douglas County sheriff’s department does a great job.
  • The cost of living is reasonable, and taxes are low

Residents of Lithia Springs often move to the area, searching for these very things. Small town charm, a laid-back lifestyle and a more rural situation are often the core reasons for living in Lithia Springs.

The Downsides of Living in Lithia Springs

There are some issues with living in Lithia Springs that some residents adamantly voice. These complaints, for the most part, deal with the lack of services in the area. Overall, these complaints center around these factors.

  • Essential services are lacking. Fire suppression, utility services, and infrastructure issues are the core problems most often cited by residents.
  • Much of the housing is older, and there isn’t much new development in the area.
  • The overall standard of living seems to be below average, as are the schools
  • Amenities such as parks, sidewalks, and streetlights are lacking in many areas of Lithia Springs.

If you are looking for a bustling, active lifestyle in an area with lots of development, Lithia Springs may not be your best choice. Change seems to be slow and infrastructure support is not a priority issue.

Telling the Story with the Facts

To get a better understanding of life in Lithia Springs, the basic statistical information provides a good understanding. Cost of living, housing, and crime are considerations for anyone choosing a new place to live.

Cost of Living in Lithia Springs

Overall, the cost of living in Lithia Springs attracts many residents. If you chose to move to Lithia Springs, you could expect your cost of living to average 92.1 on a scale where the average cost of living in the US rates at 100.

Looking at the components making up a cost-of-living index is a good way to judge how much your lifestyle will be affected by a move to Lithia Springs.

Costs ComponentsLithia SpringsGeorgiaUnited States
Cost of Living Index92.193.4100
Food and Personal94.795.5100
Utility Costs98.3103.2100
Housing Costs63.180.7100
Healthcare Costs90.595.5100
Transportation Costs124.7105.1100
Unclassified Costs10194.8100

Establishing a Home in Lithia Springs

The cost of housing as a component of living in Lithia Springs is significantly lower than in Georgia and the US. This disparity can be significant when an investment in a home is often the largest purchase many families make. Overall, you can purchase more home for your money than anywhere else in Georgia or the US.

  • The recent average sale of a home in Lithia Springs is $109,500.
  • In general, the average per square foot price of a single-family home in Lithia Springs is $131.
  • The average apartment rent in Lithia Springs is $1,020 per month.
  • Taxes on property in Lithia Springs is $8.46 per $1,000 of appraised value.

Overall, there are great values on real estate to be found in Lithia Springs, Ga. These bargains on homes and apartments contribute to the popularity of living or moving to Lithia Springs.

Buying the Essentials – The Average Cost of Running Your Home

Lithia Springs enjoys an advantage over other places in Georgia and the US in the costs of maintaining and running a home. Looking at utility costs, grocery costs, and healthcare costs shows advantages for Lithia Springs.

  • Utility costs in Lithia Springs are slightly less overall than in the US and Georgia. Depending on your lifestyle, this can result in significant savings in your day-to-day cost of living.
  • Many families find grocery and sundry contribute significantly to their cost of living. In Lithia Springs, these costs, to a certain degree, are cheaper. Larger families may benefit more than singles in this category of costs.
  • Healthcare costs also offer some advantages. Overall, the cost of healthcare in Lithia Springs is less than the average in Georgia or the US.

The costs that impact a family’s day-to-day are important considerations for anyone relocating. Lithia Springs can offer many advantages to families in the costs associated with day-to-day life.

Transportation in the Lithia Springs Area – Getting Around Is Expensive

Many people who relocate to the Lithia Springs area plan to commute to Atlanta or another nearby city. Unfortunately, these plans can contribute to higher costs to live in Lithia Springs. The higher transportation costs are among the few cost of living components above both the US and the Georgia statistics.

For those families who must commute daily into Atlanta, this can add to the cost of living in Lithia Springs. The trade-offs for the other benefits of living in Lithia Springs may easily outweigh these additional transportation costs.

Above and Beyond the Statistics

Many factors affect the choice of where to live. These factors are often more important to some families than the statistical data. The livability of an area includes recreational opportunities, education availability, and the cultural aspects of life. In many ways, Lithia Springs offers many possibilities in these categories.

Recreation – Life Outside of Work

Georgia, as a whole, offers great recreational opportunities. The Lithia Springs area is rich in recreational and outdoor opportunities for families. Consider some of the nearby facilities and places available.

  • Locally, Lithia Springs enjoys several parks. These include Mt Carmel Park, Lithia Springs Girls Park, and Collar Park
  • Georgia’s Sweetwater Creek State Park offers camping, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. The abandoned textile mill offers some historical context to the park. The 215-acre lake is a popular spot for fishing and boating
  • Nearby Atlanta brings the availability of world-class cultural, music, and entertainment venues. A short drive into Atlanta puts you and your family at the heart of a vibrant metropolitan area with all the amenities, including great music, fine dining, and family thrill parks.

Fitting In – The Ambiance of Lithia Springs

If you decide that Lithia Springs, Ga, is a place that fits your lifestyle, you shouldn’t have problems fitting into the community. By and large, residents of Lithia Springs believe that their community offers residents some attractive differences.

  • Lithia Springs is a diverse community that welcomes everyone. Residents repeatedly mention the friendly attitude in comments by current residents of the area. The small-town atmosphere is a source of pride for many residents of Lithia Springs.
  • According to the US Census Bureau, more than one-quarter of Lithia Springs residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Politically, the Lithia Springs area is progressive. Most voters in this area typically support Democratic candidates in state and national elections
  • Surveys of residents in the Lithia Springs area show that the area’s laid-back atmosphere is its largest advantage for most people.

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Making the Move to Lithia Springs, Ga

Overall, Lithia Springs, Ga. offers many advantages to someone wanting a rural lifestyle with the urban amenities nearby Atlanta offers. The freedom offered by moving to an unincorporated community attracts many people who are happy to enjoy the less intrusive style of community. There are downsides, but many find these easily overlooked.

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