Is Albany, GA A Good Place To Live?

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Georgia is a notable U.S state for its many memorable cities from Savannah and Atlanta to Columbus and Albany. Albany is different than other busy Georgia cities due to its many natural beauties, parks, and outdoor attractions. With all of the beauty and history that it has to offer, is Albany, GA a good place to live?

Albany, GA is a good place to live because of the affordable housing, extensive education system, and comfortable weather. Housing costs are below the national average in Albany, GA, and there are 22 schools to choose from in Albany. Unfortunately, crime rates are high in Albany and the city has a high unemployment and poverty rate.

There’s no such thing as a perfect city, but Albany, GA is certainly a great place to live. The quality of life in a city is determined by the cost of living, comfortability, crime rates, and enjoyable activities available. Follow along as we explore the ins and outs of what it’s like to live in Albany, GA.

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Why Is Albany, GA a Good Place To Live?

It’s easy to overlook Albany because Georgia boasts many iconic cities, like Savannah and Atlanta, but it’s a great place to live. Between the affordable housing and gorgeous weather all year, Albany, Georgia is a comfortable place to live. There are several things that Albany has going for it that make it an ideal Georgia city, such as….

Affordable Housing

You can easily afford to rent or own a home in Albany, GA due to low housing costs across the board. The median home value is $99,800, but the poor economy in Albany only allows 40.4% of residents to own homes. That percentage is low for a city with such affordable housing, but it is welcome nonetheless compared to expensive cities like Atlanta.

Renters pay an average of $738 per month in Albany, GA, whereas Savannah residents pay $1,109. That can save you money compared to the $1,128 that homeowners pay in monthly ownership costs. However, even that number is low when you consider that it covers mortgage payments and bills.

Great Weather

It can get sticky during the summer, but Albany, GA residents can enjoy great weather all year. You get to experience a perfect mix of mild winters, beautiful springs, and comfortable summers in Albany. It doesn’t get quite as hot as it does in Atlanta, but the summer does heat up quite a bit.

You don’t have to worry about shoveling snow in Albany during the mild winter. Precipitation occurs all year, but it is usually in the form of sporadic rain off and on seasonally. Albany gets an average of 50 inches of rain or less per year, and it’s just enough to not overstay its welcome.

Impressive Education System

Albany, Georgia stands out for its impressive education system given the size of its larger county. The city is part of Dougherty County, and the Dougherty County School System includes 22 school options. Dougherty County currently serves 16,844 students between elementary, middle, and high schools.

There are only 4 options for middle schools and 3 for high schools, but the county features 14 elementary schools. You can find an even mix of public and private schools around Albany in the greater Dougherty County. College-age students can also enjoy the famous Albany State University in the city which has an impressive curriculum and sports activities.

You can find seven colleges in or within driving distance of Albany, Georgia right now. Schools like Georgia Southwestern State University, Albany Technical College, Andrew College, and Franklin University attract thousands of students each year. Parents in Albany can save money through the impressive public school system or invest in their kid’s education with private schools.

Many Attractions

There is no shortage of fun things to do in and around Albany, Georgia, and the rest of Dougherty County. You can enjoy a day of leisure in Radium Springs Gardens and hit the Albany Museum of Art on the way back. Exciting attractions include the Adventure Dive Center, Kayak Attack Adventures, and Chehaw Park and Zoo.

Many of the attractions in Albany, GA are related to the surrounding nature or history of the city. Albany has beautiful wildlife and natural wonders, as well as a deeply rooted history. There is also an extensive mall in Albany and a decent nightlife that includes fun restaurants and bars throughout the city.

What Are the Downsides to living in Albany, GA?

Albany does boast many great benefits, but it can also be difficult to live in this Georgia city. For example, Albany residents face a 7.1% unemployment rate and widespread poverty throughout the city as well as a high crime rate. There are many reasons that Albany, GA residents have to feel like their city can improve, and that includes…

  • Albany, Georgia is in the top 10 most dangerous places to live in Georgia due to its high crime rate. Property crime affects 1 in 20 Albany, GA residents, and violence affects 1 in 91 people. There are 77 crimes per square mile in Albany, GA, and theft is the most common with 2,536 recent reports.
  • The poverty rate sunk in Albany, GA to 30.8% recently, and that goes hand in hand with the crime rate. The average Albany resident earns $20,313 per year, but there are many unemployed residents. Albany currently boasts a 1% unemployment rate, and the state unemployment rate is only 53% right now.
  • Albany, GA has been hit with several tornados throughout history, and there was a destructive cluster in 2017. Tornados hit Albany and other cities, such as Adel, Georgia, and cause severe property damage and harm. They don’t always cause mass destruction, but you always run the risk of getting hurt or losing property during a tornado.

What Is the Cost of Living In Albany, GA?

The cost of living in Albany is much lower than in other Georgia cities, like Savannah, Columbus, and Atlanta. Housing costs are low for renters and homeowners alike, but high unemployment prevents many residents from owning. Factors such as grocery and utility prices also determine the cost of living in Albany.

  • The housing market is affordable, and 40.4% of Albany, GA residents own their homes with low monthly costs. Monthly housing costs average $1,128 for homeowners in Albany between mortgage payments and bills. Rent is more affordable at $738 per month, but it’s easy to rent or own and keep up with the bills in Albany, GA.
CityMedian Home ValueAverage Rent
Albany, GA$99,800$738
Columbus, GA$141,300$906
Savannah, GA$156,500$1,019
Atlanta, GA$290,400$1,153
  • Groceries cost 3% more in Albany, GA than in the rest of the United States of America, on average. That is not a huge difference, but every cent counts, especially when you have to feed a full family. Albany, Georgia makes up for it with their low utility prices that are 7% lower than the national average.
  • You can expect to pay $2.79 per gallon for gasoline in Albany, GA, making public transit a better choice. Albany boasts an affordable and extensive public transit system that currently includes 13 bus routes for residents to use. There is also an Amtrak in Albany that you can reach by bus, so you don’t need to drive to make it to work every day.

Related Questions

Is Albany, GA a safe place to live?

Albany, GA is one of the most dangerous cities to live in Albany in terms of crime. Sadly, 1 in 20 Albany residents fall victim to property crime, and there have been over 2,500 reports of theft this year. The safest neighborhoods in Albany, GA are Crestwood, Putney, and Double Gate, but the center of the city is dangerous.

Does Albany, GA have an airport?

No, Albany, GA does not have an airport, but there is one located only 4 miles south of the city. The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport is right by Albany, GA, and it is Dougherty County as well.

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Summing It Up

Albany, GA is a good place to live for the most part, but it is quite dangerous. Property and violent crime increase gradually year by year, and unemployment is high. The poverty rate in Albany, GA is over 30%, and that correlates to the increase in crime in the city.

Albany parents can access the extensive and impressive education system or elementary, middle, and high school. There are 22 schools to choose from for children in Albany, and there are 7 colleges nearby. Housing costs are quite low in Albany, and the median home value is $98,800 which is below the national average.

You can find many fun things to do, such as trips to the park, trail, museum, art installation, restaurant, or bar. Try to avoid the crime in Albany, GA and stick to neighborhoods such as Crestwood and Double Gate where it’s safe. Albany, GA is a great place to live due to the low cost of living, just be mindful of the crime.

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