How To Prevent A Ring Doorbell From Being Stolen (Do This!)

Hannah DeMoss
by Hannah DeMoss

Ring Doorbells are an advancement in technology that many people want to get their hands on. Unfortunately, this has led to an uptick in the number of doorbells that get stolen off of doorsteps. If you are concerned about this or it has happened to you, you might be curious how you can prevent this case of theft.

To prevent a Ring Doorbell from being stolen, securely attach it to the wall, invest in tamper-proof covers, and attach a sign. Use linked devices to monitor on the go. Always back up data so you have footage of activity around your home. Finally, use a gridbox to ensure your Ring device doesn’t get stolen.

Read on to learn more about how you can prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen. By being proactive, you can keep your new device safe from those who might want to steal it for themselves. Keep the things that belong to you safe by enacting some of these measures.

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Securely Attach It to the Wall

The first way you can prevent your Ring Doorbell from getting stolen is by securely attaching it to the wall. If a thief cannot take the Ring off of the wall, they will lose interest and walk away. This measure might even prevent them from returning in the future to come back for this device.

You can increase the security of the attachment by:

  • Attaching the Ring Doorbell directly to the wall
  • Using extra screws to secure it in place
  • Placing the Ring Doorbell on the doorframe

All of these are great ways to ensure that the doorbell is firmly placed on your house.

Even if it does not prevent a thief from stealing the Ring Doorbell, attaching the device firmly will make it harder for them to follow through with their plans. At the very least, you will have time to go to the police.

Securing the device is simple and can be done quickly in the setup process. Take advantage of this.

Invest in Tamper-Proof Covers

Ring sells tamper-proof covers that go over the device itself. These are not as aesthetically pleasing, but they prevent access to the ring Doorbell unless you have a specific key. Many other brands have developed tamper-proof covers to go over video doorbells like the Ring that are of excellent quality.

Some of the best tamper-proof covers that you can find on Amazon include:

All of these are great options for covers that are tamper-proof, some even better than the Ring brand.

These pieces have different price points, so you should select one that works best for you. Everyone has a different amount they are willing to spend, so work this cover into your budget.

Ensure that you read reviews before you invest in one so you can clarify you are getting a cover that will provide adequate protection for your Ring Doorbell.

Use Linked Devices to Monitor

One of the best parts of the Ring Doorbell system is that you can monitor what is going on on your doorstep from any device that has the paired application. This means that you can potentially catch a thief in action and take the appropriate measures before anything bad happens. You should take action from the inside, not outside to stay safe.

examples of devices you might use to monitor your Ring Doorbell feed include:

  • Laptops, such as Mac or Windows
  • Cellphones, such as iPhones or Androids
  • Tablets, such as iPads or Amazon Fires

These devices can all support the Ring Doorbell system application within their system.

If you have an alternate device, use it to look at your video feed. This action can help you prevent thefts before they are completed.

Of course, it can be tricky to keep track of the video feed all the time. Checking it a couple of times a day should serve you well. Ensure that you have the app attached to many devices for the maximum benefits and potential to prevent theft.

Attach a Sign

While it might seem pointless to put up a sign warning robbers away, they are effective. Purchasing an official-looking sign or warning of a security system will force a thief to think twice about what they are going to do before they follow through and do it.

There are many types of signs you can attach. Some include:

  • Ring Doorbell security stickers
  • Security company sign for your house
  • A warning or danger sign

Any of these signs will drive away thieves, especially if they are in a place visible before the thief can get to the Ring Doorbell.

Make sure you get a sign that looks professional. Companies usually sell their signs online or provide them when you invest in their service.

Attaching a sign might seem like a ridiculous measure to take, but it is surprisingly effective at keeping thieves away from Ring Doorbells. Take this measure even if you think it will not help.

Do Not Ignore Notifications

The notifications your Ring Doorbell sends out are intended to catch your attention. If you do not check these, you could be missing the robbery in real-time. By constantly checking your notifications, you might be able to stop the thief before your Ring Doorbell is taken.

Notifications are vital for many reasons. Some of these include:

  • An indication of robbery or theft
  • Identification of a criminal
  • Informing so you can act before it is too late

Checking notifications is vital if you own a Ring Doorbell and do not want to get it stolen.

If you see a notification on your device, check it right away. You might be able to catch the thief in the act or take action to prevent the event from happening.

Notifications will also keep you safe from more dangerous crimes, such as break-ins or acts where the thief tries to move into your home. Anything you get could be vital, so continue to monitor the alerts that your Ring Doorbell sends out.

Back-Up Videos and Data

Another way to protect your device is by backing up all videos and data that your Ring Doorbell captures. This way, you can ensure that you still have your critical videos if something goes wrong. It might also permit you to capture your thief right on the tape with your motion detector and take action against them.

To download your Ring Doorbell videos, you should:

  • Log in to your Ring account on the official website
  • Select the History tab
  • Click the downward arrow on the bottom right of a video to download

From this point, the video will stay on your computer.

Try to do this as often as every few days. This action will ensure that you keep vital videos on your system, and even maintain the faces of criminals if there should be a need to identify them at any point.

Backing up your videos and data will allow for an easy transition if your Ring Doorbell does happen to get stolen. Complete this action as often as you can for the best results.

Utilize a Gridbox

The final way you can keep your Ring Doorbell safe is by attaching a grid box around it. A grid box is a metal container made out of interlaced metal. You often see it around clocks in gyms. While it may not be aesthetically pleasing to look at, it will keep burglars from pulling the device off of the wall.

To install a grid box, you should:

  • Place the grid box over the Ring Doorbell
  • Attach screw to the grid box
  • Ensure that it is attached tightly

These steps will add an extra layer of protection to your Ring Doorbell.

A grid box makes it all but impossible to take the Ring Doorbell off the wall without extra effort. Many thieves are not willing to go through with this to gain access to your device.

A grid box works extra well if you use it in tandem with a protective cover. This way, a thief must go through two layers before they can attempt to take the Ring Doorbell off of the wall permanently.

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Related Questions

Can a stolen Ring Doorbell be used?

A thief can use your Ring Doorbell if they connect it to their system at home. Otherwise, they cannot use the device and will likely sell it for profit.

Can someone hack my Ring Doorbell?

Yes, your Ring Doorbell can get hacked. This is especially risky if you are using an open network to connect the Ring Doorbell.

Can people watch you with a Ring Doorbell?

If you are getting a Ring, you might be worried about the possibility of getting watched. While it is possible, the odds of someone watching you through your Ring Doorbell are not high. However, it is still possible.

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