How To Organize Power Tools In Your Garage

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It can take years and even decades to build a sizable tool collection that you are proud of. There are just so many essential tools, it can take years to save up for them all. Power tools, in particular, are quite expensive, but necessary for anyone who wants to do lots of DIY projects. But once you finally do have a full tool collection and lots of power tools, you might find that organizing and storing your power tools is a whole new challenge you need to overcome.

When storing power tools, always ensure each tool has a designated place that is protected from natural elements. Try making space for a charging station. Consider investing in a high-quality tool chest, a rolling storage cabinet, or a large workbench with built-in storage. If you are on a budget, consider an affordable peg board, or building vertical storage using pallets or low-cost materials.

There is not one correct way to store power tools, but you must make sure they are safe from the outdoor elements. You should also make sure they are secure and won’t get stolen. Power tools are, after all, expensive. If you are struggling with power tool organization, keep reading, and see which of these 9 ways to organize your power tools in your garage work best for you.

9 Ways To Organize Power Tools In Your Garage

1. Purchase Vertical Shelving Cabinet

A vertical cabinet with ample shelving is arguably the best way to store power tools. A cabinet is easy to close and lock. This provides security and also protection from the elements. The ample shelving means there is space for all your power tools.

You will often find that the biggest challenge with tool organization is not having enough designated space. Vertical shelving also means you are using up less floor space in the garage, which is crucial for those with storage concerns.

2. Buy A Quality Tool Chest Large Enough For Your Tools

One option when it comes to power tool storage is to invest in a high-quality tool chest. This might sound obvious, and seem like a no-brainer, but once you see the price of these large tool chests, you will understand why so few people have them.

A high-quality and top-of-the-line tool chest large enough to fit power tools will cost hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars. But if you plan on doing lots of DIY projects or even some professional work and aren’t concerned with budgets, then this is the best option. Quality tool chests are built to last, so it is a great permanent solution for your power tool organization concerns.

3. Use A Peg Board For Your Power Tools

Another popular and far less expensive option to help organize the power tools in your garage is a peg board. It is cheap, and uses minimal space. Pegboards attach to your garage wall, which means they take up almost no floor space. This is great for those looking to use their garage to store vehicles as well.

In addition to taking up very little space and being cost-effective, peg boards are also great for visual people. If you like to see all your tools laid out, peg boards are great, as they are all on display on your wall.

4. Use Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Another cost-effective and simple way to organize the power tools in your garage is to use plastic stackable storage bins. Storage bins are effective for several reasons.

For one, having multiple storage bins allows you to separate your tools into different categories. Another benefit is that they are cheap ways to protect your tools from natural elements. Just make sure to use clear bins or properly label them to make accessing the tools easier.

5. Create A Designated Charging Station

While storage is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to tool organization, it is by no means the only thing you should consider. You also want to think about areas in the garage for using these power tools. More specifically, it is helpful to have a designated area for charging your power tools.

Having a designated power tool charging area makes it much easier to find an accessible outlet in the garage. It also makes it safe and easy to rest a power tool somewhere when charging it. This can be quite helpful when space is limited.

6. Build DIY Shelving Using Pallets And Free Materials

If you are on a tight budget, then you might want to think about using your power tools to build something to store them in. Wooden palelts are great for creating effective and cheap power tool storage.

You can use the wood to create shelving as well as some hanging storage options. There are a variety of different ways you can use pallets, and luckily there are lots of tutorials online for creating storage using pallets that you can choose from if you go this route.

7. Use A Waterproof Storage Locker

If you have a garage that is not entirely secure, private, or protected from the elements, then you should think about a waterproof storage locker. Storage lockers are great for tool organization. They come in various designs, but the best type for power tool storage will include bins or shelving.

A locker can protect your tools from theft and rust damage as well. This ensures your expensive tool investments are safe as well as organized.

8. Find A Work Bench With Built-In Tool Storage

If you plan to have a workbench in your garage, then consider purchasing (or building) one with built-in storage. Workbenches take up a bit of space, so it’s best that you utilize this space to its full potential.

Having a workbench with tool storage underneath is great for utilizing your workspace. It also comes in quite handy. After all, you often need power tools when you are at the workbench, so it is helpful to have them organized and close by.

9. Purchase A Rolling Storage Cabinet

If your garage is in constant flux, with a need to shuffle things around on a seasonal basis, then consider storing your power tools on wheels. There are a variety of rolling storage cabinets that work great for organizing and storing your power tools.

This is a perfect option for those who want to have a designated location for their power tools, but often need to move things around for one reason or another.

Concluding How To Organize Power Tools In A Garage

Organizing your power tools can be a challenge. It can be particularly challenging if you have fairly limited space in your garage.

If you have a large budget, consider purchasing a large tool chest to organize and store all your tools, including your power tools. You can also consider vertical shelving or shelving on wheels if you need to move things in your garage around from time to time.

If you are on a tighter budget, consider a peg board wall or plastic storage pins. You can even build a custom power tool organization cabinet using cheap or free materials like wooden pallets.

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