How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe (Quickly, Easily, & Safely!)

Jessica Stone
by Jessica Stone

A safe is designed to keep your most valuable items safe and secure. Many of them weigh over 500 pounds, whereas, gun safes can weigh 2000 pounds or more. In fact, the whole idea behind why most safes are considerably heavy is so that it’s virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to move it out of a house or business.

If you own a large, heavy safe, sooner or later you’re going to have to move it. Whether you’ve just purchased it and need a way to get it into your home, are moving to a new property, or simply want to move the safe from its’ current spot to another area within your house, you’ll be faced with a serious challenge.

Moving a 2000 pound safe can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. If you’ve found yourself wondering what the proper procedure is to move such a bulky item, you’ve come to the right place. The easiest, quickest, and safest way to move a 2000 pound safe is to hire a professional. Though it is generally not recommended to move a 2000 pound safe yourself, if you decide to do so, you must obtain the proper moving equipment, devise a detailed strategy, and have some extra hands on deck to help.

How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe Yourself

When you own a safe, it is inevitable that you’re going to eventually have to move it. Although the best option for moving a 2000 pound safe is to leave it in the hands of professionals, you may still want to tackle the task yourself. If so, you must be properly prepared for the job. By following the tips outlined below, you’ll be set up for success when it comes to moving your 2000 pound safe efficiently, safely, and correctly.

Step 1. Prepare the Safe for Moving

If you strongly feel that you need to move your 2000 pound safe yourself, the first thing you must do is prepare it for moving. Here are just a few of the things you should do before moving your safe:

  • Empty the contents of the safe. Whether it be jewelry, guns, documents, and so on, everything should be removed. That way, you won’t only lower the weight of safe, you’ll also eliminate the risk of damaging your valuables during the move.
  • Secure your valuables. Once your valuables are removed from the safe, find an alternate method for safely transporting them.
  • Close and lock the safe. Make absolutely certain that the safe is both closed and locked tightly. If the safe accidentally opens during the relocation process, it could lead to permanent property damage or personal injuries.
  • Wrap the safe in thick furniture blankets. Cover the entire body of the safe in the blankets and then secure them with packing tape and/or stretch wrap. This should be sufficient padding for your safe so that it is protected from any damage during transit.

Step 2. Obtain the Proper Moving Equipment

If you’ve been scouring the internet for how to move a 2000 pound safe, you’ve likely come across blogs asserting that you should use golf balls or PVC pipes to roll out a large safe. This is not recommended, as moving a heavy safe is incredibly risky and should be done with the proper equipment. Not to mention, trying to move a safe with golf balls and PVC piping makes the situation much more hazardous and uncontrollable.

With that said, if you’ve elected to move your safe yourself, you must obtain the right moving equipment. Heavy-duty dollies are used by professional movers and are designed to transport heavy appliances, furniture, and gun safes. They can easily withstand the size and weight of your 2000 pound safe.

Appliance dollies can be rented from a local moving company near you. However, before you rent the dolly, take note of the exact weight and dimensions of your particular safe. For best results, bring the specification sheet or documentation for the safe with you. That way, they can provide you with the right dolly for the job.

In addition to a heavy-duty dolly, you’ll also want to get your hands on ropes or supporting straps that will allow you to secure your safe to the dolly while it’s being moved.

Step 3. Devise a Detailed Strategy

Before you even think about attempting to move your 2000 pound safe, you must devise a detailed plan for how you’re going to get it in or out of your house. You must be absolutely certain about what you plan to do and how you’re going to do it before you start.

When moving a 2000 pound safe, never rush and always think at least two steps ahead. Stairs, tight corners, and narrow hallways present daunting challenges that can substantially lower your chances of success. Therefore, you must plan ahead to compensate for these difficulties.

Quick Tip: If you’re loading the safe onto a moving truck, make sure that you have a loading ramp. This job is nearly impossible without one.

Here are some things you should consider when you’re drawing up a plan for moving your 2000 pound safe:

  • Measure tight areas and doorways along the moving route. Then, compare these measurements with the dimensions of your safe. That way, you can be sure that you won’t run into any issues while you’re moving it.
  • Make sure the exit path is free of obstacles. Clear away moving boxes or any other obstacles that may be in the way of your planned pathway.
  • Map out the route from the current resting spot to the intended destination. Whether you’re moving the safe to a moving truck, different room in your home, or another location, create a detailed map of the route.
  • Share the moving strategy with your helpers. That way, everyone is on the same page. Decide on warning signals so that you can tackle problems before they arise. It’s also a great idea to have one person walking in front of the safe to oversee everything and make sure that all is going to plan.

Step 4. Protect Your Walls and Floors

Although you’ve already developed a plan and protected your safe with thick furniture blankets, this may not be enough to ensure that your property is free of damage. Therefore, you should take the extra step to shield any of the tight spots that the safe will pass through in your home. Cover things such as walls, tight corners, and door openings to protect them from possible damage.

Additionally, consider protecting your flooring by using blankets, thick pieces of cardboard or old rugs. These will help to soften the impact and lessen damage if the safe accidentally falls off the dolly and onto the floor.

Step 5. Securing the Safe to the Dolly

Having the proper equipment to move a 2000 pound safe is the best thing you could do for yourself when not hiring a professional moving company. Once you’ve acquired a heavy-duty dolly that will handle the weight and dimensions of your safe, it’s time to secure the safe to the dolly. Follow these steps:

  • Position the heavy-duty dolly so that it is next to one side of your safe.
  • Have all your helpers stand on the opposite side of the safe, and slightly lean it back.
  • Then, slide the dolly underneath the lifted side of the safe until it rests safely on the two-wheeler.
  • Strap down the safe to the heavy-duty dolly using pieces of rope or supporting straps. Tighten the straps as far as they’ll go to eliminate any movement of the safe.
  • Tilt the dolly backward onto its wheels and always keep the safe stabilized and well-balanced to prevent tipping. The weight of the safe should be evenly distributed onto the heavy-duty dolly. That way, you and your helpers should have little trouble keeping the load steady while moving.

Step 6. Navigating Tight Corners and Stairs

With the 2000 pound safe safely secured to the dolly, the most important task is to move with extreme caution while wheeling it to the intended destination. If you run into tight corners, move slowly, carefully, and one step at a time. To make the turn, you need to go wider than normal, placing the L-shaped first-class lever farther out than you may think is necessary.

When it comes to stairs, if you only have to navigate 2 to 3 steps, simply move slowly and one step at a time, with your helpers assisting you along the way. Whereas, if the safe needs to be moved up or down an entire flight of stairs, strongly consider hiring professionals, as this is an incredibly dangerous endeavor.

Hire a Professional

Without a doubt, the fastest, safest, and most risk-free way to move a 2000 pound safe is to hire professional movers. They come with years of experience with moving heavy or bulky items – such as safes. Obtaining assistance from the experts will significantly lessen the risk of damage or harm to your safe, your home, and even yourself.

Moving a big safe, especially one that is 2000 pounds, should not be taken lightly. Relocating a 2000 pound safe can be a difficult and dangerous job. Therefore, the safest option is to hire professional movers with the necessary experience, skill, and equipment for moving large safes to, from, or within homes and businesses.

Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone

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