How To Clean A Vornado Fan (Step-by-Step Guide)

Ian Haynes
by Ian Haynes
Vornado fans are perfect for those with busy lifestyles, they’re safe to use and require less upkeep than many other conventional electric fans. However, like any other electric fan, these

Vornado fans are perfect for those with busy lifestyles, they’re safe to use and require less upkeep than many other conventional electric fans.

However, like any other electric fan, these too accumulate dust and dirt particles, which in turn will affect the fan’s performance. To tackle this problem, you need to clean the fan.

The good news is that cleaning a Vornado fan is a breeze.

To clean a Vornado fan, begin by cleaning the tower fan with a vacuum cleaner brush or cloth. Next, vacuum the box fan, and remove the grill to deep clean the fan. Wipe down the grill with dish soap or a duster. Use a damp cloth to clean the blades. Let dry and reassemble the fan.

If you want a detailed guide on how to clean your Vornado fan, read on!

How To Clean Vornado Fan

This fan creates a large volume of air and therefore requires regular cleaning to take out dust particles and other types of debris that have been gathered over a period and can damage the fan motor and blades.

And because Vornado fans are different from the conventional fans, you can’t clean it the same way you do the more traditional models.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning a Vornado fan to prevent damage or breaking:

Cleaning The Tower Fan

You’ll only need a few essential tools for the regular maintenance of your Vornado tower fan. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Use A Vacuum Cleaner Brush On The Outer Grills

To clean the dust and dirt particles from the outer grills of the fan, you can use a brush that’s usually attached to the vacuum cleaner; for example, the Roomba 960 comes with two such brushes.

But before you do that, make sure to unplug it from standard wall outlets or GCFI outlets. Turning it off and unplugging the unit can save you from unwanted electric current or damage to the fan.

Now, start vacuuming the outer grills of the fan. There’s one thing to keep in mind here, and that is, you should always go slow while cleaning the external grills to make sure to wipe out as much dust and dirt particles as possible.

Note: Avoid using all sorts of cleaning chemicals to clean your Vornado fans, such as thinners, solvents, or gasoline. And step 1 only cleans out the dust particles from the outer part and not the inside blades of the fan.

Step 2: Use Air Compressor Or Compressed Air To Clean Particular Dust Or Dirt Spots

You can also use an air compressor – if you’ve one – to clean the tower fan. In case you don’t have an air compressor, you can purchase a can of compressed air to wipe out the dust from the fan.

Simply grab the can and point its nozzle at the dirt or dust you see on the fan and spray compressed air into the vents to wipe them out. An air compressor is a great source to remove dirt particles so much so that you can use them to remove food residues in your dishwasher spray arms.

Before you clean the fan with compressed air or an air compressor, make sure to take the tower fan outside the house, maybe in the backyard or an outdoor patio, so that dust particles won’t float around the house and make your furniture dusty.

And don’t forget to unplug it.

Pro tip: Before using an air compressor, make sure to read instructions thoroughly and avoid shaking the air compressor can before using it. And wear a mask to avoid breathing dirt.

Step 3: Remove Dust With A Leaf Blower

A leaf blower can be handy to clean the Vornado fan. So if you’ve one in the house, you can use it to take out dust and dirt particles from your tower fan.

Simple, turn on the blower first and then blow air inside the grill of the tower fan. Since doing it inside will make your indoor dusty, therefore, take it out on an outdoor patio. And before you start blowing air, make sure to turn off and unplug the fan.

Note: With a leaf blower, you won’t be able to target specific dirt spots. And wear safety glasses and a mask to prevent the dust from getting into the nose, eyes, or mouth.

Step 4: Clean The Outer Body Using A Cloth

Once you’re done with all the above steps to clean the tower fan, grab a piece of a soft cloth and start wiping the outer body of the fan. This helps remove the remaining dirt and dust particles on the tower fan. Make sure you don’t use any chemical or even water on the cloth to clean the fan.

Pro tip: You can also use a duster to wipe your fan.

Cleaning The Box Fan

If you have a Vornado box fan, cleanup is still easy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Vacuum It

You can use a handheld vacuum to draw the dirt or from the inlet ribs or outer part of the box fan. In case you don’t have a vacuum, you can use a feather duster to clean out the dust.

Make sure the fan is plugged out as a safety measure. Also, don’t use water on the fan’s external ribs while cleaning.

Pro tip: Use a soft, clean cloth to remove tough, stubborn stains or dirt spots.

Step 2: Remove The Grill To Deep Clean The Fan

To ensure a thorough, deep clean, you’ve to remove the grill of the fan. If you’re having difficulty in removing the grills, grab the manufacturer’s manual of your Vornado fan and follow the instructions step by step. Most probably, you’ll need to take out the screws near the grill and remove the grill clips.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a manual instruction or lost it, you can check it online.

Step 3: Wipe The Grill With Dish Soap Or By Dusting

As the grill is removed safely, it’s time to deep clean it. You can either use a cloth or a feather duster to clean the grill. Or, you can wash it with water as well. Use dish-washing liquid or dish soap to remove dust and dirt spots from the grill.

Pro tip: Whether it’s attached or portable, avoid putting the grill in your dishwasher to keep from warping.

Step 4: Use A Damp Cloth To Clean Out The Blades

Once you’re done washing or dusting the grill, you can shift to the blades. You can use a soft piece of cloth slightly wet to clean out all dirt or dust particles. It’s alright to use water on the blades, but you’ve to make sure that they’re dry enough before operating.

In case your Vornado fan is placed in the kitchen where the environment remains excessively oily, you’ll have to use a mild soft soap to clean the fan blades properly.

Step 5: Reassemble The Fan

Before reassembling the fan, make sure the parts are dry enough. After that, put the grill back to the place on the fan and tighten the screws with a screwdriver. If you’re facing difficulty in reassembling, refer to the Vornado fan manual for help. This process can be followed when cleaning any type of box fan.

Related Questions

Can I Disassemble My Vornado Fan Before Cleaning It Out?

No, you shouldn’t disassemble it before cleaning it out – that’s the first rule of cleaning your Vornado tower fan. Always bear in mind that these fans don’t come with user-serviceable parts. If you take apart its pieces, it can negate the Vornado fan’s warranty.

Why Should I Clean My Vornado Fan Frequently?

There’re many reasons why you need to clean your Vornado fan once in a while.Here’re some of the many benefits:

  • Cleaning ensures optimal performance as dirt can make fans less efficient.
  • You also get to enjoy a smooth, quiet operation.
  • It decreases dust allergy or eliminates all reasons for it.
  • Don’t forget a cleaned fan also improve the aesthetics of a space.
Where Can I Place My Vornado Tower Fan?

To get the best results, put your Vornado fan in your room’s corner and away from big pieces of as they may affect the airstream.

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