How To Change A Light Bulb In A High Ceiling

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by Benjamin Wright

If you have light bulbs installed on a high ceiling, you probably already know how challenging it can be to change out the light bulbs when it comes time for a replacement. Questions often abound. Should you balance on a stack of chairs? Create a tower using multiple ladders? How about using something sticky on the end of a long pole?

Changing light bulbs on a high ceiling does not have to be difficult, and it certainly does not need to be dangerous. To change a light bulb on a high ceiling all that is required is a telescopic pole, attachment, and a steady hand.

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Suction Cup Kits

Suction cup kits are great for many types of bulbs. The design is simple and there are many different brands to choose from. While each brand features slightly different features and levels of quality, they all work in a similar way.

No matter what type of suction cup kit you purchase, keep in mind that most do not come with the telescoping pole that you will need to reach the light bulbs. There are a few different types of telescoping poles that you can choose from. Choosing one that is both strong and light is always a good idea.

Features of Suction Cup Kits

All the features found on suction cup kits are designed to make the job of changing light bulbs both safer and easier.

T-nut: The suction cup attaches to the end of a long, telescoping pole and is secured with a t-nut. The t-nut ensures that the device does not fall from the pole while you are switching out light bulbs.

Multiple Sizes: Suction cup size is also an important feature as light bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes. Always be sure to select the right size for the light bulbs you use. If you use a variety of bulbs, there are kits that accommodate that need by supplying suction cups of multiple sizes.

Leader Cable: Another critical feature that all suction cup kits should include is the leader cable. The leader cable is attached to one side of the suction cup and makes it possible to release the suction from the bulb. simply give the leader a tug and the suction cup will let go of your lightbulb.

How to Use a Suction Cup Kit

Using a suction cup kit to change a light bulb easy but there are some steps that you should follow. Following these steps helps you change your light bulbs safely and efficiently

Step One – Attach the Suction Cup

The first thing that you should do is attach the suction cup to the end of the telescoping pole. This is easier to do if the pole is in its shortest position.

To attach the device, push the end of the pole into the device. It may not always be a tight fit but your device should have some method of securing itself to the pole. Most of the time, there is a t-nut. Whichever method your device has for staying secured to the pole, make sure that you follow all manufacturer instructions and guidelines.

Step Two – Attach the Leader Cable

The leader cable is important for the operation of the suction cup kit. As it is attached to the side of the suction cup, lightly pulling on the cable breaks the seal of the suction cup. This allows you to safely attach and remove light bulbs from any distance.

Step Three – Extend the Pole

Depending on how high your ceiling is, you will need to extend the pole so that it is long enough for you to comfortably reach the ceiling. You should not have to stretch your arms to reach the light bulbs. Stretching and straining to reach the light bulb may lead to accidental drops and other types of mistakes.

Step Three – Attach to the Light bulb

Whether you are installing or removing a light bulb, you will need to attach the bulb to the suction cup. To do this, all that is required is that you press the suction cup against the surface of the light bulb.

An important note about attaching a suction cup to a light bulb is that there is a sweet spot in terms of pressure. Not pressing hard enough could mean that a proper seal cannot be established, while pressing too hard creates the risk of breakage. If you are unsure as to how much pressure you should use, it is a good idea to practice on some old bulbs first.

Step Four – Change the Light bulb

To remove the old light bulb, unscrew it as you would with your hand – in a slow and controlled manner. Once you feel the bulb come loose, slowly and gently lower the pole so that you can remove it from the suction cup. Be careful on the way down so that you don’t accidentally damage the old light bulb on walls or furniture.

Once you can reach the light bulb, pull on the leader cable to release the suction. At this point, you can attach the new light bulb. To install the new light bulb, simply follow the steps above in reverse. Lift the light bulb up to the socket and carefully twist it into place. Once secure, pull on the leader cable to release and your job is done.

Alternatives to the Suction Cup Method

Depending on your needs, a suction cup may not always be the best option for you. There are some cases when alternative attachments can be placed on top of the telescopic pole. These make the job of changing a light bulb in a high ceiling much easier.

In the case of a broken bulb, for example, there is an attachment that is made of soft rubber that allows you to grip and remove the back of the light bulb. These attachments come in various sizes, as well.

There are also grip-style attachments that you can use. Unlike suction cups, these attachments wrap around the bulb itself. In some cases, this style of attachment is safer and more secure than the standard suction cup.

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Very carefully. Broken light bulbs often have exposed metal parts that can carry a charge. Before removing a broken light bulb, always make sure that the power is off.With the power off, use a pair of thick gloves and needle-nose pliers to remove excess glass and untwist the base of the light bulb. To catch the pieces of broken glass, a bag or bowl can be helpful.

Which ceiling light is best?

To the question of which ceiling light is best, there isn’t just one answer. Many factors go into choosing a quality ceiling light, including brightness, longevity, and color, and much more. There are also several types of lights available, each with its own set of pros and cons.To choose the best light for your ceiling, make sure that the bulb is long-lasting and provides the appropriate amount of light for your space. LEDs are popular choices for ceilings because there are so many options available.

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