How Much Does A Home Addition Cost In Arkansas?

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Arkansas is one of the most affordable states in which to live. In general, homeowners in Arkansas who make additions to their homes find the projects affordable. The basic cost of an addition to an existing home in Arkansas falls between $77.80 and $118.57 per square foot. The average cost of home additions in Arkansas is approximately $14.139.

The average cost of home additions in Arkansas is $35,400 for a living room and $65,213 for a master bedroom suite. You can expect to pay $98 per square foot for a home edition in Arkansas. Kitchen additions cost an average of $28,000, and second-story additions average $174,000 in Arkansas.

Home Addition Costs in ArkansasAverage Per Square Foot Cost
Minimum Cost$77.80

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Cost Considerations When Adding on to Your Home

In Arkansas, several factors can affect the cost of a home addition. Many home additions in Arkansas happen in rural settings, which prompts some different considerations. Unlike urban or suburban residential additions, there is rarely a problem with over-building a home in a rural area. However, there are concerns that every estimate should include

  • The size of the home addition
  • The function of the home addition
  • The location of the existing home
  • Any building codes or zoning that may affect the project
  • The style of the construction
  • Any amenities or extras included in the plan
  • Material and labor costs

One significant additional cost, especially in a rural area, occurs when materials and sub-contracts travel to reach the worksite. These costs can add considerably to construction costs on some projects.

The Cost Per Square Foot for Home Additions in Arkansas

Creating a rough cost estimate for a home addition in Arkansas covers a lot of areas. Even the most basic home addition can incur high extra costs beyond the cost of basic space addition to an existing home. Trying to estimate a reasonable cost for a home addition poses many challenges. In general, the range of costs shown in this table can give you a rough idea of the c

Average Cost of a Home Addition in Arkansas

QualityCost per square foot LowCost per square foot High
Lower Quality or Smaller Builds$7,500$10,000
Average Addition Costs$14,139$15,840
High-End, Kitchens, In-Law Apt$27,223$29,879

The Formula, Calculating Home Addition Costs in Arkansas

Typically, estimates for home additions calculations use an average cost per square foot. However, until you decide about many factors and hire a reputable building contractor, an exact estimate is almost impossible.

Using averages compiled from several sources, the following table is useful in estimating the basic cost of a standard-sized room addition. Remember that these figures do not include any extra amenities or costs associated with the room’s function.

Home Addition Costs by Square Foot

Square Feet in AdditionLow Average CostHigh Average Cost

Average Size Room Addition Costs

The function of a room is a big determinant of cost when contemplating an addition to your existing home. Basic construction costs are known for most areas. This knowledge allows estimations for the basic construction costs of most home additions.

Using these known numbers, the basic cost of a home addition can be established, and then additional costs added based on the function of the room. Additional amenities also can be added to get a better representation of costs.

Room Addition Costs

Room SizeAverage Cost

Functional Home Addition Costs

The type of space you want to add to your existing home and its intended function contributes to the overall construction cost. Bedrooms are less costly due to the simple nature of their use. Bathrooms, kitchens, and other specialty spaces require more complicated construction resulting in higher costs.

The data in the following chart may help you estimate the costs of a home addition based on the intended function of the room. These estimates reflect the average costs of a home addition of the type indicated. You must understand that costs for some types of home additions can soar above our highest estimates with ease.

Room Function Cost Calculator

Room TypeLow Average CostHigh Average Cost
Master Bedroom Suite$64,530.43$66,076.69
Family Room$37,306.66$57,027.43
Second Story$108,783.07$240,744.53

Note: Construction costs and construction materials have undergone significant inflation over the past 18 months. In some areas, lumber has risen by 180$ in this period. It is believed that this inflation will continue for the foreseeable future. Any estimates should consider this inflationary pressure.

The Basic Bedroom Addition

Perhaps the most basic and least costly addition you can make to your existing home is a simple bedroom. Based on the average cost of construction per square foot in Arkansas, a 12 x 12-foot bedroom addition costs between $11,203 and $17,074.

However, very few of us want just the basics. Adding extras to the basic room function increases costs and the time necessary to add to your home. These types of additions often include:

  • Premium millwork and trim, often to match the rest of the home
  • More expensive floor coverings
  • Extra costs to match the existing exterior finish of your home for a seamless look
  • The addition of extra windows or higher-quality window units
  • Additions such as larger closets, built-in-furniture, or special additions
  • Upgraded lighting or electronics

Additions to the basic construction costs can push the actual cost of a room addition well beyond the high average cost. It is important to establish a budget for your addition and keep the plan within your allocated funds.

Master Bedroom Suite Additions

As time passes, many homeowners consider adding a new master bedroom suite to their existing home. Many older homes didn’t include an ensuite bath with the original master bedroom. Creating a new living space with modern amenities enhances your home in many ways, not to mention adding to its value.

Ensuite master bedroom additions require more square footage than other bedroom additions. New plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are also required. Adding special amenities such as a spa tub, sauna, or even a private laundry add significantly to the cost of such an addition

In general, the typical master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom costs between $64,530 and $66,076 in Arkansas. Remember that the addition of any amenities or other functional areas can increase the cost dramatically.

Bathrooms – To Add or Remodel?

There are few rooms of a home that get more use and less attention than the bathrooms. Many homeowners realize at some point that an additional bathroom would add to the livability of their homes. The other side of the coin is the bathroom remodel option.

Remodeling a bathroom is generally cheaper than doing a bathroom addition to an existing home. Remodeling a bathroom rarely requires extensive plumbing alterations or additions. A bathroom addition must include all of these plus the other costs associated with a home addition.

A bathroom addition to an existing home in Arkansas usually costs between $19,605 and $32,270. This wider range of costs reflects the difference in fixtures, finishes, and additional plumbing required. On the upside, adding a bathroom to your home in Arkansas can see a return on the costs of 50% to the value of your home.

The cost of a bathroom addition can skyrocket as luxury additions enter the plan. Sauna’s, spas, and even hot tubs are not unknown additions to bathroom add-ons in some homes. Your imagination is the only limit to what your new bathroom can be.

Adding a Sunroom

Though not as popular in Arkansas as in other states, sunrooms do get their share of attention. Many people add sunrooms to their existing homes to add year-round living space with a connection to the outdoors.

Sunroom additions vary greatly, and so does the cost of the average sunroom addition to an existing home. In Arkansas, these costs range between $8,850 to $20,488. This range of costs reflects the differences in the options for the sunroom addition.

Many homeowners opt for prebuilt kit sunroom installation, which keeps the costs on the low side. Custom-built sunrooms are more expensive. Larger sunrooms meant for year-round use also require extensive HVAC installation to deal with heat, cold, and humidity extremes.

Adding Family Space to an Existing Home

Growing families often make a home that once seemed spacious and accommodating now feels cramped and crowded. For this reason, many homeowners consider adding a new family room to their home. These spaces often include access to patio or pool decks, home theater equipment, and even an additional bathroom.

An Arkansas homeowner contemplating adding a family room to their home can expect to pay between $37,306 and $57,027 for the addition. These costs can rise rapidly you add more amenities and options to the plan.

New Kitchen Space

Much like family living space, many homeowners experience the need for expanded kitchen space as their family grows. Those homeowners who enjoy entertaining friends may also feel a need to add a new kitchen and re-utilize the old kitchen space.

Kitchen additions can be the most expensive home project many homeowners undertake. In Arkansas, adding a new kitchen can cost between $27,223 and $29,879. These figures represent the cost of constructing the addition but don’t consider re-purposing the old kitchen space.

Going beyond the basic average kitchen also incurs more costs. Upgraded countertops, custom cabinets, and higher-grade appliances all add to the final bill. In some instances, building a premier new kitchen addition can top the $100,000 mark.

Going Up Instead of Out

Rural homeowners rarely face the problem of finding space to make an addition to their homes. However, urban, and suburban homeowners may not have this luxury. In these cases, the only option may be to build up instead of building out.

Building up by adding a second story to an existing single-story home is considerably more challenging than a grade-level expansion. The estimate for a second story addition must include costs for:

  • Demolition and removal of the existing roof
  • Upgrading the original framing of the first floor to carry the additional weight
  • Building a new roof on the addition
  • Remodeling the first floor to accommodate stairs, new plumbing, and additional HVAC equipment.

You can expect to pay a premium for these kinds of home additions. Considering that most second-story additions also include an additional bathroom, the costs escalate. In general, the cost to add a second-story addition to an existing home run between $108,783 and $240,744.

Will the Addition Add Value to Your Home?

Considering all the factors, you can expect a home addition to add value to your home in a resale market. The biggest part of the return on investment equation for home additions is the home and the comparable neighborhood.

It is easy to overbuild your neighborhood if you aren’t careful. Having the largest home in the neighborhood can be a detriment to your home’s value. Rural residents rarely have this problem as they are not affected by comparable sales as urban homes.

In general, Arkansas homeowners can expect to see an ROI on their home addition investment, as shown in this table.

Type of AdditionEstimated Return on Investment
Adding an extra bedroom50% ROI
A bathroom addition60% ROI
A master bedroom addition with ensuite60% ROI
Adding a second story addition60% ROI

Many factors affect the ROI on the investment in a home addition. No ROI is guaranteed and shouldn’t be considered a fact. We suggest that you look at any ROI that you realize as a bonus to the enjoyment and pleasure you realize from your home addition.

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Preparing for a Successful Project

Successful home additions start with a good plan, a realistic budget, and the help of a reliable contractor or architect. These three aspects of a successful project can come together to create an accurate estimate and the completion of a dream project. We hope that this article gives you a better understanding of the typical costs of a home addition in Arkansas and is the first step toward a successful project.

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