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If you are looking for a natural way to create privacy between you and your neighbors, then hedges are the perfect option. They provide a tall barrier, but instead of looking at a boring fence, you can enjoy lush plant life, and even flowers. If you recently decided you want hedges, and want them to be large enough to provide privacy within a year or two, then you need hedges that grow fast.

If you want your hedges to grow quickly, choose a plant that can grow two to three feet annually, like English Laurel, Leyland Cypress, or several types of Arboritae. If you want hedges that also offer flowers and color, opt for the fragrant mock orange, forsythia, or the flame amur maple. Privet, Western red cedar, and needlepoint holly are other robust hedges that grow rapidly when properly cared for.

There are hundreds of different types of hedge plants you can choose from. The key is knowing what style of plant you are looking for, as well as understanding the type of plant that thrives in your area. Below is a comprehensive list of hedge plants that grow quickly, as well as top tips to help your hedges grow fast.

The Nine Best Fastest Growing Hedges For Privacy

1. English Laurel

One of the most popular, resilient, and fastest-growing hedge plants is the English laurel. What makes English laurel such a popular choice is its size and growth rate. This plant can tower over your head, and grow three feet in a single year. This makes it ideal for those who want privacy fast.

The hedge itself is very strong. It can handle pruning well, enjoys most soil types, and is even tolerant of salt, making it a good option for those near the coast. If you want a fast-growing hedge plant that is full and hardy, and also versatile, then this is a great option.

2. Arborvitae

Another rapid grower and wildly popular hedge plant is the arborvitae species. There are a lot of different species of this plant used for hedges, so you must choose a sturdy variety that grows quickly.

The American arborvitae is one great Arborvitae to select if you want a fast-growing species. Not only is this one of the fastest-growing varieties of this plant, but it is also very low maintenance. It is also cold-hardy, making it a great option for those who live somewhere with long harsh winters.

3. Flame Amur Maple

If you are crazy about fall, and are a sucker for foliage, then you might want to choose flame amur maple for your hedges. This plant comes from the maple family, which you can quickly see with one look at the maple leaves on this bush. The flame amur maple also turns brilliant shades of orange and red in the fall.

This plant can grow two feet in just one year, making it a very quick-to-grow hedge. It is also drought-tolerant and incredibly resilient in cold and freezing conditions.

4. Mock Orange

If you want hedges that not only grow quickly, but are beautiful and fragrant at the same time, then look no further than mock orange. This plant loves full sun, but can tolerate temperatures that dip as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

It likes full sun, and this is particularly important if you want to enjoy its fragrant blossoms, as they require lots of light to bloom. This lovely and dense hedge is drought tolerant and can grow two feet yearly.

5. Needlepoint Holly

Holly makes a great hedge and also can come in handy when you want to make some cheap Christmas decorations. Some holly, however, grows a bit slowly, so choose types of holly, including needlepoint holly, that can grow three feet in a single year. If you live somewhere with a long and festive winter, needlepoint holly is a great option.

6. Privet

Another very popular hedge plant is privet. This plant is popular due to its dense foliage, which makes it a great choice for those looking for plants that provide complete privacy. This plant also grows very rapidly, easily growing two feet in one year.

These plants need a bit of love at first to grow optimally. You must water them diligently for the best results. But after two years, this hardy plant will take off and provide you with optimal privacy.

7. Leyland Cypress

If you are looking for plants that can provide privacy that is little to no work at all once established, buy some Leyland cypress. The Leyland cypress is a great hedge plant because it is both drought and heat-tolerant, meaning you hardly need to worry about watering it after it's established.

Furthermore, you don’t need to prune this plant, or give it a lot of the care that other plants on this list require. This is a great option for those who live in dry, warm climates.

8. Western Red Cedar

Don’t let the name fool you, the Western Red Cedar is a hedge that can grow throughout the United States, including in the Eastern states. This lovely conifer plant grows quickly, and looks lovely.

It is an upright plant, which means it grows quickly upwards to provide you with the privacy you want. Best of all, this dense plant has natural noise-blocking qualities, which help block not only the sights of your neighbors, but also the sounds.

9. Forsythia

Lastly, if you are looking for both privacy and a colorful outdoor plant that blooms in early spring, then try forsythia. If you live in a seasonal climate, then you are familiar with forsythia. It’s the bush that comes alive with tons of yellow blooms and is one of the first colorful signs of spring.

Forsythia spreads very quickly, making it a great plant to start early and allowed to spread in a controlled way over a few years. This colorful plant makes for a great invisible property border and provides pops of color your neighbors can enjoy as well.

Top Tips When Planting Hedges For Fast Growth

Trim Your Hedges Correctly

Hedges need to be trimmed to keep them from growing wild. This is especially true if they are close to your neighbor’s property line. But make sure you know how and when to trim your hedges. Each plant likes to be pruned differently. Make sure you snip at the right spots, choose the best time of year, and don’t prune too much.

Choose Low-Maintenance And Drought-Tolerant Species

Hedges will usually become deeply rooted over time, and more and more resilient. Still, you must choose hedges that don’t require more upkeep than you can offer. It is best to select a drought-tolerant species, especially if you can’t always commit to consistent watering.

Fertilize And Water Diligently For The First Full Year

The first year is the toughest year for hedges, as they acclimate to the climate and soil. To ensure your hedges thrive and grow quickly, make sure you give them lots of nutrients. This means providing your new hedges with the right kind of fertilizer, and plenty of water.

Plant Your Hedges At The Ideal Time Of Year

Remember that there is a right and wrong time to plant trees and hedges. Some plants prefer late spring, others prefer the fall when they are dormant. Make sure you know the ideal time to plant your specific type of hedge. This will help ensure they won’t go into shock or die from being planted at the wrong time of the year.

Choose The Perfect Hedges For Your Soil And Climate

To block your neighbor’s view quickly, you need to choose hedges not only for their aesthetics, but also based on your climate, soil, and sun exposure. Choose plants that thrive in the specific conditions you can offer. This means knowing your soil type, your planting zone, and how much sunlight the area gets per day.

Wrapping Up Types Of Privacy Hedges That Grow Quickly

Hedges are a fantastic and natural way to provide your home with privacy. If you are interested in planting hedges and seeing results almost immediately, then you need hedges that grow very quickly. Some popular hedge plant species that grow quickly include several species of arborvitae, needlepoint holly, and English Laurel. Mock orange and forsythia are hedge plants that provide stunning blossoms. Western cedar is a great cedar option, and flame amur maple provides lovely fall colors in seasonal zones.

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