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A lush and well-manicured green lawn goes a long way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It shows that the property is well cared for, and it also makes your home’s exterior look cleaner and more welcoming. Achieving a perfect lawn, however, may be more challenging than you would like. If your lawn is looking more brown than green these days, you might want to know some helpful tips to help your lawn look its best.

To make your lawn look better, check the soil and make sure its pH levels are between six and seven. Fertilize your lawn regularly, and use insecticide and grub killer to keep pests at bay. Make sure you water your lawn properly, and remove any debris, so your lawn gets plenty of sun. You may need to aerate your lawn from time to time and make sure you sharpen your lawn mower blades regularly.

A perfect lawn is not an easy feat to achieve. There are many variables at play, and some elements are out of your control. The good news is there are lots of ways to help improve the look of your lawn. Many of them are free, and some methods only require a few hours of work once or twice a year. Keep reading to learn all the best ways to help make your lawn look better than ever.

11 Easy Ways To Help Your Lawn Look Its Best

1. Water Your Lawn Correctly

One of the most common reasons for a lawn to look unhealthy is due to too little or too much water. Grass, just like every other plant, requires water. Remember that rain alone is often not enough water to keep your lawn thriving, especially in the warmer months.

You don’t need to water your lawn every day. Too much light watering can lead to fungus. Instead, water thoroughly once or twice a week. You want there to be enough water that it soaks six inches or so into the ground. To test this, you can drive a small pick into the ground after watering. Watering in the morning is best. Avoid watering in the middle of the day.

2. Mow Your Lawn To The Right Height

It can be tempting to mow your lawn so it is quite short. After all, the more you cut, the longer you can wait before you need to mow your lawn again. The problem with this is grass does not like to be cut too much, and it needs a certain amount of growth to thrive. If you cut too much off, it will struggle, and even be one of the reasons for your lawn to look bad.

The length of grass you should leave depends on the type of grass. Bahia grass should be kept at three inches, while Bermuda grass can be cut to an inch. Make sure you know your grass type and how long it should be kept.

3. Ensure Your Mower Blades Are Sharp

Another way to help your lawn look amazing is by keeping your lawn mower blades very sharp. Sharp blades ensure that your grass is cut cleanly. A clean cut allows the blade of grass to recover quickly. Aim to sharpen your mower blade twice per year.

A dull blade can rip at the grass. It also makes your lawn more susceptible to disease. Many mowers cut the grass several times, so it composts itself. A dull blade won’t do this as well, and you will be left with clumps of grass on your freshly mowed lawn. This is unsightly to look at and unhealthy for the lawn. 

4. Keep Burrowing Pests Off Your Property

If you live somewhere with pests that live underground, like mice, moles, and other vermin, make sure your property is protected. Moles in particular can ruin a lawn by eating away at the roots. The tunnels these rodents build can also collapse the lawn, and make it look uneven. If you notice signs of these pests, consult a professional before the problem gets out of control.

5. Stick To A Healthy Fertilizing Schedule 

Grass, just like all your other plants, needs food. Lawns need fertilizer if you want them to stay looking great. The best way to make sure your lawn always has the right amount of nutrients is to stick to a recommended fertilizing schedule. 

Typically, a lawn should be fertilized at least twice a year. Typically once in the spring after the ground has thawed, and once in the fall. Depending on your climate and the type of grass, however, your lawn may benefit from additional fertilization. 

6. Mow Your Lawn More Frequently

You might think that letting your lawn grow longer is healthy for your grass, but the opposite is often true. Mowing your lawn more frequently is a great way to improve the way your lawn looks.

You should aim to mow your lawn once a week. This might seem more frequently than you desire, but it is a great way to get your lawn growing and looking healthy. If you live in a dry climate or experience a drought or heat wave, once every two weeks works well.

7. Use Sprays To Keep Insects And Grubs Away

One of the most common reasons for a lawn to look bad is due to pests. Insects and grubs can eat away at a lawn and its roots. Some grubs and bugs can even destroy a lawn if left unchecked. 

Apply insecticide annually in the spring. This will keep harmful pests at bay throughout the year Spot treat as necessary. If you have a grub issue, apply grub killer twice per season until they are no longer an issue.

8. Aerate The Lawn If It Becomes Compacted

As a lawn grows older, it can often become compacted. Grass blades fight for dominance, and it can become difficult or impossible for new growth to get through the dense compacted roots and soil. 

If your soil is compacted, it will start to look brown, and may eventually die, and so to avoid this, you need to aerate your lawn. Some lawns thrive without aeration, but in other cases, aeration once every two to three years is a great way to improve the look of your lawn.

9. Use High-Quality Grass Seed In Spring Or Fall

You might think your lawn will always replenish itself each year, but the truth is, it can use some help. Your lawn is made up of many different grass plants, and they reproduce each year. Add some high-quality grass seed to your lawn each season to ensure you will have plenty of new growth. This will keep your lawn green, thick, and healthy.

10. Make Sure The Soil Is Healthy

Another way to help ensure your lawn starts looking better is to check the soil. Your soil might not move, but its composition can change over time. This is particularly true with its pH level. As minerals are added and depleted, the makeup of the soil changes. 

Check your soil’s pH, and adjust it as needed. Typically your soil’s pH should be between 6 and 7 for optimal growth. Once you get your lawn looking great, check the pH seasonally to see if it needs any adjustment.

11. Get Rid Of Dead Leaves, Grass And Branches Quickly

Lastly, make sure you make an effort to remove any debris from your lawn as soon as you notice it. Dead leaves, branches, dog poop, and even clumps of cut grass can all have a negative impact on the way your lawn looks. A tidy and clean lawn looks great, and it ensures your lawn getting plenty of sun.

Final Notes On How To Make Your Lawn Look Better

A pristine lawn makes a very good impression and can make your home look cleaner and more regal. If your lawn is looking a bit lackluster and you want to improve the way it appears, there are many things you can do. Check the soil’s pH, and adjust as needed, and aerate your soil if it becomes compacted. Water your lawn properly, and fertilize it at least twice a year. Keep pests like insects, grubs, and rodents out of your lawn using sprays and professional help as needed.

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