How Much Does a Garage Door Installation Cost?

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by Gary Evans

The garage door is tasked with consistently keeping your cars and that part of your home shielded from the elements. If your garage door is damaged, you will see it right away as debris and moisture will infiltrate that space. Hopefully, you aren’t keeping any of your expensive power tools in your garage because they will likely end up damaged as well.

The importance of having a durable and dependable garage door cannot be overstated. Without that sturdy door, your garage could very well end up unusable. So, how much will you have to pay for a reliable garage door?

On average, a standard-sized single garage door costs approximately $650 and professional installation adds $200 to that total. Homeowners pay about $2,150 for standard-sized double garage doors and an additional $500 for installation. Automating your new garage door will cost a total of $880. You’ll have to pay an average of about $400 for the garage door opener and $480 to get it installed.

Garage doors provide valuable protection and you shouldn’t keep using one that is clearly in bad shape. Take the time to find the right type of garage door for your property. Find out how much that garage door will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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What Is the Average Size of a Garage Door?

Shopping for a garage door would be impossible if you didn’t know about the sizes you needed beforehand. The size you need will depend on what kind of garage you have.

For a standard-sized, single-vehicle garage, you will need a door with dimensions of 8’ x 7’. A door of that size is big enough to cover a garage that can house an SUV or small truck. Most houses in residential neighborhoods will only need a garage door of that size.

Do you have a double-vehicle garage at home? In that case, you will need a garage door that covers a significantly larger amount of space. A garage door with dimensions of 16’ x 7’ should be big enough for your planned installation.

As you’ve probably guessed, you will be able to fit two standard-sized vehicles inside that kind of garage. You can repurpose that space if you aren’t using all of it to house your vehicles. Place your power tools in there if you intend to turn that space into a workshop.

Make sure you purchase a door that fits your garage perfectly. Don’t buy something slightly bigger or slightly smaller because an ill-fitting door could cause issues.

Cost of Garage Door by Size

8’ x 7’$650
9’ x 9’$730
12’ x 7’$900
12’ x 12’$1,050
16’ x 7’$2,150

Are you planning to replace your old garage door? The process of replacing your current garage door starts with figuring out how big the replacement needs to be. In many cases, a standard-sized door for a single-vehicle garage will suffice. You can purchase that 8’ x 7’ garage door for close to $650.

Hopefully, your garage door is still installed so you can just measure that and find a replacement of the same size. If it isn’t, falling back on the standard 8’ x 7’ option is not a bad idea.

Some homeowners have modified garages that are slightly bigger than normal. The standard 8’ x 7’ door may not fit that kind of garage so going with something slightly bigger is necessary. A 9’ x 9’ door may be more suitable for you and that costs around $730.

For custom garages, a door that measures 12’ x 7’ or 12’ x 12’ may be more appropriate. They cost about $900 and $1,050 respectively.

Finally, you also have the option of buying a double-sized garage door for your property. Garage doors of that size measure 16’ x 7’ and they cost right around $2,150.

Cost of Garage Door by Material

Material UsedCost

The material composition of your garage door has a clear impact on performance. Some materials are simply more durable than others. They are the ones that can remain fixtures of your home for many years to come.

You shouldn’t disregard how your choice of material also affects the appearance of your garage door. That new garage door can add some needed bit of design flair to an otherwise drab part of your home. Take full advantage of the design opportunity in front of you to create something beautiful.

Highlighted below are the popular material options for garage doors. Check each one of them out so you can find the one that fits your garage best. The prices listed are also for standard-sized single-car garage doors.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum is a very popular choice for garage doors. The average price of an aluminum garage door helps with that. You’ll only have to pay around $550 for an aluminum garage door.

The value of aluminum is evident in its durability. You can expect it to hold up well against the elements. Aluminum garage doors consistently retain their appearance even years after they were first installed.

The lightweight nature of aluminum is also a plus in this scenario. Since aluminum garage doors are relatively light, they don’t put a lot of strain on your installation setup.

Unfortunately, aluminum garage doors are more susceptible to denting. Tell your kids not to play too close to the aluminum door because they could easily damage it.

Composite Garage Doors

Garage doors made of composite material have also become quite common. Buy one for your home for about $750.

Composite garage doors closely resemble wooden garage doors. That is arguably their main selling point. If you want the look of a wooden door but don’t want to pay that high price, composite is a reasonable alternative.

Of course, composite is still not the same as wood. From a durability standpoint, composite is inferior.

Composite garage doors are prone to cracking way earlier compared to their wooden counterparts. Keep that in mind as you decide if a composite garage door is good enough for your home.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Next up, we have fiberglass. Fiberglass is just slightly more expensive than composite. You can purchase fiberglass garage doors for $800 each.

The comparison with composite is appropriate for fiberglass because they are both commonly used as alternatives for wood. Fiberglass is versatile enough that you can change its appearance to resemble wood more closely.

Fiberglass is also stronger compared to composite. It won’t crack as easily as the material we detailed above.

However, fiberglass is prone to fading. The original coating you applied over fiberglass may fade and its color may also change. You have to account for that if you intend to install a fiberglass garage door.

Glass Garage Doors

Homeowners can also opt for glass garage doors. A glass garage door costs around $900 each.

The number one selling point of a glass garage door is its modern appearance. You can round out the modern décor for your home by adding the glass garage door as a finishing touch.

Assuming proper maintenance, glass garage doors will also retain their appearance for a long time. Constant exposure to the elements will not alter the appearance of your glass garage door.

Shattering is the main concern with glass. You have to be careful around your glass garage door to prevent potential cracks.

Stray pieces of debris could also fly into the glass door and cause visible damage. It’s hard to protect against that so you just have to accept the risk if you’re using a glass garage door.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is the option you should be looking at if you want a budget-friendly garage door. They are available for around $450 each.

Why are steel garage doors so cheap? That’s because they are known to suffer from some serious issues.

Heat transfer is a problem with steel garage doors. Your garage will quickly turn into an uncomfortable space if you’re experiencing high or low temperatures in your area.

Rusting is also likely with steel garage doors. Installing a steel garage door is not advisable if you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation.

Steel garage doors are affordable and sturdy, but they can still be plagued with issues. Consider the climate in your area before you purchase a steel garage door.

Vinyl Garage Doors

We’re highlighting another affordable option in the form of vinyl garage doors. The average price of a vinyl garage door is approximately $700.

Vinyl is a low-maintenance material. Once the vinyl door is set in place, you won’t have to worry about it too much. Wiping it down regularly should be enough to maintain its appearance.

Be careful with using vinyl because it can be vulnerable to extreme temperatures. The material may start to get bent out of shape due to extreme heat. You may also see it splinter after being exposed to freezing temperatures for too long.

Wooden Garage Doors

Let’s finish up by talking more about wooden garage doors. They are the most expensive options you can purchase. A wooden garage door is typically priced at around $950.

If you’re going for the classic look, there is simply no topping the appearance of wooden garage doors. High-quality wood is beautiful and you don’t need to do much to enhance its appearance.

Wooden garage doors can also resist powerful impacts that would dent other doors. They can also regulate heat transfer remarkably well.

Moisture can seep into the wood if you aren’t careful. Remember to seal it right away so it isn’t easily damaged by the elements.

Cost of Garage Door by Installation Style

Installation StyleCost
Standard Panel$650

First and foremost, the garage door should be a protective addition to your home. It should keep your garage and its contents protected from the elements at all times. Providing protection is the main function of your garage door, but there’s no reason why you cannot modify it.

For this section of the article, we’re going to discuss the possible installation styles you can choose for your garage door. Take note of all the available options because they will affect the final cost of the installation.

Standard Paneled Garage Doors

Just to be clear, you don’t have to choose any special installation style. You can stick with the standard option and keep your costs low. Sticking with the standard installation means you’ll still have to pay around $650 for your new garage door.

The standard option is a perfectly fine choice. You can still customize the appearance of the door and you won’t have to deal with restrictions in terms of materials.

French-Style Garage Doors

Going with a French-style garage door will hike up the cost of your new installation considerably. The cost of a new French-style garage door often ends up close to $3,500.

French-style garage doors are almost always made out of glass. The glass could be segmented into small panels or they could be kept as large pieces. Frames used for French garage doors have to be extra sturdy to keep the glass from breaking.

Maintaining your privacy can be an issue if you’re using a French-style garage door. People could get a look inside your garage through the door so be wary of that.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors are the most expensive options available in terms of installation style. You’ll have to pay about $6,000 for a carriage-style garage door.

The distinguishing quality of a carriage door is the way it opens. Instead of sliding up, carriage doors open outward like stable doors.

Also, carriage doors feature more intricate designs than typical garage doors. You may see some detailing along the edges of the door and the upper portion may be carved into an arch. Carriage garage doors are great choices for homeowners who want to go all out with their home design.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

The roll-up installation style is another option to consider for your garage door. On average, a roll-up garage door is priced right around $950.

In stark contrast to the carriage doors, roll-up doors are more about being functional as opposed to stylish. They aren’t very beautiful, but they do provide plenty of protection.

Roll-up doors also save a lot of space. Install one if you have a limited amount of space near the garage opening.

Tilt-Up Garage Doors

Homeowners can choose the tilt-up installation style to save some money. You’re only spending around $850 for a tilt-up garage door.

A tilt-up garage door is very similar to a standard garage door. The difference is that the door hangs from the top of the frame if you have a tilt-up setup. That specific setup allows the door to fit even if the ceiling is positioned quite low.

Walk-Through Garage Doors

Your final option is the walk-through or pedestrian garage door. This is yet another expensive option. Walk-through garage doors cost approximately $5,200 each.

Walk-through garage doors have smaller doors built into them. Those smaller doors allow you to access the garage without opening the entire garage door.

Pedestrian doors are useful if the garage doubles as your workshop. You can just move in and out using the smaller door instead of keeping the large door open all the time.

A walk-through door also allows provides an additional way to enter your garage during a power outage. Just go through the smaller door to get the item you need from your garage.

Labor Cost to Install Garage Door

Installation TypeCost
Single Garage Door$200
Double Garage Door$500
Automatic Garage Door$880

The cost of labor must be accounted for if you’re installing a new garage door. Exactly how much you’ll have to pay will depend on what kind of garage door you want to install. Unsurprisingly, the cost of installing a single garage door is the most affordable. That only costs around $200.

Single garage door installations are straightforward projects that don’t take a lot of time. Most professionals can finish that task in about four hours or so.

Double garage door installations are significantly harder for professionals. That’s why they charge approximately $500 per installation.

Installing a double garage door means matching both sides and being mindful of the frame. Everything has to be installed properly or else the setup will not work.

You can also choose to automate your garage door with the help of a garage door opener. A garage door opener is usually available for about $400. Installing the opener and making the changes necessary to the garage door will cost an additional $480.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Two-Car Garage Door?

The total cost of installing a two-car garage door is approximately $2,650. You’re paying close to $2,150 for the double-sized garage door and $500 for professional installation.

How Much Does a Garage Door Opener Cost?

Garage door openers cost right around $400. Factors such as the type of garage door opener you want and its horsepower rating can change that number.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Garage Door?

Garage door repair will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. That estimate assumes that only the garage door is damaged. If the garage door opener and the supporting hardware are also damaged, you will have to pay way more for repairs.

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