Dyson V6 Flashing A Red Light? (Here's What You Can Do)

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by Ryan Womeldorf
Does your Dyson have a flashing red light? These are actually quite common for the brand. This can be caused by several reasons, and it is commonly due to a problem with the vacuum. Whether it be a charging issue or defective vacuum, let’s explore what it means when your Dyson v6 is flashing a red light.

Dyson makes some of the most reliable and well-known vacuums in the world. They have been synonymous with quality and consistency for decades. Even better, they have a multitude of different vacuums to fit any home or lifestyle.

On the Dyson v6, there have been known to be issues around a flashing red light. While there are plenty of other potential issues, the flashing red light is a serious one. It means that the vacuum needs repair, so calling support or having a certified technician perform the repair are really the only options.

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Why Does My Dyson v6 Have a Flashing Red Light?

Dyson v6 vacuums have earned rave reviews for their suction power and versatility. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to a variety of issues that can plague just about any vacuum cleaner. The flashing red light is one such issue.

Unfortunately, the red light is also the most serious indicator of a problem. In some instances, it is due to a charging issue. But there is a chance that it may need to be replaced entirely. Whereas other issues can be solved through various troubleshooting methods, the flashing red light (if not charging problem) cannot. Should you notice your Dyson v6 start flashing, call Dyson directly for support. They may be able to fix the vacuum or may need to replace it entirely.

Troubleshooting the Flashing Red Light

As mentioned, the flashing red light can sometimes be the result of a charging issue. Thankfully, there are a couple of methods that can be implemented to provide a fix or at least narrow down the problem even further.

  • Remove the motorhead. Start by taking off the motorhead and making sure that there is no faulty wiring or jammed rotating brushes. If this doesn’t solve the issue, move on to step 2.
  • Replace the battery pack. If the motorhead is in order, the next place to go is the battery pack. The Dyson v6 uses a lithium-ion battery pack. Depending on how long you have had your vacuum, it may simply be time to replace the battery pack.
  • Undervoltage. The battery pack has flashing red lights located on either side. When they flash, it is an indication that there is an under-voltage fault in either one of or all of the battery cells. The only way to fix this is to replace the old pack with a new, high-capacity battery pack.

Replacing the Battery Pack on the Dyson v6

Let’s say that the battery pack is the reason for your issues. The good news is that changing out the battery pack is relatively easy since all v6 models have the same battery. The only tool that you will need to change the battery pack is a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Rubbish canister. Start by removing and emptying the rubbish canister. The less mess, the better. Unscrew the pair of 2-star screws located at the bottom and top of the handle.
  • Pull out the battery. Depending on how long it has been since you bought the vacuum, the battery might be a little on the stiff side. That stiffness is the result of built up dust in the handle.
  • Replacing the battery. Only replace the Dyson v6 battery with the same size and type of battery that is currently in the vacuum. It should look almost exactly the same, sliding in to the right and tapping slightly when seated.

Other Potential Issues with the Dyson v6

The red light is one of the most serious issues with the Dyson v6 vacuum. There are several other potential problems that can creep up. Some can be easily fixed while others require more comprehensive troubleshooting.

The great thing about these issues is that the vast majority can be done through DIY methods. For more serious issues, like the blinking red light, you may need to contact Dyson support. When in doubt, do not attempt repairs yourself.

Brush Bar Isn’t Rotating Properly

The brush bar is what scoops up the dust, dirt, and debris on the floor. It needs to be able to rotate freely in order to pick up all of those things. When it struggles to turn effectively, the vacuum may not be able to do its job.

There are two common issues when it comes to a malfunctioning brush bar: it is either loose or clogged. There are a few troubleshooting methods to implement when either of these issues arise.

Loose fastener. The brush bar is made of carbon fiber. Within that tool is a fastener. That fastener is marked using a padlock that can come loose after enough time and heavy usage. All you need to do is refasten the padlock, tightening it down using a small coin. Make sure that it is snug before trying the vacuum again.

Clogged brushbar. Proper maintenance is required to keep the Dyson v6 working optimally. That means cleaning the components from time to time. When the brushbar gets clogged with debris and dust over time, it can stop functioning properly. You can either clean the brushbar or replace it entirely if it has been worn down. Either way, freeing up the brushbar can be enough to get your vacuum working properly once again.

LED Light Displays/Flashing

The red light is not the only LED light that you will see on your Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner. There are a variety of colors used to indicate different errors with the vacuum. Knowing what each one means can help you to troubleshoot the problem more effectively and in shorter order.

  • Flashing blue light. Should you see a flashing blue light on your Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner, that indicates that the battery is running low. Consider stopping to charge it as soon as you can to restore the battery to a full charge.
  • Rapid flashing blue light. When the blue light is flashing rapidly, that means there is either no power to the vacuum or there is some kind of temporary fault. Check the filter to ensure that it isn’t blocked. You can also perform a deep clean on your vacuum to get all of the components working optimally once again.
  • Amber light. The amber light indicates that there is either a temporary fault (overheating or a temperature that is too low) or that there is no power going to the vacuum. Start by plugging in the charger; otherwise it may require a call to Dyson customer service.

Dyson v6 Turns Off While Using

Another fairly common issue involves the Dyson v6 vacuum turning off while it is being used. While it is never a good thing for the vacuum to suddenly stop working, it also isn’t the worst thing in the world and generally has tow common issues: a blocked filter or a flashing light.

Blocked filter. It is important to check on the filter of your Dyson v6 vacuum from time to time to ensure that it is working properly. When the filter is blocked, the vacuum can automatically shut down, especially if any of the tools or the nozzle are being blocked. Inspect the filter and consider cleaning or replacing it.

Flashing LED light. When the vacuum shuts off during use, there may be a flashing light that accompanies it. The manual should have a section about what to do when the flashing light occurs. Worst case, call Dyson support as they may be able to resolve the issue.

Lack of Suction or Vacuum Overheating

Like any machine that has moving parts, there is a chance that the components could become damaged. Moreover, those components can overheat. The latter in particular can be particularly dangerous for your vacuum.

Suction issue. The suction issue is largely due to a blocked filter. The brushbar can become clogged or damaged as well. Make sure that the filter assembly isn’t damaged or clogged with dust or debris. Remember to perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your vacuum cleaner from time to time.

Overheating. When using the Dyson v6 in Max Mode, there are times where the vacuum can become overheated. Using this mode until the battery has been completely drained will lead to the amber LED light flashing. That means the vacuum needs a few minutes to properly cool down before charging. Failure to wait can mean potential damage to the battery.

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